Thursday, June 2, 2011


Upon the eve of my one year wedding anniversary, I was thinking about this past year with my husband, and the years we weren't married but together prior to our marriage. I pride myself in knowing that he and I are a great team. Through the ups and downs in life, personal and professional, we have made it through still holding strong and still as much in love as we were when we first got together. He's supportive of my writing, and the other hobbies/passions/interests I have.

So that thought lead me to teamwork in writing. And there is plenty of teamwork involved in the writing and publishing phase. Though we are the ones that write our stories, we then send it on to critique partners/groups and beta readers. Their feedback is important to writers, because it helps us understand from someone else's prospective what works and doesn't work in a story. Good critique partners point out weaknesses and strengths, and lend a supportive hand in bettering the book. Finding a good critique partner or group is often as difficult as finding your significant other.

I feel lucky enough that my husband has a good eye for things in stories, and he's not afraid to be honest with me. He doesn't say things just to hurt my feelings. If he's telling me something critical, it's to make sure I'm aware of the situation. It's wonderful that he's so involved in what I do and what makes me happy.

So, those are just my random musings for the night. I hope that everyone's writing ventures are going well. We're flying through this year so quickly. I've finally been able to begin and keep up with a story without the usual things happening that have normally occurred that kept me from writing. Who knows, this may be the year I finish a second manuscript. (The first completed has been hidden away. Lol. I've let people see it, it was my first real attempt at serious writing, other than the works I've created as a child and teenager. And frankly, those won't see the light of day, either!)

So remember, it's all about teamwork! Every way you look at it, writing takes team effort. And the better you get along and work well with your team, the closer you'll get to your goals and dreams!


Dragon Lady said...

Only one year, huh. ;) Your still so young! My hubby and I just recently celebrated 23 years. Still in love, still hold hands when we go out, still have PDoA's. (public displays of affection)

Congratulations on your anniversary, Nikki! Here's to many MANY more!

Martha Ramirez said...

Teamwork rocks!!! Happy anniversary!