Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How does the Autumn season influence your mood?

Welcome to the autumnal equinox, otherwise known as Fall. I love this time of year, not just for the cooler temperatures and change in the leaves, but for its inspirational ambiance as well. This is the time of transition from light to the mysteries of the dark.

The autumn season has an interesting effect on my mood. I find myself feeling more restless, wilder. I change out my flowers arrangements to beautiful gold and red leaves. I light more candles in the evenings, most in flavors of pumpkin or apple spice. I also love to sit out at night and stare up at the sky, the beautiful twinkle of thousands of stars as my only companion.

Then, there is the baking. Oh, how I love to create delicious desserts. There something about the smell of pies and spice-filled pastries. I have a cranberry upside down cake on my blog, Romance Author Lifestyle today. Feel free to check it out.

This is a romantic time of year, when magic blends with the night. I find myself reading more books on vampires and werewolves, and anything else that lurks beneath the blanket of stars. So long ago, this season was where my vampire erotica, Tasting Camilla, first came to mind.  

October 1st will be your chance to delve into the night world of a dominant master vampire and the mortal who awakens his desires. This is a short erotica story for those who wonder what lurks in the night, and what is it like to surrender yourself to those darker desires.
How does the autumn season influence your mood? What's your favorite part about Fall?

Mary Corrales is an erotic romance author who writes in several genres including paranormal, contemporary suspense, fantasy and futuristic.

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