Monday, September 10, 2012

The Sky Pirate's Wife

Good morning, afternoon, day, evening, y'all. September has arrived and the day I've been waiting for is on the horizon. That day is when The Sky Pirate's Wife arrives in ebook format. September 17 to be exact.

This final draft of the book is a far cry from the original and I'm pretty surprised at the changes the characters took on when I look at both copies, but I'm also extremely pleased.

I love The Treasure Hunter's Lady, the book that started my Legends and Lovers Series, but The Sky Pirate's Wife plot is one that really stole my heart because I had a chance to develop the love story not just around an adventure, but one of my favorite things about it is how the hero comes to realize the meaning of "love of your life".

After a tragic airship wreck, Captain Alwin van Buren makes a drastic decision to obtain a wealthy bride in order to save his flagging business. He meets his match in Sophie Barnes, heiress to an airship empire. After he seduces her and ensures their marriage—igniting a rivalry with her godfather—he learns the green-eyed beauty is as headstrong as he is.

Sophie knows Van Buren's reputation based on a series of dime novels written about his adventures. Determined to be more than an end to a means, she despises him for luring her into marriage. In fiction, he's a no-nonsense captain on the verge of piracy, but the flesh-and-blood man wins her heart by proving she's worth more to him than her money.

Their love is threatened when Sophie learns Van Buren's airship accident was a result of mythical creatures. Winged predators that appear to have a grudge against him, a fact he deliberately hid by accusing her godfather of sabotage. If she can forgive him for that, they still have to face the danger when they're cornered and at the mercy of beasts and the evil that controls them. The real test comes when Van Buren is asked to make a sacrifice that could destroy them both.

Sophie looked at the book in his hands. No one held the wheel but her. “You let go!”
He grinned. “You're doing fine, zoete. Keep her steady, she's climbing on her own.”
It wasn't the idea of being the only thing that stood between them and another flaming airship wreck that made her tremble. It was his smile. The kind that all women yearned to receive from a handsome man. “You should really take the wheel.”
My hands are full.” He waved the logbook at her, but replaced it and remained standing beside her. “You're doing very well.”
Are you certain?” The wind blew her hair and snagged her skirt. The horizon filled her line of sight and she suddenly understood the thrill of piloting a ship. It was like having the same freedom as a bird. She could point the ship in any direction and go wherever she pleased. Nothing had ever made her feel so alive. Except kissing Van Buren. Her head turned his direction like it was on a spring. She covered the sudden movement with a laugh. “I think I'm in love with your ship.”
His eyes darkened from icy gray to the shade of wet concrete. He lowered his mouth to her ear again and put his hand on her back. “Flying is a great deal like making love, Sophie.”
She nearly melted at her name on his lips. “W-why do you say that?”
It's instinctual. The mind and body work together, creating a moment of beauty. The first time is a little frightening, but once you find the rhythm, the proper technique, you have something very enjoyable on your hands. Something that you feel deep within your soul. Something that you never want to give up. With the right person, the kind of relationship you'd die to protect.”

You can find it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble on September 17! I also want to invite everyone to my Facebook release party and author chat on the 17th. You can join the Twitter chat with the hashtag #SPWife at 2 pm CST. I use to filter out anything else that might show up in my wall.

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