Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bob Mackey's Music World (Haunted or Not?)

The building where the nightclub is now located has a long and bloody history in the area, from its origins as a slaughterhouse to its tangible link to one of the greatest ghost stories of southern Indiana. It was constructed back in the 1850’s and was one of the largest packing houses in the region for many years. Only a well that was dug in the basement, where blood and refuse from the animals was drained, remains from the original building. The slaughterhouse closed down in the early 1890’s, but legend has it that the building was far from abandoned. According to the lore, the basement of the packing house became a ritual site for occultists. The well was used to hide the remains of small animals that were butchered during their ceremonies.

Apparently, a small satanic group made up of local residents gathered at the empty building, managing to practice their rituals in secret. However, they were exposed in 1896 during one of the most spectacular murder trials ever held in northeast Kentucky. It was so large that tickets were sold to the hearing and more than 5,000 people stood outside the Newport, Kentucky courthouse for information about what was taking place inside. The trial, and the murder that spawned it, has become an integral part of Bobby Mackey’s haunted history.

To read the whole story follow the link below. This is a gruesome and chilling tale. If it is haunted or not...well you decide.

Happy Haunting,
Tabitha Blake

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Sheri Fredricks said...

"It's okay, Honey! I'll get dinner started in just a little bit!" Okay, fine, I have to go read the linked article to find out what happened. Grr..LOL I can't walk away from this now!