Monday, November 14, 2011

Facinating Fairytales

What is it about Fairytales that fascinates us?

It seems this season lots of old reliable stories are coming out but with intriguing new twists. With ABC's new show Once Upon A Time and the new Snow White movie, familiar stories get a modern makeover.
In recent years this is also the rage in literature and theater.
Wicked is a different perspective of the old classic Wizard of Oz.
Entwined is a new book about the twelve dancing princesses.

There are lots of examples of fairy tales remade, including my short erotic retelling of Pinocchio, titled Pinocchio Syndrome.
Chio Pino, Chicago’s newest wiseguy, is given his most important assignment to date–protection detail for Rosaria De Luca, his godfather's daughter.
Home from college and grown-up in all the right places, Rose is determined to lose her virginity to Chio, the guy she's had a crush on since fourth grade. With a meat cleaver-wielding mob boss on his ass and an overly amorous temptress in his face, Chio’s problems are growing just like his dick when he lies.

Can he resist her or will he lose his expandable man part and his heart with one impulsive act?

I love fairytales and fairytales with a little spice are even better. What are your thoughts? Do you like the remakes or are the old standards
You can find, Pinocchio Syndrome on sale at Amazon and All Romance Ebooks for .99 this week. What are you waiting for?

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Brenda said...

Bought it and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! I highly recommend this story to others!!!

Sheri Fredricks said...

I haven't read or watched a fairy tale that wasn't traditional, so I'm interested. :)

Casea Major said...

Brenda - Thanks for reading Pinocchio Syndrome. And thanks even more for actually liking it. LOL

Sheri - Who doesn't love a good fairytale especially when it's a little twisted.

ellaquinnauthor said...

I liked One Knight in Brooklyn and I know I'll like this one. As soon as I finish my Nano WIP.

Casea Major said...

Ella - I didn't know you read OKIB. So glad you enjoyed it. Pinocchio Syndrome is a little more...irreverent. LOL

Jenna said...

Pinocchio Syndrome is one of the funniest books I have read! Chio's voice will make you crack up from the first line--so hit the bathroom before you pick this one up. It's that funny.

I love when there's a twist on a traditional fairy tale. Especially loved what they did with Wicked.

Great, fun post, Casea!