Sunday, October 5, 2014

Let's Make THIS The Last Year

Dear Blog Friends,

I was so hoping that I wouldn't have to make this post again. But here we are, another year gone and still the need to raise funds to find a cure for breast cancer. If you're looking to help with the crusade, please consider purchasing a copy of "Knowing Pains: Women on Love, Sex and Work in Our 40's".

"Knowing Pains" is an anthology of funny, poignant, and surprising essays written by women from around the United States. The subjects of the essays are varied - from lovers to locker rooms to the chair in the hair salon. It's a fearless look at life from the fun side of 40 by many talented American writers. And the best part? When you purchase "Knowing Pains" you will be helping to support women in need of breast cancer treatment services. All "Knowing Pains" authors donated their work to support this worthy cause.

So come on, ring in October with a laugh. And help us spread the love.

And have yourself a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Friday, October 3, 2014

ManLove Fall Fantasies Contest

The summer may be over, but the heat is just beginning…

It’s that whimsical time of year again when the days grow shorter, the leaves are turning, and the fires are being lit. So why not make yourself comfy and spend your evenings snuggled up with some of the hottest MM romances around. Fall in love with the sexy men from some of your favorite Manlove writers. Join us daily to catch some amazing interviews, excerpts, teasers, and for your chance to win some MM magic of your own.

The contest runs from October 1st to October 31st. Each day a new author will be showcased, and each day you will have a chance to enter to win our grand prize of a brand new, just released Kindle Fire HD with an eBook loaded on it from every author in our contest. We will also be offering 2nd and 3rd prizes of swag/gift baskets with carefully chosen items from our wonderful authors.

So, come visit every day to discover which new book is being added to the Kindle and leave a comment to enter.

Rules of the Contest:
You may enter once per day, but only once per day. Each day the contest runs from 12:01am (PST) to 11:59pm (PST). Once that day has ended, no further entries may be added for that day. You must wait for the next day to enter again.
To enter every day, you MUST comment every day, on that given day. Any entries added after the 11:59pm (PST) cutoff time will not be entered.
You MUST leave your email address in your comment or we will have no way to contact you if you win. Any comments left without an email will not be considered.
You may only win one prize.
Winners will be chosen on November1st and announced on the blog.

Here's the link:

Two men. An explosion of lust PG13 Excerpt

Blurb “Strung Tight”
After a scorching night of sex and sin, two men need to make a decision in their lives.
Jeff works nights playing guitar at a strip club. Pete works days as a tour guide. Neither man is happy and both search for fulfillment. Can they find it in each other’s arms?
While the sex is great, and the orgasms body shaking, how can their relationship survive if they’re separated by time? Surrendering to wild emotions is easy. Real life is messy but the fight for love is worth it.

EXCERPT PG13 Strung Tight

The two men gazed into each other’s eyes. Lust exploded like a visible force, and Jeff took two hurried paces to close the gap between them. Pete stepped into Jeff’s embrace and wrapped his arms around the taller man’s waist, lifting his face for a kiss.
Jeff gently pressed his lips to Pete’s, then swiped his tongue along the seam of the blond’s mouth. He opened and Jeff slid his tongue inside, enjoying Pete’s taste of coffee and mints and something spicy.
He trailed his tongue behind Pete’s teeth, and along the insides of his cheeks, then tangled it with the blond’s in an erotic dance, before sucking his tongue into his mouth.
They didn’t break the kiss until both of them were breathless. Even then Jeff nibbled on Pete’s lower lip and ran his hands up and down the man’s spine, wanting to get closer, needing to be inside him, right now, but not wanting to seem to be rushing or coercing the blond.
Jeff pulled Pete’s shirt up, stroking the soft skin, loving the feel of muscles and bones and sinews moving under his touch. “Take it off,” he whispered hoarsely.
“You too. I liked the look of your chest in the club.”
They broke apart a few inches and shed their shirts. Jeff took Pete’s hand and led him to the end of the trailer where he sank onto the sofa and pulled Pete onto his lap. Teasingly, Pete rubbed his ass across Jeff’s cock, making him groan. “If you keep that up I’ll get zipper burn!”
Pete stood up. “Well, take your pants off. I’d like to see your cock.”
“Together. We’ll take them off together,” replied Jeff, standing as well.
It took Jeff a few minutes to get his boots and socks off and Pete watched him. Pete had bare feet inside his loafers, so that part of the program had taken him all of one second.
They stood facing each other, hands on belts, and, like the dancers in the strip club, they slowly undid their belts, pulled them out of the loops, dropped them to the floor, then unzipped.
Pete remained still and watched as Jeff spread the fly of his jeans wide, displaying dark blue briefs. He put his hands on his hips and nodded to Pete.
Pete’s pants were a lot looser than the jeans Jeff was wearing. Just as he’d hoped, when Pete opened them, the pants slid to the floor, leaving him in his tighty whiteys.
Jeff pushed his jeans down his legs and stepped out of them, then hooked a finger in one side of his briefs. Pete mirrored his actions, stepping out of his pants and sliding the underwear down an inch or two on one side.
Turning forty-five degrees, Jeff slid his briefs off his butt, leaving it exposed, but his cock covered. He turned his head over his shoulder, watching to see what Pete would do next.
Pete turned his back to him, dropped his underwear to the floor, pushed his ass out, and bent his knees, displaying his puckered rosette for Jeff. It was the sexiest ass Jeff had ever seen, the hole a deep pink, beckoning him to sink his aching dick in it. Below the yummy anus, in the gap between Pete’s legs, his balls hung, and Jeff had to lick his lips and swallow hard, they looked so delicious. He couldn’t wait to get them in his mouth.
But wait? Was that the edge of a tattoo showing on the inside of Pete’s thigh? God! What other treasures was the blond hiding? And he had a little secret yet to display himself. “Turn around,” he ordered, hoping not to sound as needy as he felt.
“Drop your pants and we’ll turn together,” suggested Pete, his voice alive with laughter.
Jeff turned his back on the other man, pulled off his underwear, and looked over a shoulder, resting one hand lightly across his hot, hard cock. Pete had straightened up and was looking across at him.
Jeff couldn’t help a huge grin spreading across his face. This man was perfect for him. Hell, he hadn’t had this much fun in a year, and they weren’t even in bed yet!
“On the count of three. One.”
“Three!” they both called together turning to face each other.
It was a tattoo! A swirling tribal pattern, spiraling and twisting and turning from the upper inside of Pete’s left thigh, across his groin and lower belly, to just below his bellybutton. It was a maze of black and blue and red lines, an intricate, yet clean, pattern that drew his gaze unerring to the man’s cock. And what a beautiful cock it was. Red and thick and long, pre-cum already beading in the slit of a fat, flat head he couldn’t wait to suck. “Very nice,” he managed to say.
Pete’s gaze was glued to Jeff’s cock. He didn’t even look up when he said, “I’ve always wondered what one of those would feel like inside me. It’s a Prince Albert piercing isn’t it? Damn but I’ve hit the jackpot tonight.”
“I aim to make sure you’ll come harder than you’ve ever come before,” said Jeff, pulling Pete into his arms and rubbing their cocks together.
Pete lifted his face to be kissed, wrapping his arms around Jeff’s waist and rubbing his nipples across Jeff’s chest. When they broke apart from kissing, Pete whispered, “I don’t think I can wait any longer. I need you inside me, now.”
“That’s what I want, too.”

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Berengaria Brown

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New! Halloween-themed western romance anthologies - Kaye Spencer’s contribution

Kaye Spencer here with my regular 30th of the month blog post.

I'm excited to share the news that Prairie Rose Publications will release TWO Halloween-themed western romance anthologies on October 2nd: Cowboys, Creatures, and Calico - Volumes 1 & 2.

The stories run about 15,000 words each, so they’re perfect for reading in one sitting. But fair warning, once you read the first story, I’ll wager you won’t stop there. ;-)

They are available in print and digital and are available for pre-order here:

Cowboys, Creatures, and Calico Vol. 1:
Cowboys, Creatures, and Calico Vol. 2:

My story, For Love of a Brystile Witch, is in Volume 2.

Here is a teaser of the haunted readings:

Until next month,


Fall in love...faster, harder, deeper with Kaye Spencer romances
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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Do supernatural creatures belong in a modern setting?

When I think of vampires and other supernatural creatures, I picture them in time periods without electricity and other modern technology. I think of candlelight and moving unnoticed through darkened paths or streets. I have a hard time thinking of vampires or others of their kind in a modern setting. I don’t think creatures like that belong in modern times. But maybe that’s just me.

I prefer to write about these otherworldly creatures in Medieval and earlier time periods. I have numerous supernatural beings in my stories like faeries, shapeshifters, Greek vampires, a vengeance goddess and in my soon-to-be released series set in Bronze Age Arcadia, I have centaurs, nymphs, werewolves, blood-drinking creatures and a crow woman. But that being said, I’ve started a story with vampires, werewolves, witches, gods and faeries in a modern setting. I want to show how difficult it is for these creatures to exist in a modern world.

One of my challenges is whether or not my magical beings can work magic in a world with cell phones and computers. Does technology interfere with magic? Does technology weaken them? These are a couple of the reasons I feel that supernatural beings are out of place in a modern world. I wonder how they can move about without being captured on a camera. I suppose vampires wouldn’t be caught on 35mm film, but what about digital photographs?

It seems I have a lot to think about as I work out this story.

Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author



Two mortals are caught in the midst of the battle between the Titans and Olympian gods.

Buy links on author website:

Friday, September 5, 2014

Let's Remember Our Fellow Artists

Happy Friday! There's nothing I like better than starting the weekend off with a trip to hear live music. It's so important that we support our fellow artists, be they musicians, painters, sculptors, poets or dreamers.

So ask yourself how YOU can help your fellow creatives this weekend. It's certain to pay off - being around others who think like we do is a surefire way to find inspiration.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hot and Hotter

“Hotter Than Hell” blurb:
Enre has fiery red hair and an attitude to match. The world is full of injustice and he wants everything to be fair and equitable right now. Kalman is older, calm and logical, but the two men, co-workers at the botanical gardens, are drawn to each other. They work alone together at the far end of the gardens all one day, getting to know each other and passion ignites between them. The garden bed is made, and sprayed with their seed as well as that of the plants.
Hot, sweaty half naked bodies, and outdoor sex are great, but can two such different people find happiness together?

Buy link:

“Still Hotter Than Hell”: Blurb:
Nothing has changed. Enre still explodes into action without planning anything. He arrives on Kalman’s doorstep with his luggage, ready to move in. Kalman is fine with the idea, but there are things to do first to make it possible. Kalman gently tries to show Enre that thought before action can be good. But will their relationship work? Or will such close proximity kill their love?

Buy link:

Also, for anyone who enjoyed my post last month on "Sunshine Yellow Days and "Popping His Cherry" all four The Paint Store Boys books are now available at Siren.
Buy link:
Buy link:

Berengaria Brown

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lighthearted thoughts about writing THE kissing scene by Kaye Spencer

I've written couple dozen romance stories, books, and novellas. Some have been published, others will someday be published, but many—for a variety of reasons—will remain unpublished and tucked away in the File Dungeon inside my computer. However, they all have one attribute in common.


Not just any kiss, but THE kiss. This is usually the first kiss that occurs for my hero and heroine.
I've written stories with plots that were simple to plots that took an Excel spreadsheet to keep all the details straight. I've written...
  • an Old West gunfight that included paranormal elements of a herd of phantom cowboys chasing a phantom herd across the sky
  • scorching love scenes that will make your toes curl
  • a contemporary vampire story with a cowboy thrown in for good measure
  • a love triangle that wasn't a 'threesome', but it will leave you sniffling and grabbing the tissue box at the end
  • family saga of 150k that spans 15 years
  • a mail-order bride story
  • sweet romances that make you say 'ahhh'
BUT the kissing scene—the kiss that makes or breaks the story—holds me up every. single. time. In fact, during the rough draft stage in most of my stories, it's typical for me to *insert kissing scene here* and come back to it (them) later.

The kiss can't be too detailed or it can have an 'ewww' factor. But neither can it just be "...and they kissed". There's no emotion, no feeling in that. Whose point of view to write it from is sometimes difficult to decide. Is it the hero or the heroine who instigates the kiss? What are their hands doing during the kiss? Are they standing body-pressed-to-body or is there a little distance between them? Are they completely embraced in each other's arms or just 'holding' on to each other? Are the characters close to the same height or is one significantly taller than the other? This makes a huge difference in where they put their arms and how they have to bend their necks to make that kiss happen. Are they standing? Lying on a bed? Leaning across a fence or across the front seat of a car? Tongue or no tongue?

Decisions. Decisions.

Really, it all depends upon how well the two characters know each other when THE kiss happens, which is the major reason I write the kissing scene after my hero and heroine have spent the entire story together. By the end of the story all three of us know the emotions in the kiss.

In my current work in progress, a Halloween-themed western romance short story, I'm down to the wire before the deadline to submit the story to the publisher, and guess what scene is holding up the show. Yuppers, the first kiss. 0_o

So, I must trot back to the manuscript and finish that pesky kissing scene. The hero has figured out how he's going to accomplish the first kiss with the heroine, but the problem is, she's a hereditary witch, and he's just a little nervous that when he kisses her, he might turn into a toad.

But it's a chance he's willing to take. ;-)

Until next month,


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Thursday, August 28, 2014

The scary vampires are back

I read The Strain and now I am watching the TV series based on the books. The premise behind The Strain is that vampirism is more like a virus that transforms the human body into some kind of creature or organism with no sense of humanity. All they want to do is feed and make more vampires. And the way they feed is really gross—they have these long tongue-like things that extend out of their mouth. It’s really freaky to imagine something like this could be real.

What I like about this vampire series is that there is nothing loveable about these vampires. They are frightening. And changing into one of these vampires is anything but sexy. I love being scared and the recent vampire books and movies are not scary at all. In fact, some are just silly. I grew up in the era of the non-sparkly vampires, and I welcome this new wave of vampires like the ones in 30 Days of Night that spent the whole movie wearing dried blood and Let Me In where childlike innocence is a disguise for a true predator. And now I look forward to watching the truly inhuman ones in The Strain.

Finally, vampires are scary again and there is nothing better than a good scare.


Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author



Two mortals are caught in the midst of the battle between the Titans and Olympian gods.

Buy links on author website:

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Book Baby

I have just signed my first YA contract! "Narvla's Celtic New Year" is the story of a step-dancing champion who finds love, loss and plenty of adventure when she moves into the American Embassy in Dublin after her mother is appointed U.S. Ambassador to Ireland. "Narvla's Celtic New Year" will be published in February 2015 by Astraea Press.

And so it starts again … the big build-up not unlike pregnancy as I begin to prepare for the new arrival. I find myself poring over possible review sites, wondering what the cover will look like, driving myself mad with questions about blog tours, advertising, and interviews. And the release date isn't for another six plus months!

So that brings me to my question: how do YOU prepare for a new release? A new venture? Do YOU like a lot of lead time? Do you fritter it away, feeling like it's so far in the future as to be unimaginable? Or do YOU compile lists of what you would like to do?

Please share your experience and YOUR good news! Here's hoping August is bringing you a lot to celebrate.  XO