Saturday, October 9, 2010

Would You Like To Join The NN Family?

Tabitha Blake is looking for five more writers to blog for Nocturnal Nights. The writers will be expected to blog twice a month. NN is a great place to blog. We are like a big family and I would love you to join us. All I ask is that you stay professional at all times. I want this to be a place we can bring publishers and agents without worry. These are the blogs I am looking to fill.

1.Book Reviewer Blog
You can do two book reviews a month if you like or you can do one book review a month and a blog of your choice. I need to keep this as professional as possible. I want honesty but don’t want authors drug through the mud either.

2.Workshops and Contests Blog
I need someone to post contest and workshops. You can post W and C twice a month or W and C once a month and write a blog of your choice. The only rule is I want to make sure these are legitimate. I prefer they be RWA or other workshops that are run by trusted sources.

3.Publisher Blog
I am not looking for an actual publisher for this blog. I am looking for someone to blog about publisher news. Things like open submissions, what publishers are looking for, what will get your ms turned down, what is hot in the market right now and what isn’t. You can post about publishing twice a month or once a month and do a blog of your choice once a month.

4.Book Releases
I am looking for someone to post book releases. These can be any book releases so it would be good for your fellow writers. You can post releases for your friends. Or they can be releases for best selling authors too. It is all up to you. You can post releases twice a month or you can post them once a month and write a blog of your choice.

5.Writer Interviews
I am looking for someone to do writer interviews. This is really easy. I have a list of questions and the writer you interview picks 10 to 12 questions they would like to answer. You are more than welcome to add questions to the list or customize the interview to the author. You can do two a month or one interview a month and a blog of your choice.

The blog of choice should have something to do with writing or romance. If it is a holiday etc you can explore that avenue. I am not super strict on my blog but I do expect you to keep it professional. We want this to be a great place to brag about to publishers and agents.

I would love to have you join the NN family. If you feel you would like to blog for NN please email me at  Please let me know a little about you, what you write and what blog you are interested in.

Tabitha Blake

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