Thursday, August 28, 2014

The scary vampires are back

I read The Strain and now I am watching the TV series based on the books. The premise behind The Strain is that vampirism is more like a virus that transforms the human body into some kind of creature or organism with no sense of humanity. All they want to do is feed and make more vampires. And the way they feed is really gross—they have these long tongue-like things that extend out of their mouth. It’s really freaky to imagine something like this could be real.

What I like about this vampire series is that there is nothing loveable about these vampires. They are frightening. And changing into one of these vampires is anything but sexy. I love being scared and the recent vampire books and movies are not scary at all. In fact, some are just silly. I grew up in the era of the non-sparkly vampires, and I welcome this new wave of vampires like the ones in 30 Days of Night that spent the whole movie wearing dried blood and Let Me In where childlike innocence is a disguise for a true predator. And now I look forward to watching the truly inhuman ones in The Strain.

Finally, vampires are scary again and there is nothing better than a good scare.


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