Monday, May 28, 2012

Are there spirits among us?

In honor of Memorial Day, I was thinking about loss and wondering if it’s possible that spirits or ghosts roam among us.

Falling Owl Feather

I’ve had some strange experiences with the recent passing of my dog. She wasn’t a human, but I was really close to her and there is a huge empty space in my life without her. Anyway, I’ve been finding pieces or wads of her hair like they appear out of nowhere. I wonder if somehow that is a sign that she is okay. It’s kind of comforting in a way. This probably seems silly, but I’ve heard of people finding pennies or feathers or something that the person that passed away liked. My grandmother recently passed away, too, and we shared a love of wolves. I keep coming across pictures or stories about wolves as if maybe she is sending a message. Seeing anything to do with wolves reminds me of her.

I had a strange experience some time ago while visiting Boothill cemetery in Tombstone, AZ that made me think that spirits might be among us. A sudden breeze blew across my face. It wasn’t a normal breeze to me, it was the kind of breeze you’d feel in a graveyard—eerie, cold as if someone was whispering something.


Anyone else have a brush with spirits?


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Angels Cove said...

Yes i believe in the spirit world i also believe i oncr saw my german shepard who got hit by a car sometime ago i had the dog when i wS about 6 or 7 years old

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