Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Contract, New Book by Emma Paul

Hello! I'm very proud to say that I have new contract, my second with Renaissance E Books, Sizzler Editions....

So as my wonderful friend and kind blog host, Tabitha Blake has let me blog on her site on the 8th of every month, I'm going to take the opportunity to do some shameless Promo... : )

My new book is titled Kaden's Breeder, below is a blurb followed by a steamy excerpt as I promised...
(wink, wink) I hope you all enjoy...
(My interpretation of Kaden....holding his BIG sword..heh heh)

Carina wakes up on and alien ship after The Mantra, insect/humanoid beings, abduct her. The Mantra take her to planet Yor to become a Breeder, A female capable of procreating with many different kinds of humanoid species.

Kaden is an inhabitant, a race of beings called Dreg, of the planet Yor, which is in desperate need of Breeders to keep their race from becoming extinct.
He wants Carina the moment he sees her and sets his sights on claiming her at the ritualistic Mating Hunt held every spring on Yor.
In the midst of their romantic discoveries, Carina and Kaden soon find out, Carina’s abduction was intended for a much more sinister and gruesome fate. Is Kaden's love enough to save Carina? Kaden’s decision risks everything to save Carina almost losing his life in the process and causing an intergalactic war with the Parasitic Grubs.

Once the smoke clears and Carina is offered a real way home, will she take it? Or is her love for Kaden strong enough for her to give up everything for him.

Warning: The following excerpt is Hot! And has some explicit language.... It was one of the umm..shall we say...more "subtle" love scenes...   with that said enjoy
Kaden's Breeder Excerpt.....
Carina tipped her head up to look directly at his face. It was a mistake because his intense masculine beauty made her body heat even more and the sensual knotting in her lower abdomen threw her into full-uncontrolled arousal.  She could smell the spicy scent of his skin. It was raw male and it ignited a need so potent that her knees almost buckled from shear anticipation.
He placed his hands flat against the wall on either side of her head.  His lips parted over hers and they collided in a passionate kiss.  The world seemed to fall away as Carina melted into Kaden's embrace. The small tinge of uncertainty mixed with apprehension seemed to evaporate.  Her senses reeled from the pure passion Kaden ignited in her.
What was with this man that made her want him so badly? She had given herself to him so easily in the jungle. Now here with him, his touch, his scent and his taste both excited her and frightened her.
She had never felt such intense desire for anyone and it was unnerving.  Her practical human mind still tried to reason with the impossibility of all that has happened to her thus far.
Kaden wrapped an arm around her waist, lifted her off the ground and swung her legs over his other arm. He carried her through a doorway she hadn't noticed earlier that revealed a staircase leading to a balcony of some sort. 
Small, it reminded Carina of the old opera house balconies like the ones she had seen in the Phantom of the Opera.
This one had a chaise elegantly covered with a long cushion.  It looked a lot like an armless lawn chair.  Kaden laid her down gently on the chaise and positioned himself behind her. His dreads undulated over his skin and began caressing his shoulders and biceps, in sensuous circular motions.
Carina couldn’t pull her eyes away from the dreads. They moved like a lover's touch, wickedly seductive.  She lifted her face and stared into Kaden's brilliant golden eyes, then lower to his slightly parted full lips. 
He stared back at her his expression one of amazement and desire. 
She used the tip of her tongue to lick his lower lip before sealing her lips to his in a passionate kiss. 
Kaden's tongue found quick access into her mouth licking and tasting the sweet velvet interior.
    Carina lost all coherent thought. She forgot her anxiety as the familiar warmth of carnal desire seeped deep into her core.  It rose inside her in tiny spastic waves, fisting in her lower belly and finally flowed lower until her hot pussy began to pulse with sweet sensations. 
It was so erotic and hot. It was so unlike anything she had ever experience with a man before, all caused by a simple kiss.
Her breasts rubbed against his bare chest. Her nipples were so sensitive. She whimpered and began to grind her groin against his loincloth. She couldn’t control the overwhelming need that claimed her senses the moment this man touched her. Nothing mattered.
  Carina could not deny the obvious. Kaden was every ideal fantasy man she had ever conjured up.  He was brave, smart, strong and gorgeous.  It was unfathomable to think she could be this easily taken with a man in such a short time.
However, the truth was hard to overlook.  Kaden broke the kiss and readjusted himself so that Carina was laying with her back partially on him.  He slid his right leg underneath her so that it parted her thighs. 
Carina felt unbelievably exposed in this position because her flimsy loincloth fell to the side exposing her. 
She laid her head on Kaden's right shoulder.
He controlled his appendages, but the way they aroused her senses with the tiny vibrations and silky touch made her almost believe they had a mind of their own. 
Kaden used his right arm to help support their weight and with his left hand, he cupped her breast.  He pinched her nipple causing her to yelp aloud.
    "Shh…sweet…you don't want us to be noticed now. This is a public arena after all".  He whispered seductively in her ear, causing her pussy to swell and fill with more cream. 
"Mmm… I see you like that idea. Look down at the arena Carina, see the two young bucks fighting for the right to be trained by the older warriors…"
Carina shifted her head and saw the two young Dreg males locked in a struggling embrace. Both young men tried to wrestle the other to the ground.  Sweat soaked them from head to toe. They were completely naked and their toned lean bodies twisted and turned with unpracticed grace.
"Even untrained Dreg males are born fighters. See how their young succulent bodies slide against each other. How their muscles strain with effort to best each other." 
She let him spread her legs wider
When he had her left leg opened wide, he began a torturous gentle circular massage on her clit that sent her mind into a spin.  Her head fell against his shoulder.
"Yes, sweet Carina let me feel your pleasure. Keep watching the young ones battling. Know that with their victory there will be sweet pleasure as well. One of them will be chosen by the highest unmated warrior to begin his twelve years of training.  He will be taught skills in battle and in pleasure, Carina. Would you like to know what that means?" 
    Carina could barely speak while watching the beautiful youths embrace and force each other to the ground. Their tight balls looked ripe and ready to burst and their penises were thickly erect.  She licked her lips and nodded.
"Do you see how hard they are? You see battle and pleasure go hand in hand.  A warrior must train to fight and keep fighting.  But when the fighting is done; his lust needs to be sated. Those two young bucks will be f****d tonight by many of the more seasoned warriors.  It will be their first lesson in discipline."
Kaden slowly separated her labial folds and began to stroke her slick opening.
Carina envisioned the two handsome men fondled and f****d as she had witnessed the two doing in the hall.  She spread her legs wider and led Kaden's fingers to her swelled entrance.


Brenda said... stuff!!! Congratulations!!!

Emma Paul said...

Thanks Brenda, Had to take a few cold showers writing this one! : )

Sheri Fredricks said...

Emma Paul...You certainly know how to write! This story is a winner!

Emma Paul said...

Thankyou Sheri...I am humbled! Glad you liked the excerpt... : )