Sunday, September 23, 2012


We're finally into Fall where yummy seasonal treats start to appear. I'm talking pumpkin pie, spice cakes and many more. One of my favorites is a soft pumpkin cookie with chocolate drizzled on top. Mmmm.  Of course, those of you who are bakers know the delicious pleasure of a warm dessert that combines nutmeg, vanilla, ginger and cinnamon as a sure delight to the senses.
There are also pumpkin coffee creamers. Has anyone tried it yet? I'd love to know what it tastes like. Might be one of those things I'd have to spike with a little liquor. Hahaha.
I've also seen a gingerbread haunted house kit. It had candy corns and various other treats to decorate a slanted house with. It was a cute idea to do with the kids. Yeah, so I want one too. I didn't buy it though, and no one can prove differently. *grin*
 What food treat are you looking forward to eating this Autumn?
Of course, if you're watching your figure, then there are pumpkin and cinnamon scented candles, bath/shower gels and air fresheners as well. I stock up on these during the season as well. When the cold wind starts to creep in, I light a pumpkin pie scented candle and relax so nicely. I recently saw a candy corn scented bath and shower gel from Philosophy. If anyone doesn't know the brand, they're the best when it comes to yummy flavored bath products. In the winter I pick up their candy cane scented products. No, I'm not affiliated with the company. I'm just a junkie for their stuff. Lol
So what are your favorite Fall treats?


Kari Thomas said...

Darn Google ate my post twice!

Just wanted to say: YUMMY, Mary, those treats sound so good! Gotta have them! Now, look what you did!

Happy SWEET Holiday Hugs,
Kari Thomas

Mary Corrales said...

Lol. Hey, I can't be the only person fighting of craving of goodies. :)

Thanks for coming by!