Monday, September 28, 2015

Artemis's Nymphs--The tough chicks in Greek mythology

They are similar to faeries because both are part of nature. There are many types of nymphs, but the ones in my Arcadia Series are closer to Amazons or warriors than to flighty nature beings. Since they serve Artemis, a goddess who is independent and a huntress, my nymphs needed to be the same. I did find some writings about these “mountain nymphs.” Called Oreades by Greek writers, they were described as tall and fierce. My portrayal of them was pretty close to this. Of course I had to use creative license to add some of my own traits. I separated them into the four different elements of earth, air, fire, and water. For each element, that particular nymph has a special magical power tied to their element. For example, a fire nymph can call up and control fire. There is also a fifth element, the ether, but this type of nymph is very rare. I created a special order called Guardians who are the fiercest among the nymphs. Beautiful and deadly. Nymphs are a fascinating part of the supernatural world.

Excerpt from The Bear Goddess:
Kasin stared at the line of nymphs, a formidable wall of gold and black leather-clad Guardians flanked by brown-clad nymphs and satyrs. Artemis’s powerful symbol of a full moon and crossed arrows taunted him from the unyielding line of small round shields his opponents held in steady grips.
He waited for the nymphs to make the first move. He would give them a chance to negotiate his terms and, if fortune favored him, avoid a battle.
Davona stepped into place next to him. “That is their merciless leader, Maia, the one who called for my death. She is also Callisto’s mother.”
Kasin looked closer at the nymph at the head of their army. She had dark red hair that almost looked black, an unusual color among the brown and fair hair of the other nymphs, and she had been among those that captured him.
“Callisto’s mother is a fire nymph. They are a particularly nasty kind of nymph.” He felt a twinge of sympathy for Callisto for it seemed her mother was as difficult as was his armor-hearted father.
“If she will allow her own daughter to die…” Davona stared fiercely at the leader of the nymphs. “She will not be easy to negotiate with.”
“I will not back down,” he said with conviction, but inside, he still hoped they could come to an agreement. The hatred he had for nymphs had dissipated the day he met Callisto. She showed him not all her kind possessed a cold heart. He would battle them if they chose to hurt those he loved, but he would kill them with reluctance.
Their weapons sheathed or put aside, Maia and two of her Guardians walked with an air of confidence to the center of the meadow.
Creative commons photo of Artemis
Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author

If she survived her wound, he would claim her as his war prize. The Bear Goddess

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