Sunday, June 23, 2013

Failure vs. Setbacks for Writers

We all know that writer's have setbacks: a character isn't cooperating, the plotline isn't unique enough or perhaps just the dialogue is beyond boring. These things are points that most writers must fight against as they craft their stories. Then when the story is complete, they struggle to find the best publisher.
Finding a publisher means wading through rejection letters that usually don't include suggestions on improving the story. The writer feels discouraged and may not return to the story for a day or two as they nurse their wounded pride, but then the story calls us back.
This isn't failure though.
A rejection is little more than a momentary setback to success. Some stories never get published but that doesn't mean the story or writer is a failure. No, I think that instead failure has to do with giving up the dream…the dream of being recognized as a published author.
Failure is the end to the quest.
The hero doesn't want to go any further into the forest; the heroine doesn't push through her fears and trust the hero with her heart. No, failure to simply letting "what could be" slip through the fingers in favor of the safety of knowing where we are is all we'll ever be. No more adventure, no more risk, no more opportunity for success.
 Now doesn't that sound boring.
Writers love to write because it gives us an adventure. We pour our hearts and imaginations into complex plots for the chance to taste authorly success. We want that book cover with our name on the front. We want others to know that yes we wrote this. We want to know that we ourselves never caved to our fears and allowed failure to be our legacy.
Yes, writing is emotionally intensive in ways non-writers can't imagine, but so worth the work when a story is completed.
As a writer you will have setbacks, but so long as you desire to tell a story and have an imagination that refuses to be silenced, you are well on your way to defeating the monster of failure.
Good reading and writing to all.

Mary Corrales is a multi-published author of erotic romance and erotica. She writes in several different genres including paranormal, contemporary suspense and fantasy.  Tweet her or follow her blog for more interesting bit of writerly wisdom.

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