Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Some Other GREAT Book Promoting Ideas… when on a budget~

Being a published author one always looks for new ideas to market their novels. Here are a few of my favorites that won’t cost you a ton of cash and are very easy to create.

~Yearly Calendars
This is one of my favorite promo items to create. First, I choose one of my book covers as the background. Next I’ll go to a site which offers free downloads for creating calendars of various versions. www.wincalendars.com has so much to choose from and supports Microsoft word. Whether your preference is to create an appointment book style or basic one-page item, they have all you’ll need.

~Designer Book Marks
This is one item I truly love to create. All you need is a roll of one inch sheer ribbon, some wide holed craft beads and a thick threading needle. I choose to finish the look with a charm representing the theme of my novels. Though so many of our readers use a kindle, they still treasure and collect book marks.

~Personalized Pencils or Pens

This is a really inexpensive way to promote your work with many options. I choose either a pencil or pen done in black with white lettering. You can have them printed with your name, your novel's title or both.  The site I use is called www.Forteachersonly.com their pricing is quite affordable.

Well that’s all for this month~

To all my readers have a blessed holiday. If you would like more information on how to create any of these items feel free to drop me an email…

D.A. Berry, author

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