Saturday, July 9, 2011

Two Minute Interview

NOCTURNAL NIGHTS Two Minute Introduction

We're all busy writers, mothers, bosses, employees…well, you get the picture. There isn't enough time to GET TO KNOW everyone. But if you have two minutes, you'll meet a few authors and aspiring writers.

Today we'd like you to meet :

Name (the one you write under): Cynthia Pahl

Two Second Bio (one or two lines):

I am a writer who struggles with the rules of grammar. Since I am a bit of a control freak, it irritates me that those rules won't conform to my particular logic. I am married and Mom to two small humans who don’t conform to any logic at all.


Well I don’t have one yet, but when I do it will be called internet corn. (Hoping to get a lot of accidental traffic, should be interesting.)

Published? : I am working on it.

Agent? : I have my eye on a few. I like to call it research. I wonder if it counts as internet stalking.

A Few Things About You

Real Name or Pseudonym: Only have the one name. I need to keep things simple.

Currently Reading: I know we are supposed to read, read, read, but I can't read while I am writing. It muddles MY story.

Next on Your Reading List: My name on the NY Times best selling list.

Facebook or Twitter (include account name): Yes, I have both. Cindy Pahl, I still only have one name.)

Two authors (living or dead) you'd want to have dinner with:

Laura Ingalls Wilder, I have loved her since I was a child, she inspired me in so many ways. Hers were the first books that I fell in love with.

Kathleen Woodwiss, she is the original superstar of romance writing. The way she paints her stories and characters still holds me in awe.

Jet-setter or armchair traveler: Armchair, but once the Publishers Clearinghouse van gets here, there will be a Jet.

Baked or fried?: (usually this says tea or coffee, but I wanted to change it for you)

Awesome! Fried Chicken, and Tea, Earl Grey with honey.

Words to live by: If you look for the bad in life you will find it.

Your Writing

Writing music: I like soundtracks or classical music. Nothing with words or I end up typing the lyrics.

Character Inspirations:

When I start a romance I usually try to find polarizing traits. I like to make them repel before they attract. So I would have to say the traits inspire the characters.

Plot Inspirations:

Once you flesh out the characters, the plot is kind of organic to who they are and what their goals are.

Setting Inspirations:

Well, I guess that would depend on the book. My first love is SFR [science fiction romance], so I would have to say the night sky, full of wonder and possibilities.

Plotter (carefully plot books) or Pantser (write from the seat of your pants):

I plot everything out like a movie. That being said, if the characters veer off the path, I may let them wander if they do something fun.


Brenda said...

Fabulously, awesome interview. Sheri, I love your two minute interviews. You ask excellent questions.

Awwwww, Cindy, I love you. And I love--LOVE-- your stories. Your characters are sexy, funny, real, and absolutely unforgettable!
I look forward to reading many, many more from you!

Sheri Fredricks said...

Any longer than two minutes...and I snooze as a reader when it comes to interviews. Don't you? And I'm always open to new questions - if anyone wants to suggest some!

And is there anyone out there who'd like to be interviewed? Drop me an email & let me know!


Cindy is an absolute GAS to interview. I'm looking forward to being a crit partner of hers in the very near future.

Cynthia said...

What? Do you honestly think I would let anyone fall asleep while reading my interview? No way, the first moment of the eye blinking, would set off a most annoying alarm.. EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEE.. in real life that sounds really annoying, and awaking.
By the way awesome interview.. that Cindy really rocks..:)

Sheri Fredricks said...
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Sheri Fredricks said...

LOL! Yes she does! And I heard her stories rock hard too!

Thank you SO MUCH for being my interviewee.

D'Ann said...

I like these two minute interviews! You have great Qs!

Tabitha Blake said...

Great interview Sheri and Cindy. I knew when you asked me about doing this it was going to be a big hit. Oh an Cindy I love the bit about the kids. You had me rolling on the floor. I know the feeling we had 8 kids in the house yesterday and it was utter chaos. LOL! Great job ladies!

Martha Ramirez said...

Awesome questions and awesome answers. What a fun interview!

Martha Ramirez said...

Awesome questions and awesome answers. What a fun interview!