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Coming Soon! Christmas in July Book Event by Kaye Spencer

Mark your calendars!

Kaye Spencer has two short stories included in the annual

Christmas in July event

 More information to come as the date nears. Lots of great stories to choose from!
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Thursday, May 28, 2015


I’m pretty lucky to live in such a beautiful area. We have a lake, mountains and the most striking desert scenery.
I find inspiration all around, in the breathtaking sunsets, sun-painted cloud formations and mysterious moon phases I can see right outside my house.
These inspiring natural sights often find their way into my stories, especially the moon which plays an important role in tales of myth and magic.
Open your eyes. Inspiration is all around you. All you have to do is take the time to notice.

Excerpt from The Bear Goddess:
Moonlight spilled into the cave in an ethereal glow. She padded barefoot across the cold stone floor of the cave. Maggie stirred from her perch on a tall thin rock formation. Callisto searched through her supply of herbs and potions in the clay jars sitting on the natural ledge. She grabbed the jar containing a nightshade potion and hurried back to her warm bed. After draping the blanket around her shoulders, she opened the jar. A strong odor tickled her nose. She was careful to drink a small amount of the poison, just enough to help deepen her trance state.
After sealing the jar, she settled into a sleeping position and focused her thoughts on Pan. Closing her eyes, she sensed the cave spinning around her. The sensation tickled her stomach. The moonlight grew brighter against her closed eyes. Then only the pitch-black darkness of a tunnel filled her vision. A nightingale singing rang inside the passageway. In her vision, she felt herself step through the tunnel, following the birdsong as if she had no control over her motions. As if she were under an enchantment.
She walked down steps into a familiar-looking cave. Pan’s sanctuary. The god sat on a stool, playing his reed flute that sounded just like a nightingale. The song filled her head, each note weaving a spell into her mind like the tiny silver threads of a magical cobweb.
The dream changed and Callisto was in the forest where she had faced the boar, but she stood in a different spot hidden in the trees. Peering out of the trees, she saw herself facing the boar. It was an odd feeling to be outside her body and see herself. The boar charged her. She winced at the sight of herself being struck by the boar, feeling again the painful effects of the silver. She tried to move, but her feet stuck to the ground. When she looked down, a scream caught in her throat. Instead of human legs and feet, her lower half was the body of a goat.

She awoke from her trance, her throat raw from screaming.

Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author

Sunday, May 3, 2015


25 of Siren Publishing’s hottest ManLove authors have come together to bring you a paranormal story with intrigue, wolf shifters, elves, magic, and a mating so sizzling hot, it took 25 authors just to write it.
Such a fantastic undertaking needs a spectacular ending. As such, everyone involved in this endeavor has agreed to donate 100% of the proceeds from this book. The charities we are focusing on tackle homelessness in young LGBTQ people. It is estimated that there are at least 320,000 gay teens living on the streets of America today, many cast out by their families simply for who they are. So please join us in supporting a great cause.
This project was brought to you by…
ManLove Fantasies Authors
Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen, Jess Buffett, Alex Carreras, Olivia Black, Leah Blake, Cree Storm, Evelise Archer, E. A. Reynolds, Aeryn Jaden, Jane Wallace-Knight, Amara Lebel, Jordan Ashton, Berengaria Brown, Skye Michaels, Sydney Lain, Rennie Leigh, Frey Ortega, Bellann Summer, Andrew Jericho, Felicia Fern, Grace Ryles, Hennessee Andrews, Shea Balik, and Lyssa Samuels
Pat Fischer & Lyssa Samuels
Cover Artist
Jess Buffett
We would like to thank Siren Publishing for all their help on this project!

Gypsy's Wolf blurb:
Quad McDaniel’s life changed forever the night he was attacked by a wolf. Now, he turns furry every full moon. Avoiding red meat and anything that makes him aggressive is his prime goal in life. But when his convertible breaks down in some Podunk town, becoming the beast within is no longer a choice. It’s instinctive.
Gypsy Govanivinch just wants to live a quiet life in Trinity Valley, running his roadhouse tavern. He doesn’t need an overly aggressive shifter coming into his town and messing with his peaceful little world, no matter how gorgeous the man looked. 
Life never asked Quad or Gypsy what they wanted. It simply gave them what they needed, whether they agreed or not. Fate brought them together but it’s up to Quad and Gypsy to stay alive long enough to appreciate what they’ve been given. And when others work to prevent that, fighting together might be the only chance they have of surviving.

Story Excerpt:
Quad McDaniel threw his cell phone into the passenger seat and banged his head repeatedly against the steering wheel of his black Mercedes SL600 Roadster convertible. He couldn’t believe that his brand new car had broken down. He had just bought the damn thing two days ago. 
So much for the perfect car! 
And now his cell phone wouldn’t get any reception. Could his day get any worse?
He climbed from his car, slamming the door closed hard behind him in frustration. Looking around, he couldn’t see much in the dark, except for some glowing lights off in the distance. Resigned to his fate, Quad locked the car door and began walking toward the light.
When he reached the parking lot, he gazed up at the tavern sign…GG’s Roadhouse. Well, damn, he was in redneck hell. The multitude of pickup trucks and motorcycles in the gravel parking lot should have told him this. 
He heard loud music spill into the parking lot when a man dressed in tight jeans and a sleeveless flannel shirt walked outside. Quad knew his day wasn’t going to get any better when he watched the guy climb into his souped-up truck. He could only pray that there was a pay phone inside.
Like those exist anymore. 
He walked into the two-story roadhouse, stopping briefly right inside the doorway to look around the interior. He was actually surprised at how nice the place seemed. The first floor of the large room seemed to be broken into different sections. To the right of him was a large wooden bar that ran almost the entire length of the east wall with several intimate tables near the far end. 
Directly in front of him was a large wooden dance floor that went all the way to the far wall. The ceiling directly above the dance floor was two stories high with a wooden beamed ceiling and a large mirror that went from the first floor to the balcony on the second floor. To the front right corner of the dance floor was a DJ booth and karaoke setup. He could see several people dancing on the dance floor to the loud beat of the southern rock music playing.
Looking toward the second floor, he could see that it was in the shape of a square with the balcony overlooking the dance floor in the middle. There were also several tables and booths on the second floor, as well as pool tables. A few of those tables were being used by bikers and rednecks.
On each side of the dance floor on the back wall was a set of double doors leading out onto a wooden deck overlooking a clear blue lake. The second floor had double doors that he assumed led out to a balcony covering the deck.
Looking up the wide, wooden stairway to the left of the bar, he could see that directly above him must be the management offices, and below them, the restrooms. Just beyond the bathrooms, he could hear sounds coming from what he assumed was a working kitchen.
All in all, it was a pretty sweet setup. If this place were in his neighborhood, it would be an upper class restaurant. He could envision it with upscale clientele, waiters dressed in white shirts and ties, and a top class chef. It would make a lot of money. Too bad it was in the middle of nowhere, filled with rednecks and leather-clad bikers.
Quad strode toward the bar and took a seat at one of the vacant bar stools. He lifted his hand to signal the bartender and lost his train of thought. The sexiest man he'd ever laid eyes on stood at the other end of the bar.
He couldn’t have been more than five foot six and maybe a whopping one hundred and forty-five pounds. The stranger wasn’t a skinny bean poll like most of the twinks Quad knew. In fact, as far as he could tell, the bartender had lean muscle in all the right places. The man also had a seductive, wild beauty about him that called deeply to the primal alpha male in Quad.
Wisps of tendrils escaped the silken mass of long, braided snow-white hair and caressed the sides of his perfect high cheekbones. There was both a delicacy and a strength in his face. Pale green eyes were ringed by black lashes. His lips were full and rounded over even, white teeth, and smooth skin glowed with golden undertones.
Shapely thighs and a firm ass tapered into long straight legs. The man’s tight, faded blue jeans rode low on his hips. A ribbed, black tank top barely covered him from his collarbone down to just above his bellybutton. A thick, studded, black belt drew Quad’s attention to the man’s tight, flat muscular abdomen. 
Quad’s tongue almost fell out of his mouth when he spotted the little piercing in the twink’s bellybutton, which was encircled with a sunburst type tattoo. Oh, man, would he love to nibble on that.
A Celtic tattoo encircled one of the man’s smooth, left arms. That made two tattoos that Quad could see. He wondered how many more the gorgeous little man had. He would give almost anything to go on a treasure hunt and find each and every one.
“What’ll it be, honey?” Mr. Sexy asked with a silky, southern accent. His voice alone could mesmerize Quad. It was sexy and smooth, like aged whiskey. He could listen to him talk all day long. Quad wondered briefly if the man would sound the same during sex.
“Hey, honey, you just going to stare at me all day, or you gonna order something?” 
Quad just stared. He didn’t even blink when the little twink waved a hand in front of his face. He was too busy envisioning what he wanted to do to the man on any available flat surface.
“Honey, you okay?” 

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Berengaria Brown

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Coming Soon! A Cowboy Celebration - New western romance anthology from Prairie Rose Publications by Kaye Spencer

Fireworks, fried chicken, and true love…

What kind of Fourth of July cowboy celebration is going on at Prairie Rose Publications? Well, hold on to your Stetsons, because they're bringing out another hot-as-a-firecracker bunch of stories that take place on American Independence Day.

This collection will contain some great Fourth of July stories for everyone, along with the mention of a “special recipe” in each story. The recipes will be included in the back of the book. Prairie Rose Publications had great success with this in the past—and this time around, the stories will include a tasty dish that might be taken to a Fourth of July picnic. These western historical romances have a happily-ever-after ending just in time for an Independence Day release.

Rugged cowboys, daring heroines, and a Fourth of July holiday in the mix are a sure-fire way to get ready for a hot, hot summer.

For the latest information about this upcoming release, visit the Prairie Rose Publications website:

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New beginnings and spring cleaning

It’s spring here where I live and everything is blooming, even the cactus plants with their lethal thorns—beauty and danger. Bees are gathering pollen and animals are mating. New beginnings abound. All of this has a way of making me feel like getting out and getting things done—inside and outside the house. I feel rejuvenated and motivated to set new goals and clean.


Beauty among dangerous thorns.


In full bloom, our Palo Verde tree is filled with buzzing bees.


I wonder if this is where the term ‘spring cleaning’ came from, so I looked it up. It’s possible the origins of this date back to the Persian New Year, which falls on the first day of spring when everything in the house is thoroughly cleaned--"khooneh tekouni" means shaking the house.  The Scottish tradition of New Year’s cleaning on Hogmanay (Dec. 31) is also believed to be related to this. The origin of spring cleaning can also be traced to the ancient Jewish practice of cleaning before Passover.

Happy spring, everyone!


“Yes.” He rubbed the dark stubble on his chin. “I cannot bring you unclothed into a village full of lusty centaurs.”

The Bear Goddess

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Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author


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Lesbian romance doesn’t sell so why write it?

People say that lesbian romance doesn’t sell, that it’s stupid to waste my time writing it when my male-male and ménage stories will earn me more money. But every now and then I write another lesbian romance. All my lesbian erotic romances are based on the idea of women overcoming difficulties to achieve their happy endings. Because all women deserve to find their happy endings.
I’ve always loved reading stories about strong women from history. In a time when women had almost no rights at all, every now and then a woman overcame every obstacle to guide her people. One of those was Queen Elizabeth I of England. Other women who come to mind are:
Marie Curie, Queen Victoria, Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Mother Theresa, Eleanor of Aquitane, Aspasia of Miletus, Boadicea, Catherine the Great, Sappho, Florence Nightingale, and in our own day, Aung San Suu Kyi. Of course, you will all have your own lists.

My only female cousin was thirteen years older than me, so by the time I was old enough to know she was my cousin, she already seemed completely grown up to my little girl self. One by one my cousins got married but Bron didn’t. I longed for her to tell me she was engaged because I planned to ask to be her flower girl, but all that happened was that she took a job in a state a long way from where we lived. I was much older before I understood that she and her female best friend were closer than that. And it as even longer before I understood that where she and her lover had chosen to live was a state that accepted lesbians.
It was Bron who opened my eyes to the obstacles that two women face in finding their own happy ever after even today. I’m so glad she and Nancy found theirs in the end.

And, just to prove everyone wrong, two of my lesbian romances went on to become best sellers. So once again I have a new lesbian book out.

“Lesbian Lovers”: Three Short Stories in one book!
Three lesbian couples. Three very different situations. Three fulfilling journeys to happiness.
“Fist Me”: Maeve nearly fell off her barstool when Taryn, the sexiest woman she’d ever known, asked her to fist her. But is it the right thing to do? Taryn’s not lesbian, and has just broken up from Mr. Perfect. Is she taking advantage of her? Or is this the ideal opportunity for them to begin a relationship?
“Lady Caroline’s Reward”: Lady Caroline Eversley needs a chaperone so hires Miss Dinah Watkin, a distant relative. Dinah and Caroline fall in love and Dinah teaches Caroline all about sex, but the problem of Caroline’s suitable chaperonage refuses to go away. Can they find a solution and have their own happy ending?
“Stubborn Attraction”: Laid off for ramming her knee into a co-worker’s balls after he tries to feel her up, lesbian Jaelle heads to her father’s cabin in the mountains. There, she takes the form of a mountain goat and climbs, free and uninhibited. So, what happens when she finds a very attractive interloper on her favorite rock ledge?
Previously published as individual stories by Torquere Press.

PG13 Excerpt:

Later that evening, the women sat by the fire in the book room, their fingers moving diligently as they sewed. Hugh, Thomas and John were all upstairs with Caroline’s father. His suite of rooms was always heated warmly and he was never left unattended even for a moment.
Dinah gazed at Caroline. She really did look lovely in the firelight, her pale cheeks slightly flushed by the warmth of the fire, the long hair coiled neatly on her neck and gleaming with reddish highlights, her slender fingers busily employed mending one of her father’s shirts.
Dinah’s heart lurched. She could fall in love with this woman. Not only was Caroline beautiful, but she was also highly intelligent and courageous in the way she was facing the adversity of her father’s, and therefore her own, situation.
“Have you ever been kissed?” Dinah asked suddenly.
“Well, just a few quick pecks by boys who shouldn’t have when I was younger. At family gatherings and such. And one or two of the suitors have tried. That’s why I made sure Hugh Howel was always with me. They totally ignored the fact my maid Betty was in the room!”
“Would you like to be kissed? Properly kissed?”
“But who— What? You—”
“Yes, me. May I kiss you?” Dinah put her needlework down on the side table and slid along the sofa to the end where Caroline sat.
Caroline’s hands dropped to the sofa. With no objection forthcoming, very gently, Dinah turned Caroline’s head toward her and kissed those ripe pink lips. Softly, gently, sweetly, but with enough heat and passion to warm their lips. Very soon, Caroline responded, one hand reaching up to rest on Dinah’s arm.
Caroline’s lips softened under Dinah’s caress, and Dinah licked along the seam, urging her to open her mouth. Caroline did, and Dinah’s tongue slipped inside, very gently running along Caroline’s teeth and all around the warm wet cavern.
Dinah’s hands firmed on Caroline’s head, tilting it slightly as her tongue thrust into the younger woman’s mouth.
Caroline groaned and responded more passionately, kissing back with enthusiasm.
Dinah increased the heat by sucking a little on Caroline’s tongue pulsing in and out before retreating again.
Caroline melted into Dinah, leaning against the older woman and holding both her shoulders as she returned the kisses very passionately now.
Deliberately, Dinah took one hand off Caroline’s head and placed her palm against Caroline’s breast, smoothing it up and over the nipple. A nipple that was standing up, a hard, excited little peak.
Caroline’s tongue delved into Dinah’s mouth, exploring the roof, the sides, the teeth. Dinah responded by sucking on it as her hand slid down inside the bodice of Caroline’s gown, hot on her flesh, to rub the globe of her breast and tweak the nipple between her fingers.
“I... Oh... More,” gasped Caroline, then returned to kissing Dinah, her arms now grasping the older woman firmly.

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Berengaria Brown

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Lassoing a Mail-Order Bride #anthology - Kaye Spencer #westernromance

 This collection has four wonderful novellas from Prairie Rose Publications is about women who find themselves in the odd circumstance of needing themselves a husband, and grooms who must have a bride—or else! A woman would have to be loco to become a mail-order bride…wouldn’t she? Leaving everything behind and starting fresh in the untamed west is the answer to a prayer for these ladies! A beautiful socialite needs a husband fast—but her husband wants a bride for life. A pregnant young lady becomes desperate—almost as desperate as her soon-to-be husband, who just inherited his sister’s kids. A man is in love with a woman he can’t have—or can he? A woman’s reputation is tarnished and professional career compromised—she runs, but she can’t hide. Will they all find love with strangers they’ve never met who are set on LASSOING A MAIL-ORDER BRIDE?

The four stories are:

A pregnant mail order bride. A groom with three orphaned children. Some dreams get a rough start

A beautiful socialite needs a husband fast—for just one month—but the rancher wants a wife for life!

THE BIG UNEASY—Kathleen Rice Adams
A man in love with a woman he can’t have. A woman engaged to a man she doesn’t love. A secret in common could destroy them all.

He needs a wife to get custody of his grandchildren. She needs a fresh start and a new reputation. Desperate men—and women— sometimes take desperate measures…but can she be A PERMANENT WOMAN?

Lassoing a Mail-Order Bride is available in print and digital format at these online booksellers:

Amazon     B&N     Smashwords

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At Two Waters beach love is in the air all year round

The Beach Boys: Summer (MM)
Book 1 of “The Beach Boys” series

Blurb: Craig Darnell and Seth Tyler are both on holidays at Two Waters beach. The moment they meet, the lust between them is instant and fiercely hot. Sex at the beach, in the woods, in the sauna…When they take a break from having sex they discover they have many interests in common and begin to build a relationship outside the bedroom.
Just when they are beginning to evolve from sex partners into a genuine relationship, their romance is interrupted when Seth is called back to the school where he teaches, for a staff meeting about an unexpected school consolidation. Seth is shattered when he and most of his colleagues find themselves suddenly unemployed. His well-ordered life has come to a crashing halt, along with his vacation—and perhaps his romance. Is this the end for both of them? Was it nothing but a vacation fling after all?

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The Beach Boys: Fall
Saber Crouch is ready to settle down and find his soulmate. But everyone at Two Waters beach where he is vacationing is already with a partner or a family. Until he sees Moses Sandler.
Moses doesn’t believe he’s worthy of having a partner. He feels old and fat. His boyfriend left him and his sister told him he was likely to have a heart attack if he didn’t lose weight. Despite all this Moses can’t help being drawn to Saber.
The attraction between them is undeniable, even though Moses can’t believe he’s worthy of the attention of such a handsome, fit man as Saber. Nevertheless they progress at the speed of light from meeting, to touching, to bed. Not that they actually reach the bed. The sand is much closer and all they need is a flat surface.
Moses is very afraid this is going to be a one-night stand. Or, at the most, a few days’ fling.

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The Beach Boys: Winter (MM)
Outrageously gay Hudson Smith owns Hudson’s Clothing Store at Two Waters Beach. He loves his job but he wishes he had a partner to love. Elliott Greene is shy and unassertive. He’s here at the beach for a week’s vacation in mid-winter because everyone else at work wanted the warm weather for their vacation time. Elliott is cold and Hudson invites him into the store to warm up. They drink tea and talk, getting to know each other. Elliott ends up remaining in the store with Hudson all day long as they begin to get to know each other and share their stories.

Hudson is very attracted to his shy, blushing guest, and is proud when Elliott proves there’s a smart brain and a gentle humor hidden behind the bland façade. Meanwhile Elliott determines to follow his grandpop’s advice and stop being too nice to everyone and instead to ask for what he wants.

The Beach Boys: Spring (MM)
Langley Gairdner is an attorney for the prestigious firm, Blackmore’s, disillusioned with his work trying to help criminals. Vidal Brookes aims to be extremely rich but he has a heart attack at age thirty. They’re both stuck at Two Waters beach, and bored. Playing golf fills an hour or two but nothing eases Vidal’s bitterness about his health and his grumpiness about everything in general, including the beard Lang has decided to grow, and his very long hair.

Sheer boredom propels them into each other’s company. Lang begins to see the ascerbic wit under Vidal’s complaining exterior, and Vidal appreciates Lang’s serenity about things that can’t be changed. Except his hair and beard. Vidal’s determined Lang will visit a barber as soon as he can arrange it.

As they spend time together, the next step, into bed, is inevitable. But will there ever be real understanding and genuine friendship between them? Lang will return to work soon and Vidal’s determined to do the same.

PRE-ORDER! AVAILABLE: Wednesday, March 11th

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, March 18th

Story excerpt: "The Beach Boys: Fall"

Moses Sandler pounded along the sand, putting all his effort into his running. The sweat band around his head wasn’t helping him one bit anymore, and sweat constantly dripped into his eyes. What’s more, his hair no longer lifted from his hot, sweaty neck as he ran, so he guessed it was too sweat-sodden to move. And still he ran, determined to get all the way to the cliffs, before turning back and slowing his pace.
First, his boyfriend had dumped him, saying he was getting old and fat. Then his sister had lectured him on eating properly so he didn’t die of a heart attack. When his favorite jeans had ripped when he bent over, Moses knew it was time to take action. His ex-boyfriend was a manipulative asshole, and his sister was a bossy bitch, but he’d loved those jeans and it was time to make a change.
His chest was heaving, his thigh muscles aching, and his shoulders were tight with tension when he finally made it to the rocky outcrop which marked the end of the Two Waters ocean-side beach. Gratefully Moses collapsed onto the sand stretching out full length on his back and breathing hard. He wiped his sweaty forearm over his face, not that it helped, and continued to heave air into his lungs for long minutes until the blood thumping in his head died down a little.
He rolled over and sat up, then grimaced at the sand stuck to his sweaty skin. “Damn. I’m going to need a swim to clean off.” He looked out to the water, noticing a man walking through the newly exposed sand toward the sandbar. The tide was a long way out, which was why he’d been able to run on the hard-packed sand, although there was still a stretch of water between where the tide had receded and the sand bar. He wasn’t much of a swimmer but likely he could walk that far. If he wanted to. He wasn’t sure he was ready to walk so far just for a swim though. Maybe he’d just jog slowly back to his hotel and the sand would fall off him as his skin dried. Or perhaps not.
Moses sighed and stood up again, wincing at the ache in his thigh muscles already. He was going to be stiff and sore tomorrow. Likely he shouldn’t have run quite so far and so hard today. Well, it was too late to worry about it. A bit of a soak in the sea would help soothe his muscles. He walked slowly out over the damp, rippled sand, then through the softer sand where there were still a few puddles and eddies of water, and finally out into the shallow sea.
He could see the other man more clearly now. He looked to be much the same age as himself, thirty-two, but he had an enviably lean body, and longish blond hair under a black baseball cap. In fact, the more he looked at the other man, the more he liked what he could see. Moses wondered why he was walking so slowly along the sandbar alone. Everyone else in this tourist town seemed to go around in groups or families, or at least pairs. This man didn’t seem to be hunting for a lost possession or anything, just looking at the sand as he walked very slowly along the sandbar.
Moses moved more purposefully now. Not that he planned to interrupt the stranger’s solitude, just that he liked the look of him and was happy to look more closely at the attractive man.
He wondered if the blond was naturally the right weight, one of those lucky people who could eat what he liked without the pounds attaching themselves to his belly and butt. Or if he was a gym junkie or fitness freak. Moses was pretty sure he could never form a relationship with someone whose entire life was framed by how many pounds he’d lifted in the gym that morning or how many miles he’d ridden on an exercise bike. Or even someone who was into counting carbs and portion control. Moses wasn’t stupid. He knew too many beers were a guarantee of a beer belly, but he also liked to eat fries and a hamburger sometimes without someone treating him like a pariah.
Oh, well, this man was likely married with a couple of kids, one of whom had lost something he was now looking for. The chances of Moses meeting a man he was attracted to at this beach were so unlikely as to be ridiculous. And he really did need to drop twenty pounds and lose the belly flab before he could even start looking for a replacement boyfriend for CT.
Despite his thoughts and the knowledge that he likely stank of sweat, Moses continued out to the sandbar and the other man. Moses told himself he was just going for a swim, but his curiosity was aroused and he changed his direction slightly so the other man would see him approaching. The water was knee deep just before the sandbar, and the other man turned as he splashed his way up onto the sand.
Wow. His eyes were a bright blue, despite his face being partly in shadow from the baseball cap. He smiled at Moses and Moses’s heart lurched with lust. He could drown in those big blue eyes as easily as he could in the blue ocean on the other side of the sandbar where they both stood.
“Hi. I’m Moses. Have you lost something? I could help you look for it.” Moses had no idea where the words had come from, but he meant them.

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Berengaria Brown

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Arizona sunsets

We have some awesome sunsets here in Arizona. They serve as a source of inspiration for me. I go outside every night to watch the sunset and take pictures of the ones that stand out. I have way too many sunset pictures to share here so I picked three of my favorite ones.




Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author