Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Book Baby

I have just signed my first YA contract! "Narvla's Celtic New Year" is the story of a step-dancing champion who finds love, loss and plenty of adventure when she moves into the American Embassy in Dublin after her mother is appointed U.S. Ambassador to Ireland. "Narvla's Celtic New Year" will be published in February 2015 by Astraea Press.

And so it starts again … the big build-up not unlike pregnancy as I begin to prepare for the new arrival. I find myself poring over possible review sites, wondering what the cover will look like, driving myself mad with questions about blog tours, advertising, and interviews. And the release date isn't for another six plus months!

So that brings me to my question: how do YOU prepare for a new release? A new venture? Do YOU like a lot of lead time? Do you fritter it away, feeling like it's so far in the future as to be unimaginable? Or do YOU compile lists of what you would like to do?

Please share your experience and YOUR good news! Here's hoping August is bringing you a lot to celebrate.  XO

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Jennifer Fulford said...

My book has just been released and my head is still swimming about the "right" way to market it. I think personal contact may be the best way to sell my book, but the internet and social media is necessary to generate brand awareness. I do all the traditional things: Blogger, FB, Twitter, Google+, blog comments, etc. How does a book garner the best success? A formula only the Gods can know. Good luck, Jennifer of www.themusketeerseries.com