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A Tribute to Charlee Boyett-Compo by the Naughty Literati

Charlotte Boyett-Compo
On January 20th The Naughty Literati lost one of our own, Charlotte "Charlee" Boyett-Compo, one of our founding members who contributed her wonderful stories to every one of our releases since we all began to write together. Today we celebrate the life of this strong, charismatic, sarcastic, creative, prolific author and dear friend who touched each of our lives in indelible ways.

One of the things I cherished most about Charlee was her candid way of saying exactly what she thought without beating around the bush or worries of being politically correct. You always knew exactly where she stood on things.

I have fond memories of her intense dislike of polls, which we often use in the Naughty Literati to help so many opinionated women come to a group decision. In one particular case Suz asked, "Can everyone please weigh in on this so I don't have to do another poll and upset Charlee? (Snicker--please say 'no, we want another poll!' just because)." Charlee's response was classic and priceless. "Yeah, may the bluebird of happiness fly up your: (1. Nose (2. Ass (3. Other." 

People will hate you, rate you and break you. How strong you stand is what makes you. Charlee was one of the strongest women it has been my honor and privilege to know and work with. I love you and miss you, Charlee. Thank you for being my friend. I take solace in knowing you are once again in the arms of the love of your life.

-- Nicole Austin

Around 2007, after she had already pioneered an impressive backlist of books that stemmed back to the early beginnings of ebooks in the mid to late 1990s, Charlee first blipped onto my radar as Charlotte Boyett-Compo, author of the Reaper ™ aka WindLegends ™ book franchise… or “my creations,” as she referred to them.  I was thinking of trying to write a romance for arguably the largest epub in the romance market at that time when I happened upon several of her titles on said epublisher’s website. An avid romance-aholic with a penchent for dark fantasy, I gobbled up her entire backlist in short order.

Flash forward to near-end of 2014. By that time I was published with the epublisher in question and had “met” Charlee in a couple of online forums for the authors. When several of us authors decided to band together and indie publish our own short romance anthologies, I was very excited that Charlee wanted to be one of our founding members. The Naughty Literati was born. And from the first moment, Charlee was our Georgia peach who proved she was a real Steel Magnolia to boot.

Her direct, intelligent input and vast, published author experience was vital to the early formation of The Naughty Literati; I recall it was initially her idea to incorporate “Naughty” into every antho title as part of our brand. Her blog posts here were always insightful, bursting with her own, indelible writing voice, and usually held a message that possessed more gravitas than most romance blog posts ever hope to contain. Christmas MemoriesCharlie's last blog post for this website, was December 21st. Just barely a month ago. In it she speaks so eloquently about her bittersweet Christmas memories as a child in Georgia where the beginnings of her social conscience were seeded and took root. It ranks as one of my top favorite pieces of her writing ever.

On our online group (and on Facebook), she often regaled with us with peppery tales of some residents in the small town of her adopted “Ioway.” She loved her country house with its wealth of cat “Overloards” who habitually lolled upon any given square inch where she wanted to sit or work.

She was annoyed yet resigned when people misspelled her name. Usually, people wrote “Campo” instead of “Compo,” but I once committed the faux pas of mispronoucing her maiden name before the hyphen. “It’s Boy-yett (emphasis on the yett). Boy-yay is the way a lot of folks pronounce it. It's actually German.”  She forgave me quickly, saying I was the least offender. “It's not a problem. I had an internet radio interview once and the lady announced me as Charleen Boyer-Campton. I took great delight in correcting her. To get all three names wrong was inexcusable.”

She loved to cook robust home meals for her loved ones, and shared some of her favorites with us - I’m drooling to try her Southern Chicken Dressing and her Lime Yogurt Pie soon. She was committed to doing service for her church and loved her sons, who relied on her and vice versa.

Perhaps the most revered corner of her heart was reserved for late husband, Tommy Compo, her high school sweetheart and love of her life whom she referred to always as “my Tommy.” She scoffed at the idea of dating again after his passing, declaring she’d already “had the best.” She believed he was her guardian angel, for she declared he always took care of her in life; why wouldn’t he continue to do so once he was in Heaven?

Now that her own epic love story with Tommy has resumed on the celestial plane, we are left with the unique worlds and fascinating characters she created in her books beloved by so many of her fans. As well as the memory of her friendship and the wisdom she imparted to us while she was here.

She always ended correspondence with, “May the Wind be always at your back…” A reference to an Irish prayer and also her own WindLegends ™ creations.

May the Wind always be at your back, Charlee. And thank you.
-- Belle Scarlett
I didn’t know Charlotte Boyett-Compo until about October 2014, when she and I were part of the group that became The Naughty Literati. Charlee wrote dark fantasy and paranormal romance which, generally, I don’t read simply because it’s not my taste.

Charlee had, and still has, a huge following. She built elaborate worlds involving Nightwinds, Reapers, Shadowlords, and WyndMasters – characterizations I cannot even fathom ever creating and still don’t quite understand. The sexuality of her worlds was dark, and I appreciate and applaud that direction in erotic romance. She was the consummate professional and a willing mentor.

I never met Charlee in person, I only knew her online. But nowadays, that is sometimes the only way we know colleagues. The lack of face-to-face interaction does not diminish the impact a person can have on another.

I learned a lot from Charlee, and was quite inspired by her example. She wrote prodigiously this past year, almost like she knew she had to get all the words out. She achieved new success this past year even in the face of some pretty aggravating publishing hurdles. She had health problems this year and yet soldiered on tenaciously.

Farewell, Charlee, and thank you.

-- Regina Kammer

Charlee on her wedding day to her high school sweetheart and love of her life, Tommy Compo.
I’ve known Charlee for ten years. Not a long time in the grand scheme of things, but it feels like a very long time indeed in the writing community where most of the people I knew five years ago have disappeared. I was thrilled when we both joined the Naughty Literati when it began, and I was able to spend time with her again. I love Charlee’s characters that leap off the page, her incredible, detailed and consistent world building, and her smart wit that enables her to be endlessly patient when explaining something to a newbie, yet still demonstrates her low tolerance for stupidity. Sometimes all in the same sentence.

-- Berengaria Brown

I first met Charlee when I ran a book review website, back in the late 1990s. She was one of the "go to" people that everyone recommended for dark fantasy, so I picked up one of her books and got lost in her world. Hours later, I came back to the world, disoriented. I'd devoured the book so thoroughly that the outside world ceased to exist. When I finally stumbled to my feet, it was with the knowledge that my reading world had changed. E-books were so young, so new, and while I was open to them, I can clearly point to reading Charlee as a turning point.

When we found ourselves at the same publisher, I was over the moon. With each and every release, she deepened the reader's experience and colored her world more vibrantly.

And who can forget the enduring love she had for Tommy. Her love and affection for him was a living and vital thing that just grew through the years.

In 2014, I was delighted to find myself working with Charlee in the Naughty Literati. Her stories were fantastic, and the trailers she made were just perfect. Charlee, we miss you more than words can convey. Thank you for everything.
--Alexa Silver
I first "met" Charlee online in 1999 when we were both writing for one of the very first epublishers. (I was writing under a different name at the time.) Her book with that publisher (and I'm sorry that I can't remember the title now) was also one of the first ebooks I ever read, on my clunky old laptop since even the early ereaders were still a couple of years away. It simply blew me away. At the time many people argued that ebooks weren't "real" books, that they were inferior, things the authors couldn't sell to "real" publishers. If ever a book demolished those denigrations, Charlee's book did. It blew me away with its depth, its ferocity, the brilliant, unforgettable characters, the marvelous writing, and a plot that left me in tears at the end. I can't remember the title, but I do remember the plot and characters quite vividly after all these years.

In 2002 or 2003 I was delighted when Charlee offered a few of her books to the publisher I was writing for at the time.  When a group of us became the Naughty Literati, I was even more excited that she was part of the group, too.

I never met Charlee in person, but from all the interactions we had on various author and fan lists, and occasional off-list exchanges, I felt like I knew her fairly well. Her acerbic wit found humor in unexpected places and her creative mind extended into many other areas of her life. We found common ground in the discovery that we were both practicing Catholics who found writing erotic romance an integral part of our extended world view and not something sinful or disgraceful (though we both had struggles with fellow Christians who didn't share our outlook on sexual activity as a vital and glorious part of God's creation). 

She had a talent and passion for writing that still fills me with awe when I read her stories. Pardon the innate sexism in this, but in the spirit of a "mankind" that is bigger than just male persons: "Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind." The loss of Charlee leaves a huge hole in our lives.
-- Katherine Kingston
I think of all of us, I knew Charlee the least. The Naughty Literati brought us together and I wish I'd had more time to get to know her better. I did have the great pleasure of editing her. The hardest part was getting so wrapped up in her amazing words that I forgot to look for errors. I can't count the number of times I had to backtrack (not that I ever found much that needed changing). I think, as someone else intimated, our somewhat loosely controlled chaos drove her bats, but she was good about telling us exactly what her position was. I can't see a poll anywhere now without thinking of Charlee's aversion to them. 

The world is a little darker now, without Charlee in it. May her words and her creations live long into the future. 

The wind is always at your back now, Charlee. 

-- Terry Rissen
I'd seen Charlee's posts on an author loop I belonged to and I remember that she always had interesting things to say and helpful advice for those of us who were newbies and struggling. Back in 2009 or 2010 (I think, my memory is a little foggy), Charlee made big news. Or rather one of her books did. A print copy of one of her books was being listed for sale on Amazon at $75,000 dollars. I think it was an out of print book, but still that was insane and it was all over the place. It was at that point that I realized that she lived just down the road from me - I in Newton, IA and she in Grinnell, Iowa. I hesitantly emailed her and asked if she ever got over to my library in Newton. She showed up one day and we got a chance to meet. She was so sweet and kind, a real joy to talk to. We talked about her wildly priced book and she laughed. She said it made for good publicity as she'd been interviewed by local newspapers and a local tv station.

Since we've been working together on The Naughty Literati projects, I've been impressed by her great ideas, her work ethic, and her kindness. She will be truly missed. Good bye, dear lady. We who remain here will miss you, but I'm sure you're happily reunited with Tommy, the love of your life. A true romance if ever there was one.

--Francesca Hawley

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New from Prairie Rose Publications - Valentine's Day #WesternRomance #Anthology

Just in time for
Valentine's Day
Prairie Rose Publications
Lariats, Letters, and Lace
**Eight western romance short stories by eight different authors**

Dreams of love come true when a rancher realizes a city woman is what he wants for Valentine’s Day.

Come hell or high water, Kitty Clark will hold Brady Wells to his Valentine promise.

by Linda Carroll-Bradd
Will a fateful letter push a couple apart, or draw them closer?

HE IS A GOOD MAN by Zina Abbott
A letter delivered from the grave changes everything for two young people.

HEARTS IN HARMONY by Patti Sherry-Crews
A secret love, a Valentine's Day dance, and a plan that can’t go wrong…or can it?

Second chances often come unexpectedly, even when the future seems hopeless.

A young woman must choose between a Pony Express rider and a wealthy rancher.

MAIL-ORDER MIX UP by Kaye Spencer
There’s mischief aplenty when match-making sisters order a bride for Grandpa.

Available on Amazon.com 
Lariats, Letters, and Lace


Kaye Spencer

Writing the West one romance at a time


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New Release: BET YOUR SWEET ACES, contemporary erotic romance


Eve Sorrel is owner of the Double Tumble Hotel and Casino.
 She's got a reputation as a temptress whose wicked mouth makes men long for a taste of her.
 Scandal erupts and she finds herself the object of scrutiny from investment lawyer, Brad Templeton. 
Eve's naughty ways may have just landed her the perfect man, if she can convince him to fight for her. What's a woman to do when her heart is on the line, except stack the deck in her favor!

Bet Your Sweet Aces by Mary Corrales
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
SKU: 978-1-77233-650-4
Length: 109 pages

Story Excerpt (PG): BET YOUR SWEET ACES    

He caught up to her in a few long strides. "I intend to put you out of business."

"Not very sporting," she mused. "What have I done to you? Better yet, what would you like me to do?"

He blinked, opening then closing his mouth like a stunned fish, before frowning at her and catching her arm. "I'm not playing with you."

His hand was firm but not bruising. He knew his own strength, apparently, and she found that intriguing. "I look forward to the time when you do," she said. If he thought to intimidate her, she intended to show him the error of his ways. She might be a sexy woman but that didn't mean she didn't possess an arsenal of dangerous weapons, the most lethal being her cunning mind.

He frowned at her but otherwise ignored her comeback. "Why don't we go somewhere to talk?"

"Ah, so you do want to be alone with me after all." Eve hoped to get a smirk out of him, but his mouth remained a stubborn thin line. She gazed into his gorgeous blue eyes and felt frustration well up within her as they stared at one another. His silence irritated her on a level she rarely experienced with men. Maybe he'd be more amenable in private.  

Buy Links:


Mary Corrales is a multi-published author of erotic and erotic romance. She writes in several genres including contemporary suspense, paranormal, fantasy, and futuristic. She often combines genres for a uniquely sexy read. She loves to hear from readers and can be contacted via her website: http://www.authormaryc.com. Follow her on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MaryCorrales_A1


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Gay Travel Inc. Time for an exotic vacation romance

Over the years my day job has involved a lot of travel, not just inside the state, or even in the United States, but around the world.
Now, before you start jealously sticking pins in a wax Berengaria doll, please remember that I went to these places for WORK. Mostly what I saw was a lot of airports, and far too many conference rooms, which all look pretty much the same. Sometimes I couldn’t even remember where I was because the surroundings were so similar to everywhere else. Think McDonalds. The McDonalds in Cleveland looks the same as the McDonalds in Akron, looks the same as the McDonalds in Baltimore, and in London, Paris, Nairobi—I’m sure you get the picture.
But every now and then I managed to carve out a few days of sightseeing between business meetings and to actually enjoy visiting the places where I was.
Like many authors, I’m always thinking “what if?” One day I thought, “What if a travel company sent people around the world looking for love? Where would they go?”
The characters that immediately arrived in my head clamoring for their happy ending were all male. I write MM, FF, ménage, and MF so I’m used to writing the HEA the characters demand, but I hadn’t actually pictured a Gay Travel agency, until I began to think how awesome that might be. And what problems gay lovers might have finding romance around the world.
It was hard to narrow down my favorite destinations to just four very different places, all extremely romantic. But hey, that leaves open the possibility that one day in the future, Tyler Robbins might decide to send out more men in search of their own romance.

Gay Travel Inc. Book 1: Gay Lovers in Paris (MM) by Berengaria Brown

Blurb: Sean Zagorc’s boss, Tyler Robbins the owner of Gay Travel Inc., sends him to Paris to write about gay romance in the City of Lovers. Tyler expects him to send multiple tweets every day about romantic scenery, romantic venues, romantic meals, romantic everything. How can Sean do that without a partner?
Elementary school teacher Antoine Dupre nursed both his elderly parents until they passed. Now he has a week’s vacation in Paris before selling the family home and finding a job. He’s on a very strict budget, and plans to spend most of his time in the Louvre looking at the exhibits.
Fate brings them together and Antoine is attracted to the American in the business suit. He agrees to help Sean take a few pictures, maybe spend a day together visiting somewhere suitable for Sean’s work like the Eiffel Tower. That should be romantic enough for Tyler, shouldn't it?

Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/book/gay-lovers-in-paris

Gay Travel Inc. Book 2: Gay Lovers on Safari (MM) by Berengaria Brown
Tyler Robbins, the owner of Gay Travel Inc., decides to send four of his best—and single—travel agents to different continents to report on romantic travel venues. He sends Preston Bennetts to Kenya on a safari. Preston is excited by the idea until he discovers that homosexuality is illegal in Kenya. How is he supposed to complete his assignment? Fortunately he meets Austin and Ryan Holder. Austin has always wanted to visit Africa and Ryan has accompanied him because the old man is getting frail. But they’re both great company and Ryan agrees to help Preston.
Their constant search for romantic photo opportunities has Preston and Ryan thinking lustful thoughts about each other. That absolutely can’t happen in Kenya though. Any sign of gay activity could have them sent to jail.
Will taking pictures of the Big Five game animals satisfy Tyler and prevent Preston and Ryan from touching each other?

Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/book/gay-lovers-on-safari

Coming on 7 January!

“Gay Travel Inc.” Book 3, “Gay Lovers Down Under” (MM)

Tyler Robbins, the owner of Gay Travel Inc., decides to send four of his best—and single—travel agents to different continents to report on romantic travel venues there. Quentin Wood is sent to Australia but after twenty-two hours of flights and a fourteen hour time zone change he’s exhausted. Add to that he can’t understand a word of the mangled English his guide, Justin Cook, uses.
Juz likes the look of his sexy new client, if he’d just relax a little. Juz is determined to show the man he calls Woody all the sights, including some more intimate personal ones.
Quentin can’t get his head around the idea of driving two thousand miles in two days to visit some place where the temperature sits above one hundred degrees for six months straight. Tyler has sent him to Hell. But if this is Hell, that means Justin’s the devil, and he’s a mighty attractive devil.

Pre-order link: http://www.bookstrand.com/book/gay-lovers-down-under

STORY EXCERPT from Book 1, "Gay Lovers in Paris".

Sean had intended to go to bed after he’d unpacked his luggage. But common sense told him that to get over any jetlag he needed to adjust to Paris time as fast as possible. It was evening, but it wasn’t bedtime yet. So a walk might help him see some of the nightlights of Paris as well as tire him out. Although it’d felt like he’d done plenty of walking around three airports already today. But walking outside would be much more enjoyable and he’d spent more than eight hours sitting on the plane as well today so he ought to get some exercise.
He Googled the map of the eighth arrondissement on his cell phone and marked a walk that was a round trip of about three miles. That was plenty for this evening.
Sean wound his way through narrow, cobblestoned streets filled with old stone houses. Buildings here were limited to 121 feet in height, about five or maybe six stories, and the old-world flavor had been retained, giving it great atmosphere. Sean snapped off half a dozen pictures, trying to show the bright starry sky as well as the ancient stone buildings with their window boxes full of flowers. Other areas of the city permitted tall buildings, but Sean found he liked the feel of this area. It was unique and definitely fitted a romantic theme. That would please Tyler.
Sean reached the Champs-Élysées and began walking down it, enjoying the crowds out walking, the warm summer night, and the busy, yet happy atmosphere. When he reached the Obelisk of Luxor, he stopped to read about all the machinery and effort needed to move the huge piece of stone. He stepped back to take a picture and then moved sideways an inch at a time, wanting the lights still on the obelisk for his picture, but also some of the starry sky behind it for romantic effect.
He groaned when he saw his photo, after all his efforts, had come out blurry and deleted it. A diffident voice behind him asked, “You don’t have the selfie stick. Would you like me to take the picture with you in it?”
Sean whirled around. He’d been told the French preferred foreigners to use their language, yet here was someone speaking English with a strong French accent.
“Thanks for offering. I suppose I’d better buy a selfie stick tomorrow. But what I really need is a clear picture of the obelisk, with stars in the background.”
He also didn’t want to hand his cell phone to a stranger, no matter how polite. It had everything he needed for his work on it, as well as far too much personal data to risk someone hacking into it. So he shook his head and dropped his phone into the inside pocket of his suit jacket.
“Let me try,” the persistent man said, worrying Sean even more. As unobtrusively as possible he buttoned his jacket. Not only would someone need to reach inside his coat now, but even if he was moving it couldn’t flap open.
However, the man pulled out his own cell phone and waved Sean over to stand in front of the monument. It was so enormous it would be almost impossible to get a complete picture of it from any closer than this.
The man’s hair shone blond in the bright lights as he patiently moved this way and that and then held up a hand. Sean turned slightly to smile at him, still a little wary that someone would jump him and try to rob him, but no one was close to him. The man hurried across and showed him the picture.
“It’s perfect, thanks. Can you message it to me, please?”
“Of course.”
He gave his cell phone number and a moment later it dinged and there was the picture. “That’s perfect. Amazing.” Sean smiled his thanks to the stranger.
The man was grinning happily. Despite his brain telling him to remain wary, Sean held out his hand. “Sean.”
“Can I buy you a coffee? I saw a café just along here a little way.”
“Thank you, I’d like that.”

Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/book/gay-lovers-in-paris

Berengaria Brown

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Greetings from Kaye Spencer on New Year's Eve!

 A good many people around the world sing a rousing rendition of Robert Burns' Auld Lang Syne in the midnight hour as an optimistic welcome to the New Year and as a sentimental tribute to the Old Year, but I wonder how many people are aware that Robert Burns didn't write the poem. Rather, he wrote down the lyrics to an old Scottish folk song and added to it.

According to my sources, Poems for the New Year website at https://www.poets.org/poetsorg/text/poems-new-year and the Robert Burns website at http://www.robertburns.org/, "...Though the history of the authorship of the poem is labyrinthine and disputed, Burns is generally credited with penning at least two original stanzas to the version that is most familiar to revelers of the New Year. Here are the first two stanzas as Burns recorded them:

'Auld Lang Syne' by Robert Burns

    Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
    And never brought to mind?
    Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
    And auld lang syne!


    For auld lang syne, my dear,
    For auld lang syne.
    We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
    For auld lang syne."

So from me to you, wherever you may be as you read this, here is a bagpipe presentation of Auld Lang Syne performed by the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.

Until next year,


Writing the West one romance at a time

Coming Soon in 2016

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A new book release and beastly heroes

I finally have a new book out. My hero is a little different from the normal romance hero. He is half-wolf and half-man. Does that make him any less appealing? I don't think so and neither does the heroine. :) The Wolf Queen is a new twist on Beauty and the Beast and the Greek myth of Lycaon the werewolf.

Cursed by Zeus to live in the body of a wolf, Lycaon found a way to change his shape into a human form, but he can't quite get rid of some wolfish qualities. I think of him as savagely handsome like Jason Momoa in Game of Thrones. I decided to go all the way with making my hero look the part of a beast, but still make him appealing. A Beauty and the Beast story doesn't work for me unless the "Beast" actually looks the part like in the B&TB series in the 1980s with Ron Pearlman as the Beast. I wasn't going to wimp out and make my hero too handsome when he's supposed to be cursed with a beastly appearance.

Book Title: The Wolf Queen
Author: Kelley Heckart
Genre: Greek myths/fantasy/werewolves/romance
Release date: 12/17/15
Page Count: 246
ISBN-13: 978-1519606242
ISBN-10: 1519606249 
ASIN: B019HML564
Kindle Buy Link: http://amzn.to/1Mk95rZ
Trade Paperback Buy Link on amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1Mk9aMc


The Wolf Queen
Book 2: The Arcadia Series

A new twist on Beauty and the Beast and the Greek myth of Lycaon the werewolf. A Bronze Age fantasy, adventure, and romance set in Arcadia, the wild forests of the goddess Artemis… Game of Thrones meets The Iliad

A tormented wolf man… A mysterious girl with a terrible secret…

Alara, a princess from a foreign land, is forced to wed the sorcerer-king Aramon, a power-hungry warlord, who discovers her dark secret and wants to use her to create an invincible army. When she meets Lycaon, she must decide if she should trust the cursed, tormented half-man half-wolf who might be her enemy or her true mate.

Lycaon, once a great king until he was cursed by Zeus to be a werewolf, is drawn to the mysterious princess. He is torn between helping Alara escape and using her to gain power over those who despise him.

Secrets abound and old enemies are reunited to battle Aramon before his terrible plan is unleashed. Time is running out as the dark moon approaches. Soon, Arcadia will be overrun with an unstoppable, vicious army unless Aramon can be defeated. To prevent his victory, the cost is high. As Lycaon’s affection for Alara grows, it becomes more difficult for him to decide which to save: Arcadia or her.

“Ms. Heckart draws the reader into the pages and enchants them with her words.”
Karen McGill, Coffee Time Romance

Excerpt (PG):
Although she had been warned of Lycaon’s band of misfits, seeing them watching her with cold eyes made her skin crawl. “Y-you are a goat man.” She stared in astonishment at the horns, the pointed ears, and goat legs with hooves covered in thick brown hair. Despite being half goat, he was the most handsome man she had ever seen with bright, slanted blue eyes and shoulder-length dark brown hair, some strands knotted into warrior braids. A belted loincloth covered little, revealing a muscular upper body.
He raised a bushy eyebrow. “I prefer satyr.”
The other odd-looking people laughed.
She opened her mouth to speak again, but the circle parted and a man stepped forward. A hood covered his head, so she could only see glimpses of his face—a flash of fang-like teeth, fierce eyes, and lots of dark hair. She shrank back from the man who looked like a mix of human and wolf.
“Who in Tartarus are you, and what are you doing in my lands?” His voice sounded like a vicious snarl.
Transfixed by his appearance, she wondered what the rest of his face looked like beneath the hooded tunic. Towering over her, his muscles strained against the dark brown woolen tunic and deerskin leggings he wore. Masculine power encircled him like a god’s nimbus, in the proud way he carried himself, and in the way he commanded their attention, for even his companions stepped back and looked at him with reverence, even the giant who barely stood taller than what glared at her now.
Alara eyed his large feet covered in laced up leather boots, afraid he might kick her, his anger at her quite apparent by the claw-like hands, partially covered in fingerless leather gloves, fisted at his sides. All she could see were his eyes, framed by heavy, dark, forbidding eyebrows, fixated on her from within the hood. Ice blue and emerald green rings. Fiery golden flecks. Intense and feral. She would never forget them. He held back his anger, but for how long? “I-I came…” His fierce stare made her forget her speech.

Multi-published author Kelley Heckart lives in Arizona with her musician husband, dog and a number of backyard “pets,” including Godzilla the desert iguana. Her stories reflect her passion for ancient and medieval time periods, storytelling and the supernatural. Inspired by the ancient Celts, her tales are filled with fierce warriors, bold women, otherworldly creatures, magic, and romance. When not writing, she works as a freelance editor and practices target archery. She can be found online at http://www.kelleyheckart.com/

To sign up for my newsletter and receive special notices like new book releases and giveaways only for my subscribers: http://kelleyheckart.com/Contact_Kelley_Page.html

Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author

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Naughty Chances: Take A Chance on Romance

Naughty Chances: Take A Chance on Romance A boxed set for only 99 cents!

Includes Fantasy, Futuristic, Historical, Holiday, M/M, M/M/F, Military, Paranormal,
& Shape-shifter Romances from bestselling authors.

When Sophie helps rescue a battered woman, she gets more than one surprise from the woman’s other self-appointed protector.

On a cold winter’s night in 1778, two patriot soldiers recall their first sensual encounter and ponder their future together with the women they love.

YOUR ONE AND ONLY by Nicole Austin
My day from hell took a delightful turn when I woke up naked next to the most gorgeous man. But he’d bitten me and claimed I was his mate. Oh my!

TAKE A CHANCE by Alexa Silver
Hunter and Lani never expect to find love from a near tragedy.

Luna, 2114… A reluctant Shayna must travel to remote Farside Colony to meet her chosen mate.
*previously published as First and Last*

Blake sees Xavier agonizing over unclaimed gift tags for poor children on the holiday tree. Will Blake tell Xavier about his past and his problem?

THE NIGHTWIND’S GAMBLE by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
In the Readem and Reap casino on the edge of the Megaverse, Nightwind Ardian Cree may lose his life-mate with the draw of a card. Will luck be on his side or will he lose everything he holds dear?

Buy link: http://amzn.to/1YhHvEo

My story is called "Perfectly Presented" (MM)

Blurb: Blake sees Xavier agonizing over the fact that several gift tags for poor children remained unclaimed on the holiday tree. Can Blake get Xavier to tell him about his past and his problem? Can they move from being just fuckbuddies to a real relationship?

PG13 Excerpt:

Blake stood and walked behind Xavier’s chair, resting his hands gently on Xavier’s shoulders, and then massaging them. Xavier felt his tight muscles loosen a little as Blake’s fingers dug into the tense tissues, working on the knots, Blake’s thumbs pressing and rolling into each bump.
Xavier rotated his neck and head, and then leaned forward, relaxing into Blake’s firm touch. “Hmm, that feels good.”
Blake moved his hands around, pressing and working all the stiff areas until there were no hard lumps left. His hands stilled momentarily before he slid them down Xavier’s back and up under his sweater and shirt. They glided over the taut back muscles, up Xavier’s spine and around over his sides, down, then up again. This time his fingers moved around to the solid chest wall.
Blake’s fingers stilled over Xavier’s nipples, the firm little discs already standing to attention.
Xavier stood, turned into Blake’s arms, and wrapped his own around Blake. “Maybe it’s time to move this party into the bedroom?” he suggested. The two men were almost the same height, a mere fraction under six foot, so Xavier tilted his head to the side to kiss his friend.
The kiss was sweet and gentle, a brief butterfly touching of lips to lips, until Blake grabbed Xavier’s head and held it still so he could lick along the seam of Xavier’s mouth. As Xavier opened up, Blake’s tongue slid inside, teasing and tasting and testing. First along the insides of his cheeks, then behind his teeth, and finally to tangle and dance with Xavier’s tongue.
Blake’s fingers burrowed into Xavier’s black hair where it curled on his collar at the back of his neck.
Blake stroked the neck underneath the curls, angling the other man’s mouth more fully over his own, then sucked Xavier’s tongue into his own mouth.
When they finally drew apart, both men were panting, not just from lack of oxygen, but also from the power and passion of their kisses.
Blake pulled Xavier hard against him from hips to chest, his arms like steel bands around the other man. Their cocks rubbed against each other, two long, hard ridges, their heat obvious even through the layers of clothing. “Want you. Need you,” he whispered.
“Hell, yeah. I want you, too.”

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving: It's all about the food

Thanksgiving is the time to get together with family and friends, and to be thankful for everything you have, but it's also about eating some really good food. There is nothing like smelling a turkey cooking in the oven all day. It's the one day it's okay to stuff yourself.

I have my favorite foods and desserts. I love turkey and mashed potatoes. I like to take a warm roll, spread butter on it, and add some turkey and mashed potatoes. It's awesome. My favorite dessert is pumpkin swirl cake.

All this talk of food is making me hungry.

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving food?

Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author

Monday, November 23, 2015

Fighting off the Blues as an #Author

Everyone has down days. It's those times when you're just not happy, the writing isn't happening, and you don't feel like you're getting anywhere in your dreams or life. Pretty harsh assessment? Yes, it is, but it's also truthful.

Now, what can we do about it?
How about chasing off that depression with the broom of perspective? For myself, I had to step back and realize a few truths when a slump hits me.

1.      I'm loved. I have a wonderful, supportive family, and great friends. It's not the number of people who care for you that matter, it's that they love you as you love them. You can get through any hard time when you have someone at your back.

2.      I'm a published author. How may in this world can say they've accomplished such a dream? I can look at my book covers and see my name printed right on the front. That's me. *grin* It's good to remember our triumphs. I've always loved writing. Now, I write and people read my books. How amazing is that!

Do you have kids? They are you. You brought life to this world. A little bit of you will go on in this world. That's no small feat. Be proud.

3.      Ups and downs are normal, and never last. Sometimes we want life to be all about the good. We want every day to be fantastic and exciting, but that's not life. Today may be boring, stressful, or downright crappy, but it won't last.

The beginning of this year was seriously bad for me, but I look back on it now and think "I got through it and here I am". Don't be discouraged if you're having a bad day, week, month; it always gets better. That's the nature of life…ever changing.

How do you beat the blues when they come around? Perspective is sometimes difficult to find in the midst of the darkness. Sometimes it just takes stopping for a quiet moment to see the light around you.

Mary Corrales

Mary Corrales is a multi-published author of erotic romance in a several genres including paranormal and contemporary suspense. She loves to chat with readers on Twitter.