Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Plus And Minuses

I was thinking about some of the men I read about in my paranormal romances. They are strong and very sexy. The dilemma I came across was would we really want our men to have some of the supernatural powers some of them possess? So I decided to way the good with the bad. So here is just a few of the powers I see a lot in paranormal romance.


Definition-Cognizant of and comprehending the needs, feelings, problems and views of others.


Ok, this sounds good. It would be nice for our men to understand the feeling we try so hard to get across to them. They never seem to get it. It can be very frustrating at times. Now we don’t even have to voice our problems they just know. They feel everything we do and just get it. WOW!


Ok, maybe that isn’t so great after all. Now he knows everything you feel. There is no privacy and you are an open book. You no longer have your private feelings and we all deserve to have some feelings kept to our selves. Your feelings can be so intense at times. Who hasn’t felt something we wished we hadn’t and felt regret for it.

I think keeping them guessing is a good thing. It seems to me if you know everything about someone it would become boring real fast. So personally I don’t think I would like my man to have this particular power.


Definition-The transfer of information on thoughts or feelings between individuals by means other than the five senses.


Ok, doesn’t sound so bad. He could transfer thoughts and feelings to you without even talking. I think this would be really fun if you had it too. You could carry on conversations without anyone even knowing. Now that would be fun. Secret conversations and maybe a little naughty talk thrown in there too. LOL


Ok, now the down side. Now you would know how he really feels. That can be good or bad. Admit it ladies sometimes we don’t want to know the truth. A little white lie every once in awhile is ok. The biggest question is do you really want to know what runs through you man’s mind every second of the day.

I think I could deal with this one, if we both had it. It would be fun to be able to communicate without others knowing. Knowing his every thought might be a little hard to deal with but hopefully you aren’t together every moment of the day, and he knows how to control his thoughts around you. If not he would learn that lesson fast. LOL

Memory Manipulation

Definition-The ability to erase or enhance the memory of another.


Ok, this might be a good one. He could erase all the bad things you have gone through in your life. You know all the thing you wish you could forget. Not to mention the things you have done in your life you wish you hadn’t. LOL We all have a few of those. Hey he could erase those mistakes from others that know about them. WOW! Wouldn’t that be wonderful? It would be like a fresh start.


Ok, now the negative. He would be able to erase anything he wanted to from your memory. And if he did how would you even know? Scary…that’s a lot of power to give to another. You would have to really trust your man to be alright with this little gem of a power.

I don’t think I would be ok with this one. Some things I have been through in my life would be nice to forget but I don’t know that I could trust anyone that much. Maybe I have trust issues or I’m just a realist. LOL I will leave that for you to think about.


Definition-A method of transportation in which matter is dematerialized, usually instantaneously at one point and recreated in another.


Ok, this one is going to be good. Being able to just pop in and out, wouldn’t that be fun. Let’s go to Paris for the day and poof your there. Amazing! No packing or planes, just a thought and your at the Eiffel tower. Spend the day anywhere in the world you want in a blink of an eye. Talk about romantic…you could see the most romantic places on the planet on a whim. What do you want to do today? Go to Rome…ok, Poof.


Ok, there is always a down side. Damn, I hate that! Well let’s talk about it. He could pop in and out at any time. The one thing I think I would really hate would be if you had a fight and he just disappeared. Grrr! That would be very aggravating. You’re in a heated fight and then he’s just gone. You’re left talking to yourself and have no clue where he went. And you know alpha males their temper always gets the best of them.

I am on the fence about this one. I would really like the dashing off to anywhere I wanted to go in an instant. I would be amazing but then there is the abandoning me in the heat of an argument, that would be hard for me, When I am upset I want to figure out the problem. How many times does your man not want to talk? And wished he could just avoid the conflict. Now he has a way to do it and theirs nothing you can do about it. Hmmm?


Definition-Endless life or existence.


Ok, here’s the great part. You are with a man that will never die. You will never lose the love of your life. The great thing is in most cases he can also make you immortal. You would never die and would stay young and beautiful forever. WOW! As women we always worry we are getting old and wrinkled, but now we have found the fountain of youth. These worries have been vanquished from our lives. Wouldn’t that be nice?


Ok, you knew this was coming. Everything good has to have a bad side. Now you have to come to terms with living forever or getting old while he stays stuck in time. You will grow old and he will stay young and vibrant. Well maybe you are ok with the living forever part and accept his proposal. That’s when your family comes into the picture. They will eventually die and you will watch generation after generation pass on. In one story I read the heroine asked if he could change her whole family. He laughed and said no…I’m sorry it doesn’t work that way. This is a really tough one.

I don’t think I would want to be immortal. Having the man you love in your life forever would be amazing. Being young and ageless a dream of many women. But the fact you have to watch your family pass on would be devastating to me. I think I would say no to this one.


Now that I look at them all, I think I like my life just the way it is. Fantasy is great and all, but then when you analyze it, it’s a lot to take in. There are so many things that are affected by these immortal powers, its startling. Now I think I know why these guy’s women are always so frustrated. So next time your reading and the heroine is getting on your nerves, you know the one you want to just get over it and be accepting. Think about the turmoil her emotions are in. Every good thing has a bad side and these decisions are really hard to make.


What powers do you find appealing?

What powers do you find not so appealing?

Be creative they don’t have to be the ones I talked about. They can be anything you want them to be. Heck make some up. LOL

Happy Reading and Writing,

When night falls passions blaze.

Tabitha Blake


Toni Kelly said...

Tabitha, interesting blog. Good thing these heroes don't have all of these combined, what a mess that would be, LOL. I remember reading a Pride and Prejudice spin off (there are so many I can't remember the name) but basically the girl goes back in time and meets the real Mr. Darcy. Turned out he was stiff and rude to her and nothing like she expected so of course she fell out of love with him. At the end of the day, I think what makes these powers appealing in these men are both the imperfection and perfection of them. We like flawed heroes too, even outside the books. The books just provide the quicker happy ending and thousands of ways to live it.

Oh, and as far as powers go, I've always thought it would be cool to feel what someone else is feeling emotionally, not just comprehend it, but actually experience it.

Brenda said...

Hey, very cool blog, Tabby.
I'm with you, lol, I like my life the way it is.
Maybe instead of being immortal, how about having a longer life? Let's say we are with a supernatural being that lives for 500 years--okay, maybe less. How about 300? Yep, 300 years sounds good to me. Also, I would like to age very, very slowly, lol.

Tabitha Blake said...

Okay I wouldn't mind that if the aging stopped. LOL! Who wants to get old? But that is all part of life. At almost 40 I know I'm not the girl I was at 20. LOL!

Zee Monodee said...

Lol, I would love the power to be able to conjure things out of thin air (like those Jimmy Choos, Manolos, and others!).
Or the power to stop time - useful when writing, or when the kids are driving you nuts. The hubby too, for that matter. :)
Move things via telepathy - cleaning just got easier.

I loved your take on this. Very good post!

Tabitha Blake said...

Glad you enjoyed it. We all read them and get so excited they are a trip away from reality. But for me in real life there are only a few of the many powers I could actually live with. I chalk it up to a good fantasy is great and then there is reality. LOL! Thanks for coming by. Did you see my poll. Please vote if you have time. It is all in fun. I write hot and steamy love scenes too.