Saturday, January 26, 2013

Writing Fiction and Research~

Writing Fiction and Research~
When you are writing a fiction novel how vital, it is to research certain details?  Actually, it is quite important. Though you are composing a story of your inner most imagination and thoughts if you include factual events or places make sure your information is correct. Not doing this can lead your works to lose credibility.
For example, if your fictional piece were to revolve around a key incident in history do your homework. You would be amazed how readers become quite annoyed when key points and events are written inaccurate. I believe many find it as an insult to their intellect.
I’m not saying you cannot alter history—but as the writer you must fictionally explain how that would have changed reality. This also shows the reader the depth of one’s talent. This is the beauty of creating fiction. And yes as a writer we all know how time consuming research can be. Nevertheless, it is a needed step when fusing specific places—times—and events within your work.
As a writer in this era we are blessed with an overflow of information via the web. This came in quite handy when I needed to research certain facts for my upcoming short story ‘An Ancient Gift’. I will confess after locating the needed information—in the end I always feel rewarded.  For once again, I’ve broadened my factual knowledge.  
Until next month… may your thoughts be filled with the wonder of creating~
D.A. Berry 

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