Friday, September 17, 2010

Sound Off...I Can't Hear You!

This is the day you get to sound off. Tell us what happened to you last week, we want the good, the bad and the ugly. Tell us what made you mad, sad, happy, we want to hear it all.  This is where we get to come together and support one another. Anything goes, let it all out.

Happy Reading and Writing.

When night falls passions blaze.

Tabitha Blake


brenda said...

Okay let's see...oh, I have to take my youngest son to the eye doc. He needs glasses. LOL, lucky he's weird and wants glasses.
It's my oldest son's B-day tomorrow and we still haven't got him a gift--he'll be 19. He says he doesn't know what he wants--yeah, big help he is. It maybe a money-in-a-card b-day. Well, we did get him a couple of small things. He is a huge nintendo fan--collects everything--so we bought him a stuffed Toad--lol, not a frog toad, but a character from Super Mario Bros. LOL, sounds strange buying a big 19 year old guy a stuffy, but again, he collects everything nintendo. We also bought him a 6 pack of rechargable batteries for his Wii remotes.
I started revisions on my prologue. It's driving me nuts. There is so much I could put into it, but I want it to remain only a couple of pages since pros are frowned upon these days. I would skip it altogether, but this pro is important. I'm writing a series and this pro pretty much sets the whole story off.
Well, that's me in a nutshell....oh, and I have been working heavily out in the yard, trying to get it winterized. More time away from my writing, lol. But then again, I've been riding the damn procrastination train for weeks. I WANT OFFFFFF!!!!!

weighty said...

gonna send this to my mom