Thursday, September 8, 2011


We all know those moments...where we slap our foreheads and say, "Oops!" Most of us, maybe all of us have had at least one...Me?

I've had many!

For my blog today, I would like to share an embarrassing moment, which happened to me in my early twenties. Hey if we can't laugh at ourselves, how can we laugh at all?

Just a small warning, the following story is a bit more then PG-13.... But I did tone it down just a little.... : )

The other day, I was reminiscing with an old friend I hadn't seen in several years. What are friends for, if not to remind you of all the stupid things you did growing up!

We had a great time laughing about a certain incident that is probably the biggest oops of my life!

When I turned twenty, my boyfriend at the time, took me to a Metallica concert. I loved the band and he had gotten floor seats about six rows away from the stage. Once the band started playing, you can imagine the frenzy of the crowd to rush up to the stage. Thanks to my boyfriend, we managed to push our way through a throng of people until we reached the stage.

We had a great view of the band, up close, even though there were several people in front of us. The area was tightly cramped and it was difficult to move but my boyfriend was able to situate us in the middle of the mayhem, so that he stood behind me a bit to the right.

After a couple of songs, fist pumping and screaming our guts out, my boyfriend said something in my ear. I couldn't quite catch it but I happily replied, "Yeah I'm have a great time..."

And I was. In fact I was so elated with my "birthday" gift that I decided to give my boyfriend a little special "thank you".

Feeling both excited and a bit scared because of the naughty thing I was about to do, I bit my lip, giggled and reached behind me to stroke my boyfriend's thigh. To my delight he pressed closer to me and I felt his chest at my back. Getting a bit bolder, I reached farther back and began to stroke the bulge in his jeans....

Okay so before I continue, let me say that I was a bit of a wild child...and yeah I've had my share of "wild oats". It is nothing I'm ashamed of. But I feel the need to reiterate, I was twenty years old..and my BF was hot!

....So as I stroked his...front....area... : )...I could feel his breath on my neck. At this point we were both pretty tipsy too. The next thing I know, he is taking my hand and placing it in his pants.

Needless to say I was a bit shocked and looked around to see if anyone saw us. Everyone was too busy rocking out to the music.  The bodies were so close together and it was relatively dark, so no one really knew what we were up to.

He led my hand, indicating what he wanted me to. I began to stroke up and down, all the while giggling and feeling so naughty with myself for giving my boyfriend a hand job in the middle of a Metallica concert.

I could feel him about to release himself, when I suddenly heard someone shout, "Hey what the F...!"

For some bizarre reason, in the middle of chaotic scene, loud music, screaming fans etc...I was able to hear it clearly. Turning my head towards the voice, which sounded very familiar, I gasped when I saw my boyfriend standing in front of me with two beverage cups.

What was he doing in front of me? He is supposed be behind....UH-OH!

My hand was still inside the jeans, which caught my boyfriend’s immediate attention. I slowly turned around. The guy behind me had a huge ear to ear smile on his face!

Yep! True story!

Hope all your "oops" are memorable ones! And remember laughter is the best medicine for a weary soul!



Jennifer Lowery (Kamptner) said...

LOL, Emma! Thanks for that! How lucky are you to have gone to a Metallica concert—still one of my favorite bands :)

Duckie said...

lol...i blushed just reading that... wonder what was going the other guy's mind

Brenda said...


Emma Paul said...

Thanks guys, I have had some wild times,

Jennifer, they are still one of my favorites too!

Duckie, you should have seen MY face when it happened!

Brenda, I love to make you laugh!

Jennifer Mathis said...

LmOA and the guy behind you was suddenly a concert goer for life . Not only was the band rocking but he meets the friendliest people there rofl

Sheri Fredricks said...

Hi Emma~ Your story just cracked me up! What does one say to the boyfriend in front while the hand behind has been "talking?" LOL