Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Safari Heat will be hosting a blog hop in September. It will run from September 11th-16th.

This hop is about books that make readers sweat. Romance, Horror, Suspense, etc. If you can keep the readers sweating and turning page then this is the hop for you.

Each author will contribute 20 dollars to participate. Ten dollars goes towards a grand prize and ten goes towards SF organizing the hop.

Prizes depend on how many authors we get. If we get at least twenty authors we will giveaway a Kindle Fire HD. If not we will giveaway a gift card. If we get enough authors we will give away a Kindle and a gift card.

Each author is encouraged to do a giveaway on their blog. It can be anything you want. The prize can be as small as a free book or five dollar gift card or as large as you want. Swag is a wonderful giveaway as well. Readers love that kind of stuff.

Individual giveaways are the author's responsibility. Safari will do the grand prize giveaway.

I'm also in the process of talking to best selling authors about contributing signed copies of their books. This will be a big pull with readers.

To sign up all you have to do is leave your name, blog link and email in the comment section below. Then pay with the PayPal button to the right of the blog (Blog Hop Payment Button). Please don't sign up until you have paid.

Don't have time to hop with us? Donate a book to go on the winner's Kindle Fire HD. All I need is a PDF of your book and the cover. I will be putting the covers up on the blog hop page after the sign up is over.

Contact Carey:

You can find all the info you need at the link below. Hope you will join us!

Carey Abbott/Tabitha Blake

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