Sunday, February 5, 2012

Play Lists ...

Greetings fellow lovers of the night, and an early Happy Valentine's Day to you all.  So it's winter here in the northern hemisphere and most of us are experiencing some degree of cold weather. Perfect weather for writing ....

What do YOU do to get yourself in the mood to work on your WIP, or to begin a new project? I use music. As I start on a new piece of work I listen to songs that will put me into the mood by moving me mentally into the location in which my story, essay or poem is set. For example, when I wrote "Matching Wits With Venus" I listened to LA bands and California music, with several laps around Randy Newman's "I Love LA".

When I've got that itchy sense that a new project is bubbling up somewhere in my subconscious but I can't quite identify what it is, I turn to my master play list of thousands of songs, all stored on my computer. I scan the titles as I randomly choose songs from my massive playbook and voila, before I know it I've gotten a grip on my new project. Try it; this system has never failed me.

I listen to everything: street musicians, classical recordings from decades ago, scratchy albums I buy for $4 at the record store near my home. What about you? What is on your playlist? Do you have separate songs for each character?

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