Saturday, October 6, 2012

Spirits and Such

Please welcome Jezebel Jorge to NN. We are so glad to have you Jesebel. I'm so excited to have a real witch on NN. The fact that you can contact spirits is facinating! Well I will turn it over to you. 

As the most sacred day of the year approaches the veil begins to fade and spirits walk among the living. Being a medium, this is when my spirit guide has to start working overtime to shield me from spirits screaming out from the other side.

For those not familiar with the term, a spirit guide is kinda like a ghost on steroids. We all have one, or sometimes several. Some of us are just more attuned to them. They are here to help, protect, and offer guidance. The biggest difference between a guide and a guardian angel is that angels have never existed in human form. A spirit guide has lived several lifetimes in human form.

Everyone is blessed with one higher spirit that is with them from birth to death. Other guides come and go as they are needed. They often come to someone to resolve similar issues that they themselves experienced in their previous lifetimes.

My guide Odessa first revealed herself to me in March of 2011 and she's not shut up since. She whispers stories in my ear and watches out for me. If Odessa doesn't like someone I know I don't need them in my life. She also shields me from other spirits and protects me and mine.

Most of the time there is a past life connection with a guide and their human. Odessa and I are so close because we've experienced several lifetimes together. Sometimes a guide can be a friend or a family member that has passed. My daddy is my teenage niece's guide. He died when she was a baby and she's seen and felt him almost her entire life.

The main way to get in touch with your spirit guide is through guided meditations. It's usually just a matter of opening your mind and paying more attention to that little voice inside your head.

Odessa is here with me because she wants her past life story told. She looks out for me because she wants me to reveal the truth about her beloved's death. If she doesn't want another spirit coming through, they aren't getting through. I've actually had to step outside of circles in gallery readings because Odessa comes through so strongly that the medium can't shield from her to be able to give other people readings.

Like me, Dess was a practicing witch. She has quite an affinity for snakes and uses them when shielding me. Most mediums use the technique of calling forth the four archangels to stand in each corner of the room and along with their guide protect themselves with a white energy force. Odessa and I use an orange light and snakes.

We are currently in the process of telling Odessa's life story in what will most likely be a three part trilogy. In the meantime, we are doing a series of erotic short stories entitled Odessa's 50 Flavors of Freak where she recounts some of her wilder times with the two loves of her previous life.

Under My Skin is free today on Kindle Select. The Lady is a Tramp is only .99 and available on Amazon and in other formats on Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks.

Odessa and I share a blog at and my blog came be found at

Thanks for having me stop by today and if anyone has any questions for me or Odessa just ask away.

Oh it's been my pleasure. Don't forget to leave a comment or ask a question. I know you all have questions about the afterlife and now is you chance to ask someone that can give you answers to those questions. Oh man this is so much fun! 

Thank you so much Jezebel. Hope you will join us on NN again sometime. 

Happy Haunting,
Tabitha Blake


hotcha12 said...

hi ladies! how long have you both been writing? was your first book hard to get published? what is your favorite book you written?

Brenda said...

Hello, Jesebel and Odessa. It is really wonderful to meet you both.

What a fascinating post.

I've often "thought" I've felt my spirit guide, but I'm not sure. I feel her name is Katherine, and actually because of her, I've named the heroine Katherine in my current novel.

I'm going to check out your books.
Thank you for stopping in at NN.

Jacki C. said...

Jessebel and Odessa - it's always a pleasure to read about those so attuned to the other side.
I'm sure that I have a spirit guide - ocassionally 2 others.

A question for you, Odessa - what do I need to do to get my life back on track.


Liza O'Connor said...

Interesting theory. I've known since I was a young girl I had a 'guardian angel' but since she was my great grandmother who died before I was born, it appears, per your definition, she is actually a guardian spirit. She has a very hard job keeping me alive.

I enjoyed this thoroughly.

Jezebel Jorge said...

Thanks to all who took the time to comment and to Tabby for having me drop by. My favorite stuff to write is actually the stories I channel from Odessa. I go back and read some of it and have no memory of ever doing the writing. Sometimes she drives me nuts, but most of the time I consider myself blessed to have such a strong bond with my guide.

This is the perfect time of the year of anyone to try to connect with their guides. Find a quiet spot and light a candle in your favorite color. Ask your guide to step forward and see what happens.

Victoria Adams said...

spirit guide - like a ghost on steroids. - love that.
Fascinating post.

Tambra said...

Hi Jezebel and Odessa,
Sorry for the late post. I just found out about it from Savvy Authors.

My life is blessed and I know I'm on the track I should be. Still, extra protection and insight is never a bad thing. I'm looking forward reaching my writing/publishing goals.

I would like to find out about my spirit guide/guides. Thank you for the information you shared.

Tambra Kendall
Daughters of Avalon Publishing, LLC


I have been trying to connect with my spirit guide/s for some time now. How the heck can I be successful? Everyone has them right?
I could really use some guidance right now!!