Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Out of The Ordinary by Guest Blogger Naomi Bellina

Please welcome guest blogger Naomi Bellina to NN. We are so excited to have you!

Out of the Ordinary

After a devastating fiasco on her wedding day, still-single Star Lite longs for peace and quiet to nurse her broken heart. Instead of the uneventful summer vacation she has planned, she's transported to a strange planet with even stranger inhabitants, and an irritating but sexy man named Adam who claims he's a magician. Star senses danger in this place, and her suspicions are confirmed, as the two humans witness a bizarre display of power from a mad king. They form an uneasy bond and work past their differences as they look for a way to escape, and attempt to reason with two sensuous pixies, who are trying to protect their ruler. When the king makes a foolish decision, danger threatens the entire planet. Not one to give up without a fight, Star reluctantly agrees to a sexual experiment, where she discovers her untapped power of magic, and opens her heart to the possibility of love.

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Now available at Total-E-Bound, Out of the Ordinary:

Naomi Bellina
Adventurous erotic romance to tickle your fancy and unleash your libido

Remember When
By Naomi Bellina

He watched as she stepped from the shower, her skin glistening wet. She always put lotion on immediately afterward, to keep the moisture in, she said. It worked. Her skin was soft as a rose petal.
 Lavender, that was the smell wafting through the steamy bathroom. It was a calming scent, perfect for bedtime, and one that blended well with her own delectable aroma.
She put on her nightgown, then slipped under the sheets and reached for a book, her nightly ritual. She couldn't sleep without reading a bit, to calm her mind. Tonight, it was a mystery, one of her favorite genres, and by the look of the cover, a sensual story.
Good. He loved to watch her get excited, to see her lips part slightly and her eyes widen, in fear and desire. Tiny goose bumps would dot her arms, and she would bite her lip with those pretty, white teeth. Often, she would jump, as the cat stirred in the other room, and he would laugh.
Tonight, he just wanted to touch her, to run his fingers along that silky, soft skin. He approached the bed and ever so gently, laid his hand on her cheek, and ran it down her throat. A sensation of warmth, of life, of smooth, supple flesh, ran through his body. He closed his eyes, holding the moment.
She jerked her head and dropped the book, looking around the room. She rubbed her face vigorously, her eyes wide with fear, then shivered, wrapping her arms around her.
He remembered when his tough ignited flames of desire, not the cold, vile feeling of revulsion it now seemed to arouse. She used to read his moods by his touch, and would respond to him the way lovers do, without words.
With a sigh of despair, he faded away, certain she was aware of his spectral presence, and not wishing to cause her further angst.
Till next time, my love.

Leave a comment for a chance to win a free Ebook from my backlist. I'll choose a winner on November 4th. Thank you for reading!

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