Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Some Great Reference Books for Writers~

Though having the Internet at our fingertips is a wonderful resource, at times nothing surpasses what an actual reference book can offer. Here are a few that have helped me immensely throughout my writing career.
~The Writer’s Digest (Grammar Desk Reference)
This book offers a ton of information. It is separated into four parts. Each will discuss in dept everything from nouns and verbs to complex sentences.
Part 1 (Grammar: An Overview)
Part 2 (Grammar: Rules, Conventions, and Errors to Avoid)
Part 3 (Punctuation: Rules, Conventions, and Errors to Avoid)
Part 4 (Mechanics and Usage)
~Webster’s New Pocket Thesaurus
This little pocket treasure is a wonderful tool with over thousands of synonyms and antonyms. Its ease of use is all alphabetized and lists words our basic writing program doesn’t offer.
~Writing Dialogue (Author, Tom Chiarella)
This book is a great tool for any writer. It will discuss in detail, how to create memorable voices. It also gives many examples of how to write fictional conversations that sizzle with wit, tension and degree.
~On Writing Romance (Author, Leigh Michaels)
I cannot tell you how useful this book was for me when I first seriously thought about writing. It offers insight and answers many of the questions and fears a new writer experience. The first section discusses and explains in detail getting ready to write. Next you move on to establishing your framework, followed by in-depth discussion about writing your novel. Then she finishes with how to submit your work and finally market your novel.    
As writing is our passion, feel free to list other reference books that you feel will offer inspiration or help to another. With change stirring every day in our writing world—knowledge allows one to achieve excellence.

Coming this October~ 

D.A. Berry's 1st murder thriller novel

Whispers in the Night~
What happens when the gifts you possessed since childhood fail to sense the truth? Once that dark realm you become imprisoned in reveals a heart-wrenching reality. A truth you didn’t comprehend until it was too late. Broken within knowing you have failed has left you vulnerable yet determined. Even so, each night you fear giving into your exhaustion because you know that horrid vision will plague your subconscious thoughts, yet again. His knife ripping into her tender flesh—a sense of triumph filling him as his victim’s heart at last no longer beats.  For that child’s agonizing cries will haunt you forever…

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