Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year, Two New Books!

"Forty-Nine Shades are Close Enough" MF

Blurb: Audrey has no trouble achieving orgasms alone in her bed at night reading erotic romance novels even though her relationship with Joe ended quickly when she failed to be aroused by sex with him.
Now she is madly in lust with a truly delicious work colleague, Yanni. She is delirious with joy when he invites her out to dinner, but when they go to bed and he kisses her breasts, nothing happens. Despite her lust for him her body refuses to be aroused.
Audrey is devastated and so is Yanni. He’s determined to romance her until her body cooperates.

WARNING!! PG13 Excerpt

Yanni picked up the TV remote and flicked through the channels until he came to a romance movie, which he left on with the sound turned low. Then he turned her face to his and kissed her softly, just the briefest touch of his lips to hers.
She cuddled into him, so he feathered kisses on her nose, eyebrows, and across her jawline, and then sucked her earlobe into his mouth.
“Mmm,” she murmured, resting her palms against his chest.
Yanni tilted Audrey’s mouth up to his and kissed her more deeply. When he licked the seam of her lips, she opened her mouth and welcomed his tongue inside. He pulled her body more firmly against his and kissed her harder, sliding his tongue around behind her teeth, licking the insides of her cheeks, tasting the roof of her mouth. Her tongue tangled with his, and then she sucked on him, raising the heat between them to a higher level.
Finally they broke apart to breathe, and all the while he rubbed gentle circles on her back, and murmured soft endearments against her neck before diving back in for another hot kiss. This time he sucked her tongue into his mouth before thrusting his deep into hers, subconsciously demonstrating what his aching cock was hoping for.
She pulled back a little from him, but before he could panic her fingers began unbuttoning his shirt. Yanni let her take the lead, reminding himself, This is all about her. Let her set the pace.
Fortunately, his self-control wasn’t tested too far as she ran her palms against his skin, then tweaked his nipples, before pulling his shirt out of his pants and unbuckling his belt.
Yanni slid his hands down her back to cup her butt as she unzipped him and freed his hot, aching cock. He sighed with relief as she pulled it out of his briefs and held it firmly in her hand.
“Oh, yeah, that feels good,” he said, lifting up her skirt and slipping both hands inside her panties.
She wiggled in his arms, encouraging him, so he held her ass with one hand and brought the other forward to cup her mound.
Her fingers were doing wicked things to his dick, pressing on the throbbing vein and rubbing his moisture into the head. When she ran her fingernail under the ridge between the cap and the shaft, he groaned. It felt so damn good.
He slid his longest finger into her channel.

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"Flash Flood" (MMF)

Blurb: Phoebe Edwards (Fi) is on her way to a business meeting when a landslide causes a tsunami of water to flood the road, sweeping her and her compact car into a river. She manages to get out of the car and is pulled from the river by Connor Wilkie and Patrick Bourne who are also on a business reconnaissance in the area. After a night of extremely satisfying “thank God I’m alive sex,” Fi is embarrassed to wake screaming from a nightmare of being drowned in her car. The men soothe and comfort her, which leads to more sex. Fi is given a week off work to recover, and the men invite her to accompany them on their trip. They have a great time, but Fi is unsettled by undercurrents and things she cannot quite grasp. Something underhanded is going on and she doesn’t know what it is.


“Holy shit!” Fi took her foot off the accelerator and looked at the water across the road ahead of her. The water didn’t look deep, but what did she know? She was a city girl, and while this wasn’t precisely the back of beyond, it was definitely not the city.
She eased the car onto the shoulder and snatched her instructions from the passenger seat beside her. “Route 94 through Brownsville. Check. Right onto Merravalley. Check. Five miles past Merravalley, right…Ah, no. Not been through Merravalley yet and no mention of water.”
A big, black SUV roared past her, straight through the water without slowing down. Fi watched. The water appeared to be only five or six inches deep. “Okay, that seems doable. Just keep driving, though likely not quite that fast.”
Fi buckled her seat belt and watched as a minivan came toward her from the other direction. It slowed a bit, then drove straight through the water. Fi stared at its wheels, but it seemed her previous guess about the depth of the water was accurate.
Fi gripped the steering wheel in a ten-to-two position, placed her four-inch platform sole on the accelerator, and pulled back onto the road. She stared at the water, entering it slowly and carefully, relieved everything seemed fine. Something white appeared in her peripheral vision and she looked to the left to see a wall of water roaring toward her.
“Holy shit!” Fi screamed, and planted her foot flat on the accelerator. “Come on, you piece of shit. Move! This is not the time to be worrying about a low carbon footprint. Let’s get out of here!”
But the compact car was not designed for a fast take-off, and it was not even halfway through the water when the tidal wave hit like a battering ram, forcing it sideways and along what had suddenly become a river.
“Steer into the skid,” Fi told herself, but her brain was screaming that there was a huge difference between a skid and a tsunami. “Come on, car, you can do it!” The engine coughed and died.
Fi peered through her windshield. She was moving sort of sideways in what appeared to be a river, where no river had been five minutes ago. Also, her feet were wet. What the hell? Fi looked at the floor of the car. Yep, water. She banged her hand on the steering wheel.
“Can’t you do anything right, car? If this was a James Bond movie, you’d float!”
The water rose inexorably over her ankles. “Okay, time for the rat to leave the sinking ship. But I’ll have you know, car, these shoes cost me two hundred dollars and I’m not happy about this.” Then Fi giggled. The car would have cost the company a lot more than two hundred dollars and her boss wasn’t going to be happy, either. Well, if Windle and Partners had bought SUVs instead of environmentally friendly small cars, likely she’d be at Merravalley already.
The water was over her calves now and there was no time to waste. Fi thrust her papers into her laptop bag and zipped it shut, slung the handle over her shoulder, pushed her head through the short strap of her purse and pressed the button to lower the window so she could crawl out of the car.
“Electric window. Of course it doesn’t work,” she chided herself and tried to open the door. It wouldn’t open. The pressure of the water was preventing it, no matter how hard she pushed. The water was almost up to her knees now.
Fi swung her legs to the side and braced her heels against the door, leaning forward to hold the catch open with her right hand. “Legs are much stronger than arms. Come on, legs!” she puffed.
The water was now level with the seat and desperation added extra strength to Fi’s efforts. She slammed her feet against the door and finally, it opened. Water rushed in as she pushed her way out.
The laptop caught around the steering wheel and Fi screamed and swore as she hauled it loose and forced her body out against the press of the water.
The river was deeper than it appeared and Fi’s four-inch platform soles scrabbled unsuccessfully for purchase on the bottom. Her long, dark-brown hair came loose from its braid and tangled around her face. Fi gulped for air and got a mouth full of water instead.
She forced herself to relax. Go with the flow, Fi, go with the flow. As her body stilled its frantic movements, she bobbed to the surface again, and was able to turn around in the direction of the torrent and look for the shore.
A man was standing on the edge of the water, yelling at her and waving his arms to attract her attention. Next to him, a cowboy was swinging a rope over his head. What’s a cowboy doing here? Her laptop was dragging her down, but no way was Fi leaving it behind. All her work files were on it. Determinedly, she swam at an angle across the current, making for the two men. It really wasn’t far, but it seemed to take forever to move even one stroke closer to the shore. Why am I so damn tired?
A rope splashed down on the water in front of her. One more solid kick with her legs, one long stretch with her right arm and she reached it. Fi grabbed it with both hands and remained upright in the water as the cowboy and his friend pulled her toward them. She ended up flat on her belly on the grass at their feet, rather like a beached whale. The waving man hauled her to her feet as gallons of water poured out of her clothes. And out of her purse and laptop bag, damn it.
“Your computer’s gonna be cactus, love. But someone’ll get your car and the mechanic should be able to get it running again.”
“That piece of shit belongs to the company, and if they hadn’t been so worried about global warming and had given me an SUV, this never would have happened.”
“Didn’t you hear? There was a landslide over at Merravalley and the river burst through to carve a new channel.”
“I noticed.”

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Berengaria Brown

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Looking back and planning ahead - Kaye Spencer's 2014-2015 writing reflections

As I look back on my 2014 writing year, I do so with a sigh of satisfaction. As my writing life goes, this past year was productive and creative. Here are a few reasons why I can look back with a smile.

  1. I *joined* a sisterhood of writers at an up-and-coming publisher, Prairie Rose Publications. In doing so, I returned to my original writing roots: western historical romance. It feels good to be *home*.
  2. I wrote three western romance short stories for Prairie Rose Publications that were included in anthologies. With the rise in e-readers and the capability to read on cell phones, the short story and the micro story are hot right now. I'm pleased to be riding that wave. *grin*
  3. For the second year in a row, I had a free download micro story included in a holiday-themed anthology with the international writing group, Exquisite Quills.
  4.  My Hand-Me-Down Family recipe was included in the Bake, Love, Write book (edited by Lois Winston).
  5. I made three quickie promo videos that I shared with my compatriots in two of my anthologies and for the recipe book authors.
  6. But what I'm really pleased about is...
  7. I've received the rights back on five of my books/novellas. This was a big decision for me, because it left me with only two novellas in circulation (not counting Prairie Rose anthologies). But I understand so much more about the whole business of writing than I did back in 2005 when I waded into the ocean of publishing, that I'm better prepared to take control of my writing career and made informed decisions rather than the I'm-so-excited-to-be-published decisions. I know the ins and outs of editing and how to interact with editors, and I'm well-versed in self-marketing now. I have big plans for these five stories. My goal is to have each story ready as a second edition and republished in 2015.
 It'll be interesting to see how it all turns out for me. As they say, time will tell.
Until next year,
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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas traditions

We have a tradition at our house every Christmas. Besides the Christmas tree, we hang stockings, one for each member of the house, including the pets. I didn’t get this traditional from my family. We never hung stockings. I got this from my mother-in-law who always had a stocking for every person in the family. I thought this was a great idea.

When I shop for Christmas presents, it’s fun to search for items small enough to fit into a stocking. Candy is a big stocking stuffer, but I manage to find other things like electronic gadgets like chargers and flash drives, music cds or movie dvds, beauty supply items for myself and treats for the dogs.

It’s a tradition my husband and I treasure each Christmas morning.


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Blessed Winter Solstice and Happy New Year!


Forbidden love… Broken vows… Betrayal…

A nymph. A centaur. Enemies in love.

Will love be enough to save them?


Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Holiday boxed set and an opportunity to win a loaded kindle

Naughty List: Thirteen Naughty Holiday Stories

The Naughty Literati are a group of authors who’ve come together to showcase their epic talents in stories filled with powerful eroticism and satisfying romance. Our tales range from heartwarming and sweet to scorching hot erotic, medieval to futuristic, humans to aliens and shape-shifters, vanilla committed couples to kinky ménage fun.

THE NIGHTWIND’S VISIT by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Be careful what you wish for. The NightWind hears every whisper, every sigh, every need and he's coming to grant your every wicked, wanton desire.


Frustrated with untrustworthy men, Melissa orders a man doll. When delivery guy, Nick, shows up, she has second thoughts about how to satisfy her needs.


Guilty secrets torment widowed Elizabeth Fitzhugh. A Christmas visit to the Earl of Chisenholm offers redemption, if she can find the courage to grasp it.

NO GENTLEMAN by Francesca Hawley

Librarian Abby Kelly comes west finding a roguish shapeshifter who desires her. Will Goldwolf is no gentleman, but Abby discovers he’s just what she wants.


The excitement has left Jewel, Donovan, and Oscar’s relationship. Jewel plans to spice things up, but will Donovan and Oscar rise to the challenge?

TUNE ME UP by Lainey-Jo Charles

Jason catches Dani having an intimate moment with a recording of him singing to her, and is ready to move them from friends to forever.


During the infamous winter of ‘77-‘78 at Valley Forge, two soldiers fanboy over their
charismatic leader, General George Washington.

Lynne Connolly

Two gorgeous Italian hunks save art restorer Sandi when she accidentally summons an ancient evil from a mosaic. Their methods are unconventional—and scorching hot!

CHRISTMAS BAD GIRL by Trinity Blaico

She only had one wish this Christmas. To find the one man who was strong enough
to master her in bed and out.


On board a deep space station Christmas Trent learns her sexy cyber lover,
who may not be human, wants to steal her for his own.


Sirena Petra wants one thing for Christmas—an orgasm. And sex toy expert Kenyon Fort has exactly what the lion shifter needs to find more than just her happy place.


Medieval romance from the Highland Vampires series. A Viking raider brings change to little Clan Kilbirnie, especially to the chieftain's daughter, Rhona.

HOLDIN’ ON by Alexa Silver

Rock star Max is terminally ill. When Aislin falls into his life, rocking his world,
everything changes. Is she his Christmas miracle?

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Berengaria Brown

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kaye Spencer's western romance story in Wild Texas Christmas anthology

Just in time for the holiday season, I have a new short story in a holiday-themed western romance anthology from Prairie Rose Publications. My story is "A Gift of Christmas Hope".

A lady gambler traveling home with a stagecoach full of treasure.
A con man looking for an easy mark. Hope brings them together for Christmas.

Available in digital and print formats.

Until next time,


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Interview of erotic romance author Berengaria Brown

Your characters come to life in your books. Do you feel each of your characters lives with you as you write? Do their lives sometimes take over a part of your life? Can you name an example?
My characters arrive in my head and start talking to me. I don’t start writing until I understand what they want me to do with them. And things do surprise me on the way. A couple years ago I was writing the “Forever Yours” series. All three books are set in the Smith Tower office and apartment building. The first two books have a ghost in them and naively I assumed book three would as well. But while I was still writing book 2 one of the minor characters interrupted me and said, “I’m a vampire. When are you going to write my story?” By the time I’d cleaned up the coffee I’d spat on my screen and gotten my breath back he was busy telling me I should have known that already because of his name. So I googled his name and well… the rest is in “Eternity”.

Ready to shine? Tell us the name of your book.
Sunshine Yellow Days (MM) The Paint Store Boys Book 1

Edward Robinson is a failure, nervous, frightened, bullied, and unemployed. Basil King, a flamboyantly gay interior designer, sees the man behind the pain. He has designs on Ed. Basil is one of the owners of The Paint Store, along with Cuthbert, Roland, and Max, and he offers Ed a job there. As Ed settles in and enjoys the work, Basil invites him out to a gay bar for a drink.
Ed has tried so hard to fit in, to be invisible, to be ignored. Someone who looks and dresses as outrageously as Basil, yet without being hated, is an inspiration to him. Not that he could ever look or act like that. But maybe working for Basil and his friends will help him get some self-confidence so he can begin to reclaim his life and his self-respect. When Basil wants to date him he can’t believe anyone would care for a person like him. But he accepts the date anyway.


As soon as the band returned to the stage he took Edward out onto the dance floor and held him tightly. Edward was only a few inches shorter than him, and once he took his boots off, likely they’d be the same height. He liked that they were so evenly matched. Everything would line up perfectly in bed.
He gripped Edward’s ass, massaging his tight little butt cheeks as they danced, and deliberately brushed his body over that lovely rigid dick. So many delights soon to be unwrapped. When the music ended he asked, “Is your car just in the parking lot here? Can you follow me to my condo?”
“Yes and yes.”
Basil held Edward’s hand as they walked to his car. “Mine’s the candy-apple red Ford over there,” he said.
“I might have guessed it wouldn’t be white or silver,” said Edward.
Basil laughed. Already Edward was showing his sense of humor and coming out from behind that wall where he hid his personality. “Wait until you see my condo. You’ll love it.”
“I do like our uniform. It’s wild, but—I don’t know, friendly and welcoming perhaps, as well as appropriate.”
Basil hugged him. “I knew you were perfect for me. You see beneath the surface to what is really there. Hurry up and get in your car.”
As soon as he slid into the driver’s seat of his car, Basil unzipped his skin-tight black jeans and released the pressure on his dick. Fuck, he hadn’t been this hard before. His poor shaft was getting strangled in there. He screeched his tires leaving his parking space and drove to the exit. Edward was already there, waiting back a bit so Basil could lead the way. Basil waved at his soon-to-be lover and zipped out of the driveway. He made sure Edward was right behind him before merging with the traffic. He longed to plant his boot hard on the accelerator and race home, but a speeding ticket would spoil the atmosphere of the day. Besides, he didn’t want to lose Edward and he was almost certain the man would refuse to disobey the speed limit. Well, one thing at a time. Bed was first.
He parked where there were two vacant spaces side by side and took the visitor card out of the glove compartment of his car, then locked his car and handed the laminated card to Edward. “Display that on your dashboard.” Edward turned it over in his hand curiously, and did as Basil had said, before following him into the building.
Basil was aching to get Edward into his condo. He was in so much of a hurry it’d been a struggle to zip up his jeans. But he’d take them off again real soon. He tapped his feet while they waited for the elevator, and was relieved it was empty when it finally arrived. “Soon, soon, soon,” he told himself as it rose slowly to the tenth floor.
He almost ran down the hallway to his condo, flinging open the door, urging Edward inside and then slamming him against the wall to claim his lips. Gods the man tasted delicious. Basil leaned his poor aching dick hard against Edward’s cock, and ground his hips as he jammed his tongue into Edward’s mouth. Edward responded by tilting his lips so their noses weren’t mashed together, and lightly moving his own tongue into Basil’s mouth.
Basil kept his dick rammed hard against Edward’s, and fisted the blond’s hair, realigning their mouths to plunge his tongue still deeper into Edward’s mouth. Their chins rubbed together and he felt the faintest rasp of beard against his chin. Edward was so blond even with their faces mashed together Basil could barely see the beginning growth of his beard, but his skin could feel it and he loved the hint of roughness.
“Bedroom, now,” he ordered, grabbing Edward’s hand and practically dragging the man down the hallway to his bedroom. He’d spent a hell of a lot of time and money making this room perfect. It had to express him as he truly was. Not only the flashier outer appearance, but the true depths of his personality in all its many layers. But this wasn’t the time to talk colors and designs. It was time to fuck.
He pushed Edward onto the bed and kneeled over him, hastily unbuttoning his shirt, and unzipping his dress pants. Helpfully Edward kicked his shoes off, and wiggled his ass so the dress pants slid smoothly down his legs. Basil tugged them off and then stripped his own clothing off as fast as he could finally clambering up on top of Edward and taking possession of his mouth again. This time they kissed more slowly, but it was even more erotic with them skin to skin and their cocks pressing together.
He held Edward’s face in his hands and looked deeply into his pale blue eyes. “First we’ll take the edge off, and then we’ll fuck slowly, carefully, and thoroughly. You okay with the plan?”
“Hell, yes.”
Basil sat up and pulled Edward up until Edward was almost on his knee, their cocks together again. He wrapped both his hands around both cocks and began fisting them together. Edward just stared at him and gasped.
“Hot eh?”
“Fuck yes. Let me help.”
The moment Edward’s cool hands reached his dick, Basil almost came. Edward’s touch was light and gentle, almost teasing, but fiercely erotic as well. Just the fact that his dick was rubbing against Edward’s was enough to keep him on edge, but they were both in too much need to waste time. One after the other they fisted their joined dicks until they were both breathing heavily.
“I can’t. I’m going—”
“Let go, lover. Come now,” Basil ordered, giving the cocks an extra twist with his hands. Cum poured from Edward’s dick and Basil relaxed, spurting stream after stream of seed himself, the two lots of cum blending together over their joined hands, cocks, and bellies. Fuck, that was an erotic sight to see.
Once again he kissed Edward, pushing him flat on the bed and climbing over him, their mouths still joined. When they parted to breathe, Basil grinned at him. “That feels better. Now we can fuck properly.”

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Are you working on anything right now, and can you tell us a teaser about these projects?
“Kissing His Man” the first book in The Bath House Boys series, released 25 October.
Frank Ashman’s lover left him seven months, three weeks, four days, two hours and twenty-eight minutes ago. At Pinky’s gay bar the server shows him a brochure featuring the facilities of a new gay bath house that’s just opened in town. There he meets Ralph Sellars. They explore the delights of the bath house together. There are the rainforest showers, the hot tubs, the sauna, the swimming pool, and the restaurant, not to mention the freedom brought by the lack of clothing on the members there. Oh yes, and the bedrooms upstairs, each one complete with a drawer full of toys.
But both Ralph and Frank are burdened with baggage from the past. Can they move on and make a new future together? Or is their relationship doomed to be just sex in the bath house instead of a genuine future together outside in the world?
There are three more pairs of men in “The Bath House Boys” and the books release at two week intervals. In each case at least one of the heroes has appeared in a previous book. Sometimes both of them have.

Tell us an important lesson, on the business side of publishing that you've learned on your journey.
Never act unprofessionally. Writing is a career and throwing a temper tantrum on the internet is not a good look. Fortunately I’d seen other authors torpedo their own careers, so when a publishing house I had some books with failed a few years ago I was able to remain silent on the internet, and save my screaming for the privacy of my own home. Since then, another company I write for has also experienced difficulties so once again I’m staying silent about life’s ups and downs.

What would you say is a true hero?
A true hero loves his man (or woman) no matter what. Everyone has bad days and better days, but that doesn’t change a real hero’s love for his man/woman.

How would you best describe your writing style?
I’m a very linear writer. I start at the beginning of a book and keep going until I reach the end. I can’t write scenes in advance of the story and I can’t write several books simultaneously. I begin writing knowing my characters, the beginning, the end, and a few points I need to hit along the journey. How we get from one to the next I never know until it happens.

If you could travel through time to visit a special time period or famous person, what or who would it be and why?
I love the medieval period. All those castles, wars, men with long swords…YUM! Throughout history women have had very few rights and in medieval times this was the same. But sometimes a smart and determined woman has managed to arrange her life in a way that suits her and that’s where there are stories to be told. However, I wouldn’t want to stay there too long. Chocolate hadn’t been invented yet. Nor had the internet or antibiotics.

What has been the biggest challenge of your career?
Keeping going through the ups and downs. I’ve had a handful of bestsellers, and I’ve had other books that are still selling slowly and steadily years later. I’ve had a publisher close while I still had one book I hadn’t managed to retrieve from them when it went down. But when someone says they read my book and liked it, that makes everything worthwhile.

Tell us where we can find you on the internet.

Do you write every day?
I try to but like most authors I have a day job and a life outside of my computer so it doesn’t always happen. I travel quite a bit with the day job and sometimes end up places where there’s no internet or in situations where I can’t write. But mostly, I do write at least something every day.

Berengaria Brown Bio:
Berengaria is an award-winning, best-selling, multi-published author of erotic romance with over one hundred published digital, print and audio books. She writes contemporary, paranormal (magic, ghosts, vampires, fairies, dragons, and werewolves), futuristic, medieval, and Regency-set historical. She loves to read all different kinds of romance so that is what she writes: MMF, MFM, FMMM, FFM, MM, FF, and MF. Whatever the characters need for their very hot happily-ever-after, Berengaria makes sure they get it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's NaNo time... almost by Kaye Spencer

National Novel Writing Month begins in two days. (Yay!!!)

I'm participating again this year, which is my sixth year in a row. The only year I crossed the 50k finish line by November 30th was my first year, 2009, and the story I wrote will NEVER see the light of day. 0_o It wasn't even worth revising, so I've wisely relegated it to the dungeon of my computer's files.

So, for the past five NaNo marathons, I've fallen woefully short of the goal. This year I'm determined to reach the winner's circle. To accomplish this, I've changed my strategy. In years past, I arrived on November 1st with an idea and just went from there.

This year, I've taken the time to do planning and plotting, so I'm going in with more writing ammunition than before. If anyone wants to by writing buddies, look me up on the NaNo website as KayeSpencer. I'll buddy right back.

Until next time,


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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jack-o’-Lantern lore

Halloween is coming and most people will be carving their pumpkins, putting candles inside and setting them outside on their porches. Did you ever wonder how this tradition got started?

Ancient people in Britain, Ireland and Scotland made candlelit lanterns out of different fruits and vegetables like turnips, apples, beets, potatoes and cucumbers. They carved scary faces in these fruits and vegetables and placed the candles inside, hoping the creepy lighted faces would frighten off evil spirits, especially on the night known as Samhain (now called Halloween) when the barrier between the dead and the living opened and spirits walked the Earth. American colonists realized that pumpkins made the best carved lanterns.

An old Irish legend says that the jack-o’-lantern was named after a real man called Stingy Jack who tricked the devil, forcing him to keep Jack out of hell. But God didn’t think he was good enough to get into heaven either. The devil condemned Jack to wander the Earth at night, his only light a turnip lantern lit with the fire from hell. The Irish named the eerie ghost Jack-o’-Lantern.

Another fun fact about pumpkins: In science, a pumpkin is classified as a fruit not a vegetable.

Happy Halloween!


Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author



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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Let's Make THIS The Last Year

Dear Blog Friends,

I was so hoping that I wouldn't have to make this post again. But here we are, another year gone and still the need to raise funds to find a cure for breast cancer. If you're looking to help with the crusade, please consider purchasing a copy of "Knowing Pains: Women on Love, Sex and Work in Our 40's".

"Knowing Pains" is an anthology of funny, poignant, and surprising essays written by women from around the United States. The subjects of the essays are varied - from lovers to locker rooms to the chair in the hair salon. It's a fearless look at life from the fun side of 40 by many talented American writers. And the best part? When you purchase "Knowing Pains" you will be helping to support women in need of breast cancer treatment services. All "Knowing Pains" authors donated their work to support this worthy cause.

So come on, ring in October with a laugh. And help us spread the love.

And have yourself a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!