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Halloween Giveaway by D.A. Berry

Let me introduce you to Lucian Monroe, a 400yr old vampire whose fate was altered one foggy night.
England~ 1608

After an evening of playing cards with some friends, the streets deserted, Lucian happened upon her. A beautiful woman dressed in a stunning velvet gown. Concerned for her well being he walked over and asked if she were lost—hurt or in need of assistance. Taking his hand ebony eyes gazed back at him and smiled. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain as she pierced the tender flesh on his neck. Little did the Earl of Monroe Castle know on the morrow; he would awaken one of the undead.

Centuries later his story is told in my 1st novel A Deepened Hunger. (And his inner most thoughts are revealed in ‘Lucian’s Journal’ on my blog site.) A protector of the gifted, the choice he makes to save a mortal female will change everything. As Jordan Pierce-Shayne became a part of his very essence that stormy October night.

The protector of the gifted vampire society continues in my other three novels. Each centering on characters whose existence has been tainted by the evil undead. So please visit my website to enter their world.

HalloweenGive-Away Contest ˜ 
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Sign my guest book, and leave a comment about one of my characters. You will then be entered into a drawing to receive an autographed copy of my first two novels.

Book One e A Deepened Hunger 
Book Two e A Cry From Beyond

All entries must be received by midnight October 31st 2012.

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D.A. Berry, Author


Throughout the centuries, many believe…

 Existing as the undead, a vampire is incapable of human emotions, or loving another.
 In truth, their masked feelings are penned in ink, to appease the loneliness which tears apart the soul.

˜ A Vampire’s Journal
September ~ 1608
A Changed Existencef

Deep beneath the earth, I sensed darkness had returned. Yet again, the burning pain tore apart my soul—this new form of hunger I feared never to quench. Then suddenly, she was there—the one with ebony eyes, the creature who cursed me. As she came closer, I fought to break free of her hold and failed. For her strength was that of ten knights as she drew my lips over the open wound on her wrist. As a drop of her blood coated my tongue, a yearning feeling filled me—one I could not resist. The liquid was a drug—the elixir—that eased my pain—nourished my body. Sinking my teeth deeper her gentle voice invaded my thoughts telling me not to fear what I’d become. For it was necessary to protect mankind from the evils walking this earth.
Watching as my translucent flesh suddenly turned vibrant in color, I fully understood her words. The beauty with ebony eyes turned me into what people believed only folklore—an undead—a creature of the night. The Earl of a respected family was now a vampire.
December~ 1608
Three Moons Undeadf
Once darkness covered the earth, I awoke. As always, the burning feeling within my soul I must nourish my corpse—to ease the hunger. Reminding me… I am ‘undead’. With a single thought, I hovered over the city, my creatorwaiting, smiling. She was beyond pleased how quickly I’d mastered transforming from mist to human form. Taking my hand we hunted as one, two vampires seeking their prey. As we approached the square, I began to salivate. For the smell of human blood as it pumped through their veins was exhilarating.

Piercing my thoughts, Kara whispered, “This is your final test. Now take control of her mind Lucian and call the young woman toward you. Then mask reality and feed—but do not drain her! Remember what I taught you… we do not kill to survive for there is no need.”

Ravished, I felt my teeth lengthen. Drawing in a breath, I wrapped the woman within my arms, easing her fear with a soothing kiss. My hunger intensified I sank my fangs deep into her flesh. As the warm liquid coated my throat, the burning within began to subside. Fighting my inner self to calm the beast, I took only what I needed then closed the wound with my healing tongue. Sensing Kara’s approval I smiled relieved, I did not disappoint her. Once both our hunger satisfied, we strolled beneath the moonlit sky. Again, I asked why she had chosen me, why not another. For I was an Earl from birth, my father’s first born and this existence dishonored the Monroe name—my country. The vampire glanced up at me with sorrow filled eyes, her thoughts unmasked. The sorrow within was not for turning me into one of the undead—but for all of mankind...

After Kara became one with the night, I sit alone in this darkened crypt—waiting for the sleep of the dead to claim me—yet again. How, I yearn to visit—Monroe Castle. Yearn for my mother’s smile, my sister’s laughter. Three full moons have passed over the earth since the night, I was made a vampire. Damn you to the devil Kara, you had no right to claim this soul! My loyalty will forever be to England and my family. And by God, I shall find a way to live among them as the creature you turned me into—

Lucian Monroe~

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