Thursday, February 2, 2012

Writing software

Hello everyone, welcome to February!

I was talking today to my father-in-law's girlfriend, we were talking about writing. I guess her son enjoys writing and I told her I'm an aspiring writer myself, but that I haven't been writing as often lately due to my toddler and the fact that I'm having problems with lack of sleep and other things. I know writers that sacrifice their sleep to write, but my issue is that with being visually impaired, the more tired I am, the harder it is to read on a computer screen without straining my eyes and then getting a headache. She suggested a writing software that you can speak into and it learns your voice and "writes" your words down. i can't think of the name now offhand, but i want to look into that kind of thing. I'm hoping that if I can find something that works for me without always having to read it when I am having a hard time, but at least getting out what I want that I'll get into the swing of things again.

Do you use any type of writing software? If so, what do you use that helps you? I'd love some insight and suggestions. i have characters and plots running around in my head but can't always find the concentration and focus to get it out.

This will be a short blog post today, there are so many things gong on, but I figured short and sweet is still progress.

I'd love some input, advice, thoughts, etc.

Enjoy your day now!



christine warner said...

I don't really use anything but Word. I also have cheat sheets (made on word) to fill in for character description and traits as well as GMC. I'm kind of boring I that way I guess. I've heard of some great software, just haven't broken my old habits to venture out and try them.

Harlie Reader said...

I've heard of it but have never used it. I would be interested in seeing how it works.

BTW, short and sweet works, too.

Marika Weber

Jennifer Lowery (Kamptner) said...

I use plain old paper and pencil, lol! I'm a pantser so not much planning for me. I do most of it in rewrites.
Good luck and get writing :)

Sheri Fredricks said...

I use my Word program to write. Like Christine, I have cheat sheets that help me write, but nothing I speak into that types it for me. If you go that route, let us know what you think of the program, Nikki.

Nikki said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

I'd use regular pen and paper, but my handwriting SUCKS! LOL. I used to write that way, and have tons of notebooks filled with finished or unfinished stories from my teen years. I love having the option to type it up, and wouldn't normally use a thing to speak into but I think for me with not being able to sleep and the strain on my eyes, it might be benifeficial to me. I'm hoping, anyway. Time to do some research on it and play around. :)

Georgina said...

Speach Recognition works okay the more you speak into it the better it picks up the nuiances in your voice.
Dragon Naturally speaking is supposed to be good.

Jenna said...

I'd heard of the Dragon Naturally software and heard through the grapevine it was good. I just use word when I write, nothing special. I need to use a character description sheet--I always forget eye colors and have to go back and check them out. LOL
And yes, short and sweet works!

Brenda said...

I only use word, but I have heard of this software--not sure what it is called, but I can find out for you. A friend of mine got it for Christmas but she doesn't like it. She says it is hard too train it or something like that.

Casea Major said...

I have Dragon Naturally Speaking. It's a great program although I haven't take the tim to leanr how to format too much with it. But it's still cool. My sister bought it for me a couple of years ago.

Stacey Brutger said...

A couple people already mentioned it, but it is Dragon Speaks. You have to train it to pick up your speach patterns, but I know a few authors who love it. They are disabled and they couldn't write without it.

Also, you can get a mini recorder that works with Dragon. You record your words wherever, and just hook up the device when you get home and it transfers over when you hit play.

Never tried it myself, but I heard this is a great program, well worth the $100+. Watch for the sales. I think you can get it pretty cheap then.

Nikki said...

Thanks everyone!! I appreciate all the help and thoughts! :)