Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What is a Muse?

Where does creativity come from? That is such a great question but the answer is nowhere to be found. It is mind-boggling. Why do ideas seem to come from an external source? It almost feels like a trance like state when creative people work. An external source that is separate from the creator of these works. Its like someone whispers into our ears and a light bulb goes on. Why have so many writers through history spoken of being guided, and even haunted by a force or presence that serves as the source of their creative work?

Greek Mythology Explaination

According to ancient Greek mythology there are nine muse, goddesses who inspire artists, musicians, writers, poets and that these immortal beings are the daughters of Mnemosyne who were fathered by Zeus. Mnemosyne is also an immortal and the titan daughter of Uranus, another god of the highest order. For over 2,500 years and throughout western civilization, it is largely acknowledged by artists of every sort that most of their inspirations, creativity and incredible talent come from these muse.

Calliope (Chief of the muses and muse of epic poetry)

Clio (muse of history)

Erato (muse of erotic poetry)

Melpomene (muse of tragedy)

Terpsichore (muse of dance)

Polyhymnia (muse of sacred song)

Euterpe (muse of lyric song)

Thalia (muse of comedy and bucolic poetry)

Urania (muse of astronomy)
Because this is so mysterious, that which science can't explain to anyone's satisfaction, and for a lack of a better explanation; this mythological explanation remains the most popular reason. In this day and age of scientific thought, one would think this would be a preposterous concept for intelligent people to believe yet it remains the case. This shouldn't be surprising though, there isn't much about the subconscious that science can explain and nothing at all about the spirit world.

It is strange that while most artists will acknowledge the muse, they won't go so far as to discuss them. It is a transcendental matter which few people are willing to talk about but nonetheless the muse are considered effectively real.

As a writer I believe that we all have a muse that guides us on our creative journey. I don’t have an explanation as to what exactly a muse is but most writers believe in them. I do know sometimes I write and when I go back and read what I have written it amazes me. I wonder where did that come from? Sometimes it is like I am in a trance like state. Everything around me just seems to disappear and nothing exists but the world I am building. Even scientist can’t explain it. Is it spiritual? Or is it our subconscious? We will probably never know but if believing in the mysterious muse inspires us I say do whatever works.

What is your take on the mysterious muse? Do you have one? Tell us a little about your muse. Everyone’s individual muse fascinates me.

Here are some of the muses that the writers of NN have shared with me.

Julie Sharp's Muse

I used to have a female muse named Erato. But I fired her when she left me to go on a vacay. So I hired her boss, Apollo. He's been great...and Hawt! Can't beat the sound a male greek god's voice whispering in the ear! hehehe...  

Tabitha Blake's Muse

My muse is a very hardheaded Goth named Roxy. Yeah I don’t know how I know her name but I do. She pushes my buttons on a daily basis. If she didn’t spin such great tales I would boot her out the door. She doesn’t sugar coat anything for me and whispers the most amazing story ideas in my ear, when she’s around, that is the biggest problem she disappears for days and weeks at a time. Sometimes I picture her with her feet kicked up on my desk looking at me rolling her eyes and laughing. Yeah she loves to torture me. But I love her. 

Jane Toombs' Muse

My muse is a green dragon.  This is how she looks when confronting stupid knights.  The second photo is how she looks when she sits on my shoulder at book signings, hissing in my ear, "Now aren't you glad I made you finish those books?"  The first shot is closer to the way she behaves when I get behind with my writing. 

Sheri Fredricks' Muse

This is a picture of my muse. “It” has no name, no gender, and nowhere to run – but run it does. My muse scampers happily throughout the day, burning calories while turning the wheel of my imagination. When “It” becomes tired, I feed “It” more caffeine and sometimes fruit. More often than not, I forget to feed “It” altogether, and then “It” complains by shutting down. I take “It” out, let it play with friends, and then all is good once again.

Ni Giglio's Muse

Well, not to be the weird one....but....my muse isn't really a person, more like a ....a....shit...well anyway her name is Vortex.

Allison Merrit's Muse

He's kind of like Hemingway, only not really except for his love of drinking and laying around on the beach. And clearly he doesn't spend a lot of time on personal grooming as you can see from his stubbly jaw line. He does come up with some pretty good plots and characters, so I can't complain too much.

Brenda L.'s Muse

It's a little embarasing, but here is my Muse.  "He" has no name and rarely a shirt. He is a dark silhouette with sexy abs and a killer smile. He's always near when I write, urging me on with his penatrating eyes of a color I can't name (...silouette, remember?) He rubs my shoulders and whispers in my ear when I get writers block. Every once in a while he does something that reminds me of my husband.

Kelley Heckart's Muse

Mine is a male fairy named Thorndrake. He loves Icelandic Metal and David Cook.

Duckie's Muse

She doesn't have a name, but she's British and cranky...with a sharp wit and a potty mouth and bit moody and completely immature when it comes to loves scenes..she's very sarcastic too and likes to roll her eyes at me when I try and make happy things happen in my stories...we have a love/hate relationship and have recently reconciled...

Berengaria's Muse

She's never told me her name, but I
promise you she can be a real bitch at times.

I just wanted to thank everyone that participate in this blog it was so much fun!

NN just hit 304 followers and we are adding to that count everyday! I'm so excited! I just wanted to thank all our readers and our writers. Without you NN wouldn't be the wonderful place it has grown to be. Big hugs to everyone that has invested themselves in this blog.



Brenda said...

Wow, 304, that's so cool!!!
Sheri's muse made me laugh. Now when I think of her I'll picture a hamster running in her head--oh, with a smoke dangling from its little hamster teeth and a beer can clutched in a paw.
LOL, I don't know why I picture her hamster muse like this because she doesn't smoke or drink, but in my mind, her muse does....okay, now I just made myself laugh....
Hey, Sheri/Mike. You have a drunk, chain-smoking hamster for a muse, hehehehe.

Daryl Devore said...

Wow I'm so jealous - you all have great Muses - double great on Julie's - whodda thunk she'd have a Greek God!!!!

I have no identifying picture of my muse - I shall have to have a conversation about this with her.

Ella Quinn said...

That was a fun blog. I'm glad you did it.


Tabitha Blake said...

Brenda thanks for stopping by. Yep great news! NN is really taking off. Chain smoking Hamster? You are a nut!

Tabitha Blake said...

Daryl thanks for stopping by. Yep there were some really great muses in this blog. I had a blast. Sometimes our muses like to stay anonymous so don't stress on it. The only reason mine isn't is she is way too evil to hide. LOL!

Tabitha Blake said...

Marion thanks for stopping by. I had fun doing it. So glad you enjoyed it!

Gina Danna said...

Really cool! Now you got me wondering ... :)

Duckie said...

i've been wondering when this was going up....love it...so neat to read about other's muses...and congrats tabby of 300+ followers! that's awesome:)

Martha Ramirez said...

Congrats on the 304 followers!This was such an interesting post. Loved reading everyone's muse.

Tabitha Blake said...

Gina thanks for stopping by. Yeah it is amazing what inspires us to write.

Tabitha Blake said...

Thanks Duckie! Sorry things have been crazy! I promised this blog a month ago. LOL! I just found out I have fibromyalgia and am learning to cope with it. I have had chronic pain for the last three years and the docs were stumped. But I am doing much better. Hopefully now that I am on the right track with the right meds I can get some real writing done. At least that is my goal.

Tabitha Blake said...

Thanks Mart! Yeah isn't that a great number! WooHoo! Glad you enjoyed it!

Christine Warner said...

Congrats on hitting 304...well done!

Loved your blog today, not only informative but fun. There were a few muses that others 'own' that I wouldn't mind borrowing :)lol

Jennifer Fulford AKA jennysound said...

Congrats on 3-0-4! Here's to more!

Anne said...

My own muse pulls my inspiration from the world around me. The man serving coffee, the woman my husband tries to pretend he doesn't see, the couple who dance as if no one else is there to see. Whether or not she decides to let me have it? That is the question of the week. Although Apollo there is putting ideas in my head at this very moment. ;)

Linda Andrews said...

Congratulations on 304. I love the pictures of everyone's muses. Am I the only one whose muse takes a different form for each book?

Emma Paul said...

I think I like Brenda L's Muse the best...especially the part about shoulder massages...