Sunday, February 3, 2013

What is it about werewolves?

Why are readers and movie goers so attracted to werewolf stories? Is it because we all love to cuddle a furry puppy who trusts us and offers us unconditional love?
Do we want to add that devotion and love to the thought of a hot, hard, hunky man who is strong, protective, and dominant?

I have to admit the idea of the Alpha, protective male, is delicious. The man who puts his mate first in his priorities and is physically equipped to fulfill all her needs. Add to that some cuddling and, oh yeah, I’m there.

In “Dogged Pursuit” Dwyer is convinced his mate is another male, Nelson.

In “Were the Hell?” the two men know they’re right for each other, but there’s magic in the air as well.

And in “Werewolves Don’t Fly” Iain, the werewolf in that story, is united with Mermae and Kade whose paranormal abilities are quite different from his.
But in every case the men are strong, capable, and utterly devoted to their partners.

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Berengaria Brown

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