Thursday, March 28, 2013

Signs of spring

Everywhere around me are the signs of spring from beautiful flowers to crazy spring breakers hanging out on the lake, and coming into grocery stores half-naked in bikinis. My husband likes the last sign of spring. Smile

The lighter half of the year was an important time for ancient societies that counted on the warm months for new crops and feed for their herds. After a long harsh winter, spring was greeted with celebrations and smiles.


While I enjoy the winter months of shorter days and cold nights, I look forward to spring. The longer days of sunlight help me get more work accomplished and I feel more energetic.

In Greek mythology this is the time when Persephone is released from the Underworld and returned to her mother, Demeter.

In Christianity, spring is the time when Jesus was resurrected. The Christian Easter has origins from the Teutonic Eostre, a spring goddess that symbolized renewal and fertility. But how did a rabbit handing out eggs become the symbol for Easter? Rabbits or hares represent fertility and fruitfulness. The egg is also a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Hares often find small depressions in the ground to sit in for protection. In the spring, a bird called a lapwing nests on the ground. Sometimes hares find the depressions made by the lapwings and sit in the nests and it looks like the hares are hatching the eggs. And that is how the rabbit (hare) and the egg became symbols of Easter.

So, here where I live we have the usual signs of Easter that everyone recognizes and we also get the young, wild spring breakers, a sure sign of spring.

Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author



Two mortals are caught in the midst of the battle between the Titans and Olympian gods.

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