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At Two Waters beach love is in the air all year round

The Beach Boys: Summer (MM)
Book 1 of “The Beach Boys” series

Blurb: Craig Darnell and Seth Tyler are both on holidays at Two Waters beach. The moment they meet, the lust between them is instant and fiercely hot. Sex at the beach, in the woods, in the sauna…When they take a break from having sex they discover they have many interests in common and begin to build a relationship outside the bedroom.
Just when they are beginning to evolve from sex partners into a genuine relationship, their romance is interrupted when Seth is called back to the school where he teaches, for a staff meeting about an unexpected school consolidation. Seth is shattered when he and most of his colleagues find themselves suddenly unemployed. His well-ordered life has come to a crashing halt, along with his vacation—and perhaps his romance. Is this the end for both of them? Was it nothing but a vacation fling after all?

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The Beach Boys: Fall
Saber Crouch is ready to settle down and find his soulmate. But everyone at Two Waters beach where he is vacationing is already with a partner or a family. Until he sees Moses Sandler.
Moses doesn’t believe he’s worthy of having a partner. He feels old and fat. His boyfriend left him and his sister told him he was likely to have a heart attack if he didn’t lose weight. Despite all this Moses can’t help being drawn to Saber.
The attraction between them is undeniable, even though Moses can’t believe he’s worthy of the attention of such a handsome, fit man as Saber. Nevertheless they progress at the speed of light from meeting, to touching, to bed. Not that they actually reach the bed. The sand is much closer and all they need is a flat surface.
Moses is very afraid this is going to be a one-night stand. Or, at the most, a few days’ fling.

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The Beach Boys: Winter (MM)
Outrageously gay Hudson Smith owns Hudson’s Clothing Store at Two Waters Beach. He loves his job but he wishes he had a partner to love. Elliott Greene is shy and unassertive. He’s here at the beach for a week’s vacation in mid-winter because everyone else at work wanted the warm weather for their vacation time. Elliott is cold and Hudson invites him into the store to warm up. They drink tea and talk, getting to know each other. Elliott ends up remaining in the store with Hudson all day long as they begin to get to know each other and share their stories.

Hudson is very attracted to his shy, blushing guest, and is proud when Elliott proves there’s a smart brain and a gentle humor hidden behind the bland façade. Meanwhile Elliott determines to follow his grandpop’s advice and stop being too nice to everyone and instead to ask for what he wants.

The Beach Boys: Spring (MM)
Langley Gairdner is an attorney for the prestigious firm, Blackmore’s, disillusioned with his work trying to help criminals. Vidal Brookes aims to be extremely rich but he has a heart attack at age thirty. They’re both stuck at Two Waters beach, and bored. Playing golf fills an hour or two but nothing eases Vidal’s bitterness about his health and his grumpiness about everything in general, including the beard Lang has decided to grow, and his very long hair.

Sheer boredom propels them into each other’s company. Lang begins to see the ascerbic wit under Vidal’s complaining exterior, and Vidal appreciates Lang’s serenity about things that can’t be changed. Except his hair and beard. Vidal’s determined Lang will visit a barber as soon as he can arrange it.

As they spend time together, the next step, into bed, is inevitable. But will there ever be real understanding and genuine friendship between them? Lang will return to work soon and Vidal’s determined to do the same.

PRE-ORDER! AVAILABLE: Wednesday, March 11th

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, March 18th

Story excerpt: "The Beach Boys: Fall"

Moses Sandler pounded along the sand, putting all his effort into his running. The sweat band around his head wasn’t helping him one bit anymore, and sweat constantly dripped into his eyes. What’s more, his hair no longer lifted from his hot, sweaty neck as he ran, so he guessed it was too sweat-sodden to move. And still he ran, determined to get all the way to the cliffs, before turning back and slowing his pace.
First, his boyfriend had dumped him, saying he was getting old and fat. Then his sister had lectured him on eating properly so he didn’t die of a heart attack. When his favorite jeans had ripped when he bent over, Moses knew it was time to take action. His ex-boyfriend was a manipulative asshole, and his sister was a bossy bitch, but he’d loved those jeans and it was time to make a change.
His chest was heaving, his thigh muscles aching, and his shoulders were tight with tension when he finally made it to the rocky outcrop which marked the end of the Two Waters ocean-side beach. Gratefully Moses collapsed onto the sand stretching out full length on his back and breathing hard. He wiped his sweaty forearm over his face, not that it helped, and continued to heave air into his lungs for long minutes until the blood thumping in his head died down a little.
He rolled over and sat up, then grimaced at the sand stuck to his sweaty skin. “Damn. I’m going to need a swim to clean off.” He looked out to the water, noticing a man walking through the newly exposed sand toward the sandbar. The tide was a long way out, which was why he’d been able to run on the hard-packed sand, although there was still a stretch of water between where the tide had receded and the sand bar. He wasn’t much of a swimmer but likely he could walk that far. If he wanted to. He wasn’t sure he was ready to walk so far just for a swim though. Maybe he’d just jog slowly back to his hotel and the sand would fall off him as his skin dried. Or perhaps not.
Moses sighed and stood up again, wincing at the ache in his thigh muscles already. He was going to be stiff and sore tomorrow. Likely he shouldn’t have run quite so far and so hard today. Well, it was too late to worry about it. A bit of a soak in the sea would help soothe his muscles. He walked slowly out over the damp, rippled sand, then through the softer sand where there were still a few puddles and eddies of water, and finally out into the shallow sea.
He could see the other man more clearly now. He looked to be much the same age as himself, thirty-two, but he had an enviably lean body, and longish blond hair under a black baseball cap. In fact, the more he looked at the other man, the more he liked what he could see. Moses wondered why he was walking so slowly along the sandbar alone. Everyone else in this tourist town seemed to go around in groups or families, or at least pairs. This man didn’t seem to be hunting for a lost possession or anything, just looking at the sand as he walked very slowly along the sandbar.
Moses moved more purposefully now. Not that he planned to interrupt the stranger’s solitude, just that he liked the look of him and was happy to look more closely at the attractive man.
He wondered if the blond was naturally the right weight, one of those lucky people who could eat what he liked without the pounds attaching themselves to his belly and butt. Or if he was a gym junkie or fitness freak. Moses was pretty sure he could never form a relationship with someone whose entire life was framed by how many pounds he’d lifted in the gym that morning or how many miles he’d ridden on an exercise bike. Or even someone who was into counting carbs and portion control. Moses wasn’t stupid. He knew too many beers were a guarantee of a beer belly, but he also liked to eat fries and a hamburger sometimes without someone treating him like a pariah.
Oh, well, this man was likely married with a couple of kids, one of whom had lost something he was now looking for. The chances of Moses meeting a man he was attracted to at this beach were so unlikely as to be ridiculous. And he really did need to drop twenty pounds and lose the belly flab before he could even start looking for a replacement boyfriend for CT.
Despite his thoughts and the knowledge that he likely stank of sweat, Moses continued out to the sandbar and the other man. Moses told himself he was just going for a swim, but his curiosity was aroused and he changed his direction slightly so the other man would see him approaching. The water was knee deep just before the sandbar, and the other man turned as he splashed his way up onto the sand.
Wow. His eyes were a bright blue, despite his face being partly in shadow from the baseball cap. He smiled at Moses and Moses’s heart lurched with lust. He could drown in those big blue eyes as easily as he could in the blue ocean on the other side of the sandbar where they both stood.
“Hi. I’m Moses. Have you lost something? I could help you look for it.” Moses had no idea where the words had come from, but he meant them.

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Berengaria Brown

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Arizona sunsets

We have some awesome sunsets here in Arizona. They serve as a source of inspiration for me. I go outside every night to watch the sunset and take pictures of the ones that stand out. I have way too many sunset pictures to share here so I picked three of my favorite ones.




Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author



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Naughty Hearts: Twelve Naughty Valentine's Stories

Naughty Hearts: Twelve Naughty Valentine's Stories by the Naughty Literati
A Boxed Set.

NAUGHTY BALLS by Suz deMello
Two college basketball players find themselves alone on V-Day evening. (M/F)

LOVE POTION #69 by Alexa Silver
When Keith and Jenna accidentally fall under the spell of one of her Valentine’s Day love potions, lust is in the air!

All I want for Valentine’s Day is to get barbed by a feline shifter and act out a few of the naughty twin fantasies getting me hot and bothered.

VALENTIME by Belle Scarlett
Valerie buys a South Carolina plantation and discovers a Valentine addressed to her from a previous owner who bids her to return to him in 1865.

Gadzooks! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – what’s a scientist to do? Edward knows naught of romance. Can steam power prevail over chocolates to win Delia’s heart?

A booker at a top model agency learns she’s anything but ordinary when two sexy photographers point their lenses—and more—at her.

UNDER THE HOOD by Lainey-Jo Charles
How do you choose between an online crush you’ve never met and a secret crush that you have? Maybe you don’t have to…

BUY ME A ROSE by Francesca Hawley
Jessica and Nathaniel Whitewolf celebrate their thirtieth anniversary as True Mates but they’ve lost their bond. Now a hot couples’ retreat will get it back.

Jake refuses to talk to Matt after he was very late on Christmas Eve. Matt’s determined to reconnect with Jake on Valentine’s Day.

CUPID’S CURIOUS CASE by Marianne Stephens
Alan’s last job as Cupid 84 involves neighbor Amy and a special box of candy. Both secretly desire the other. Can they find true love?

Dumped on Valentine’s Day! Melissa only thinks the day can’t get any worse. Until she damages her hot neighbor’s car, and he demands unexpected compensation.

THE REAPER’S VALENTINE by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Sometimes a Reaper has to do what a Reaper does. It would be wise for a life-mate to remember that!

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Here's the blurb and excerpt for my story, "Chocolate-Coated Reunion, by Berengaria Brown.

“Chocolate-Coated Reunion” by Berengaria Brown
Matt has arranged to meet Jake for Christmas Eve drinks after work. Matt has hopes this will be the start of a relationship for them. But his boss, Clauson, drops a huge pile of work on his desk at the last minute and he misses the last bus home. As well as having kept Jake waiting so long, he now discovers he’s left his wallet and cell phone on his desk in his rush to catch the bus.
Jake refused to talk to him or forgive him. As Valentine’s Day approaches Matt is determined to reconnect with Jake. But is Jake too hurt and disillusioned to forgive him?

No matter how many times Jake told himself not to get his hopes up, to keep his expectations low so he couldn't get hurt again, he couldn't stop his heart beating faster every time he thought about meeting Matt. His cock was as hard as a rock, pushing the front of his jeans out of shape, and his hands were sweaty with tension despite the cold air.
First he told himself to stay home until at least noon, so he wouldn't be the one sitting alone, waiting for hours at the bar. Then he told himself he'd stay out in the parking lot until ten after twelve before entering Benny's. But despite all his arguments with himself here he was, standing in the doorway at ten before noon.
And there was Matt, sitting at a table for two by the window, his arm raised in a wave to catch Jake's attention.
Jake's face split wide in a grin and his feet started walking of their own volition. Jake told himself to act cool, walk slowly, don't smile, don't be over-eager, but his body wasn't listening.
Matt stood up and pulled Jake into a full body hug. Jake could feel Matt's erection grinding against his. Shit, they were both hugely aroused. How could that be? This was their first date. Well, the first date they'd both attended anyway.
Jake sank into his chair, unable to break off eye contact with Matt. The man was beautiful, his face flushed, his eyes sparkling and filled with lust. Just exactly the way Jake was feeling, too.
In fact, his cock was trying to drive a hole in his pants to get out and play. He really needed to get a grip on himself. That or undo his zipper to give his equipment room to move.

Here's a trailer of the book for your viewing enjoyment:

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Bake, Love, Write - a dessert cookbook compliation from 105 authors by Kaye Spencer

What do most authors have in common, no matter what genre they write? They love desserts. Sweets sustain them through pending deadlines and take the sting out of crushing rejection letters and nasty reviews. They also often celebrate their successes—selling a book, winning a writing award, making a bestseller list, or receiving a fabulous review—with decadent indulgences. And when authors chat with each other, they often talk about their writing and their lives. Recipes. Writing. Relationships. In this cookbook 105 authors not only share their favorite recipes for fabulous cakes, pies, cookies, candy, and more, they also share the best advice they’ve ever received on love and writing.

This is a delightful dessert recipe book, and the advice from the authors is as varied as the recipes. Since the cookbook doesn't include pictures of the recipes, you can find most of the recipe images here: Bake, Love, Write on Pinterest.

And to further whet your appetite, here is a 30 second book video. Purchase information is listed at the end of the video.


Until next time,


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Wild winter weather and weather in fiction

We had snow in Lake Havasu, AZ for the first time in 30 years on New Year’s Eve. It was awesome for me. I haven’t been in snow in years. I ran around filled with excitement taking pictures. From an artistic point of view, it was beautiful, but I guess if you have to drive in it, it’s not much fun.

100_1803 (800x597)

Just about everyone in my desert city posted about the snowfall that was only about an inch or two. My Midwest and East Coast family and friends made fun of us for sure.

100_1798 (800x597)

But it made me think of how I use weird weather patterns in some of my stories to add some drama to an otherwise drab scene. I’ve had an unusual, early season blizzard that portended a change brought on by an ancient curse in Winter’s Requiem, the third book in my Dark Goddess trilogy. In Beltaine’s Song, the second book in this trilogy, I had a sudden, dramatic thunderstorm that made everyone run for cover and brought characters together that wouldn’t normally be with each other. And in Daughter of Night, a sudden storm brings my hero and heroine together in the stables where they share a tender moment.

To all the other writers out there: Have you used weather as a writing tool?

Readers: Is there a favorite weather scene in a book you read?


Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author



New Release!

Forbidden love…Broken vows…Betrayal

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year, Two New Books!

"Forty-Nine Shades are Close Enough" MF

Blurb: Audrey has no trouble achieving orgasms alone in her bed at night reading erotic romance novels even though her relationship with Joe ended quickly when she failed to be aroused by sex with him.
Now she is madly in lust with a truly delicious work colleague, Yanni. She is delirious with joy when he invites her out to dinner, but when they go to bed and he kisses her breasts, nothing happens. Despite her lust for him her body refuses to be aroused.
Audrey is devastated and so is Yanni. He’s determined to romance her until her body cooperates.

WARNING!! PG13 Excerpt

Yanni picked up the TV remote and flicked through the channels until he came to a romance movie, which he left on with the sound turned low. Then he turned her face to his and kissed her softly, just the briefest touch of his lips to hers.
She cuddled into him, so he feathered kisses on her nose, eyebrows, and across her jawline, and then sucked her earlobe into his mouth.
“Mmm,” she murmured, resting her palms against his chest.
Yanni tilted Audrey’s mouth up to his and kissed her more deeply. When he licked the seam of her lips, she opened her mouth and welcomed his tongue inside. He pulled her body more firmly against his and kissed her harder, sliding his tongue around behind her teeth, licking the insides of her cheeks, tasting the roof of her mouth. Her tongue tangled with his, and then she sucked on him, raising the heat between them to a higher level.
Finally they broke apart to breathe, and all the while he rubbed gentle circles on her back, and murmured soft endearments against her neck before diving back in for another hot kiss. This time he sucked her tongue into his mouth before thrusting his deep into hers, subconsciously demonstrating what his aching cock was hoping for.
She pulled back a little from him, but before he could panic her fingers began unbuttoning his shirt. Yanni let her take the lead, reminding himself, This is all about her. Let her set the pace.
Fortunately, his self-control wasn’t tested too far as she ran her palms against his skin, then tweaked his nipples, before pulling his shirt out of his pants and unbuckling his belt.
Yanni slid his hands down her back to cup her butt as she unzipped him and freed his hot, aching cock. He sighed with relief as she pulled it out of his briefs and held it firmly in her hand.
“Oh, yeah, that feels good,” he said, lifting up her skirt and slipping both hands inside her panties.
She wiggled in his arms, encouraging him, so he held her ass with one hand and brought the other forward to cup her mound.
Her fingers were doing wicked things to his dick, pressing on the throbbing vein and rubbing his moisture into the head. When she ran her fingernail under the ridge between the cap and the shaft, he groaned. It felt so damn good.
He slid his longest finger into her channel.

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"Flash Flood" (MMF)

Blurb: Phoebe Edwards (Fi) is on her way to a business meeting when a landslide causes a tsunami of water to flood the road, sweeping her and her compact car into a river. She manages to get out of the car and is pulled from the river by Connor Wilkie and Patrick Bourne who are also on a business reconnaissance in the area. After a night of extremely satisfying “thank God I’m alive sex,” Fi is embarrassed to wake screaming from a nightmare of being drowned in her car. The men soothe and comfort her, which leads to more sex. Fi is given a week off work to recover, and the men invite her to accompany them on their trip. They have a great time, but Fi is unsettled by undercurrents and things she cannot quite grasp. Something underhanded is going on and she doesn’t know what it is.


“Holy shit!” Fi took her foot off the accelerator and looked at the water across the road ahead of her. The water didn’t look deep, but what did she know? She was a city girl, and while this wasn’t precisely the back of beyond, it was definitely not the city.
She eased the car onto the shoulder and snatched her instructions from the passenger seat beside her. “Route 94 through Brownsville. Check. Right onto Merravalley. Check. Five miles past Merravalley, right…Ah, no. Not been through Merravalley yet and no mention of water.”
A big, black SUV roared past her, straight through the water without slowing down. Fi watched. The water appeared to be only five or six inches deep. “Okay, that seems doable. Just keep driving, though likely not quite that fast.”
Fi buckled her seat belt and watched as a minivan came toward her from the other direction. It slowed a bit, then drove straight through the water. Fi stared at its wheels, but it seemed her previous guess about the depth of the water was accurate.
Fi gripped the steering wheel in a ten-to-two position, placed her four-inch platform sole on the accelerator, and pulled back onto the road. She stared at the water, entering it slowly and carefully, relieved everything seemed fine. Something white appeared in her peripheral vision and she looked to the left to see a wall of water roaring toward her.
“Holy shit!” Fi screamed, and planted her foot flat on the accelerator. “Come on, you piece of shit. Move! This is not the time to be worrying about a low carbon footprint. Let’s get out of here!”
But the compact car was not designed for a fast take-off, and it was not even halfway through the water when the tidal wave hit like a battering ram, forcing it sideways and along what had suddenly become a river.
“Steer into the skid,” Fi told herself, but her brain was screaming that there was a huge difference between a skid and a tsunami. “Come on, car, you can do it!” The engine coughed and died.
Fi peered through her windshield. She was moving sort of sideways in what appeared to be a river, where no river had been five minutes ago. Also, her feet were wet. What the hell? Fi looked at the floor of the car. Yep, water. She banged her hand on the steering wheel.
“Can’t you do anything right, car? If this was a James Bond movie, you’d float!”
The water rose inexorably over her ankles. “Okay, time for the rat to leave the sinking ship. But I’ll have you know, car, these shoes cost me two hundred dollars and I’m not happy about this.” Then Fi giggled. The car would have cost the company a lot more than two hundred dollars and her boss wasn’t going to be happy, either. Well, if Windle and Partners had bought SUVs instead of environmentally friendly small cars, likely she’d be at Merravalley already.
The water was over her calves now and there was no time to waste. Fi thrust her papers into her laptop bag and zipped it shut, slung the handle over her shoulder, pushed her head through the short strap of her purse and pressed the button to lower the window so she could crawl out of the car.
“Electric window. Of course it doesn’t work,” she chided herself and tried to open the door. It wouldn’t open. The pressure of the water was preventing it, no matter how hard she pushed. The water was almost up to her knees now.
Fi swung her legs to the side and braced her heels against the door, leaning forward to hold the catch open with her right hand. “Legs are much stronger than arms. Come on, legs!” she puffed.
The water was now level with the seat and desperation added extra strength to Fi’s efforts. She slammed her feet against the door and finally, it opened. Water rushed in as she pushed her way out.
The laptop caught around the steering wheel and Fi screamed and swore as she hauled it loose and forced her body out against the press of the water.
The river was deeper than it appeared and Fi’s four-inch platform soles scrabbled unsuccessfully for purchase on the bottom. Her long, dark-brown hair came loose from its braid and tangled around her face. Fi gulped for air and got a mouth full of water instead.
She forced herself to relax. Go with the flow, Fi, go with the flow. As her body stilled its frantic movements, she bobbed to the surface again, and was able to turn around in the direction of the torrent and look for the shore.
A man was standing on the edge of the water, yelling at her and waving his arms to attract her attention. Next to him, a cowboy was swinging a rope over his head. What’s a cowboy doing here? Her laptop was dragging her down, but no way was Fi leaving it behind. All her work files were on it. Determinedly, she swam at an angle across the current, making for the two men. It really wasn’t far, but it seemed to take forever to move even one stroke closer to the shore. Why am I so damn tired?
A rope splashed down on the water in front of her. One more solid kick with her legs, one long stretch with her right arm and she reached it. Fi grabbed it with both hands and remained upright in the water as the cowboy and his friend pulled her toward them. She ended up flat on her belly on the grass at their feet, rather like a beached whale. The waving man hauled her to her feet as gallons of water poured out of her clothes. And out of her purse and laptop bag, damn it.
“Your computer’s gonna be cactus, love. But someone’ll get your car and the mechanic should be able to get it running again.”
“That piece of shit belongs to the company, and if they hadn’t been so worried about global warming and had given me an SUV, this never would have happened.”
“Didn’t you hear? There was a landslide over at Merravalley and the river burst through to carve a new channel.”
“I noticed.”

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Berengaria Brown

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Looking back and planning ahead - Kaye Spencer's 2014-2015 writing reflections

As I look back on my 2014 writing year, I do so with a sigh of satisfaction. As my writing life goes, this past year was productive and creative. Here are a few reasons why I can look back with a smile.

  1. I *joined* a sisterhood of writers at an up-and-coming publisher, Prairie Rose Publications. In doing so, I returned to my original writing roots: western historical romance. It feels good to be *home*.
  2. I wrote three western romance short stories for Prairie Rose Publications that were included in anthologies. With the rise in e-readers and the capability to read on cell phones, the short story and the micro story are hot right now. I'm pleased to be riding that wave. *grin*
  3. For the second year in a row, I had a free download micro story included in a holiday-themed anthology with the international writing group, Exquisite Quills.
  4.  My Hand-Me-Down Family recipe was included in the Bake, Love, Write book (edited by Lois Winston).
  5. I made three quickie promo videos that I shared with my compatriots in two of my anthologies and for the recipe book authors.
  6. But what I'm really pleased about is...
  7. I've received the rights back on five of my books/novellas. This was a big decision for me, because it left me with only two novellas in circulation (not counting Prairie Rose anthologies). But I understand so much more about the whole business of writing than I did back in 2005 when I waded into the ocean of publishing, that I'm better prepared to take control of my writing career and made informed decisions rather than the I'm-so-excited-to-be-published decisions. I know the ins and outs of editing and how to interact with editors, and I'm well-versed in self-marketing now. I have big plans for these five stories. My goal is to have each story ready as a second edition and republished in 2015.
 It'll be interesting to see how it all turns out for me. As they say, time will tell.
Until next year,
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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas traditions

We have a tradition at our house every Christmas. Besides the Christmas tree, we hang stockings, one for each member of the house, including the pets. I didn’t get this traditional from my family. We never hung stockings. I got this from my mother-in-law who always had a stocking for every person in the family. I thought this was a great idea.

When I shop for Christmas presents, it’s fun to search for items small enough to fit into a stocking. Candy is a big stocking stuffer, but I manage to find other things like electronic gadgets like chargers and flash drives, music cds or movie dvds, beauty supply items for myself and treats for the dogs.

It’s a tradition my husband and I treasure each Christmas morning.


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Blessed Winter Solstice and Happy New Year!


Forbidden love… Broken vows… Betrayal…

A nymph. A centaur. Enemies in love.

Will love be enough to save them?


Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Holiday boxed set and an opportunity to win a loaded kindle

Naughty List: Thirteen Naughty Holiday Stories

The Naughty Literati are a group of authors who’ve come together to showcase their epic talents in stories filled with powerful eroticism and satisfying romance. Our tales range from heartwarming and sweet to scorching hot erotic, medieval to futuristic, humans to aliens and shape-shifters, vanilla committed couples to kinky ménage fun.

THE NIGHTWIND’S VISIT by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Be careful what you wish for. The NightWind hears every whisper, every sigh, every need and he's coming to grant your every wicked, wanton desire.


Frustrated with untrustworthy men, Melissa orders a man doll. When delivery guy, Nick, shows up, she has second thoughts about how to satisfy her needs.


Guilty secrets torment widowed Elizabeth Fitzhugh. A Christmas visit to the Earl of Chisenholm offers redemption, if she can find the courage to grasp it.

NO GENTLEMAN by Francesca Hawley

Librarian Abby Kelly comes west finding a roguish shapeshifter who desires her. Will Goldwolf is no gentleman, but Abby discovers he’s just what she wants.


The excitement has left Jewel, Donovan, and Oscar’s relationship. Jewel plans to spice things up, but will Donovan and Oscar rise to the challenge?

TUNE ME UP by Lainey-Jo Charles

Jason catches Dani having an intimate moment with a recording of him singing to her, and is ready to move them from friends to forever.


During the infamous winter of ‘77-‘78 at Valley Forge, two soldiers fanboy over their
charismatic leader, General George Washington.

Lynne Connolly

Two gorgeous Italian hunks save art restorer Sandi when she accidentally summons an ancient evil from a mosaic. Their methods are unconventional—and scorching hot!

CHRISTMAS BAD GIRL by Trinity Blaico

She only had one wish this Christmas. To find the one man who was strong enough
to master her in bed and out.


On board a deep space station Christmas Trent learns her sexy cyber lover,
who may not be human, wants to steal her for his own.


Sirena Petra wants one thing for Christmas—an orgasm. And sex toy expert Kenyon Fort has exactly what the lion shifter needs to find more than just her happy place.


Medieval romance from the Highland Vampires series. A Viking raider brings change to little Clan Kilbirnie, especially to the chieftain's daughter, Rhona.

HOLDIN’ ON by Alexa Silver

Rock star Max is terminally ill. When Aislin falls into his life, rocking his world,
everything changes. Is she his Christmas miracle?

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Berengaria Brown