Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Win Great E-books

And The Winner Is...Drum Roll Please...Gabrielle Jones. Congrats! Enjoy your books.

I just want to thank all the authors for being so generous and giving our readers the chance to win some really great books. The contest is simple all you have to do is answer one question about each author and email them to me at tabithablake@ymail.com 

You will find the answers on their websites. I haven't asked any hard questions so no worries. I want it to be fun and give you a chance to visit the author's sites and enjoy the experience. 

Please don't leave your answers in the comment section. But be sure and leaves a comment for the authors to let them know that you appreciate their generosity. They love to hear from their readers or from new readers. You might just fine a new author by visiting their websites. This contest is open to everyone. 

Let the contest begin! 

Missy Jane
Educating Macey:

How many daughters does Missy have? You will find the answer in Missy's story on her website.

Marianne Stephens
Gone to the Dogs:

What inspires the romantic in her? You will find the answer on her website. Click fiction and then her bio.

Tina Donahue
The Yearning:

She once worked for a literary agency what did she do? You will find the answer on her website under the about tab.

Karen McCullough
Shadow of a Doubt:

What University did Karen attend? You will find the answer on her website under the about me tab.

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She said...

The books all look good. Thanks for the contest. I haven't read any of these books yet.