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Feng Shui Your Writing, Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of 3 monthly blog posts where I'm talking about using the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui to help boost your writing career—and life in general. Last time, we covered the basics about Feng Shui, along with discussing the first three of the nine “zones.” I also talked about my 1-2-3 approach to adjusting an area’s decor using Feng Shui Principles. I’ll recap that approach first, and then we’ll move on to the next three zones.

The 1-2-3 approach

When you apply Feng Shui techniques, it is important to understand which “zone” you are making changes to, what specific things that zone affects, and which elements and colors help or hinder in that area. This 3-step process will help you shape up each area of your home/office/space to optimize Feng Shui.

1. Streamline
Go through this space and give it a thorough cleaning—the kind I tell my 7-year-old daughter is “Mama clean.” Nix all clutter, evict dust bunnies, and take a hard look at each item in the space to determine whether it truly needs to be there. A more minimalist approach is preferred in Feng Shui over the simple addition of numerous chotchkes. Keep a few that you love and retire the rest.

2. Eliminate Hindering Elements
Now that the zone is neat and tidy, put on your Feng Shui-colored glasses and take another hard look. Fix or get rid of anything that is broken, replace burnt out light bulbs immediately, and last but hardly least, move or “cure” any element or color that works against the intention of that zone. For instance, if you have candles (Fire element) in the Wealth zone (natural element=Water), move them. If you have a fireplace you obviously can’t “move” it, so cure it by counteracting with the addition of water-inspired features and/or colors.

3. Add Helper Elements
Do include in each zone shapes, colors, and elements that are considered natural “helpers” for each zone. Candles in natural Fire element zones, fountains in Water zones, etc. By the end of this 3-blog series, you’ll know the element and color correspondences for each of the nine zones.

Okay! Now let’s move onto the next three zones. I’m including the bagua map I posted last time to help as we go along. As a reminder, this map is used to identify where each Feng Shui zone exists in your own home or room. Mentally place the map so that the top “Career” line rests along the wall that houses the entry door to the room/house.

1. Wealth
Need I even point out why the left rear corner (when you’re in the middle of the room facing the door) is an area of the home that is important to writers? Thought not, LOL. On the bagua you’ll see that the natural element associated with the Wealth area is Air (wind), and color associations include blue, purple, and red. I’d also like to add green to this list. Jade is a good money association as well. I’ve also found that in general feng shui, moving water elements like a fountain are believed to help stimulate the flow of wealth. So in my Wealth area I use both Air and Water elements, and with water present I eliminate red and purple, which are closer associated to the Fire element. A good and simple “Air” element to add to your Wealth area is a windchime. Yes, they work indoors! Hang it in this corner and give it a brush now and then as you pass by to stimulate some good chi energy. Another cure I like to use weekly to “activate” this area is incense. The smoke wafting through the area is a nice scent cure, as well as a visual representation of air. If you elect to use a Water element, make it a moving one such as a fountain or aquarium. Then make sure that the flow of water is not pointing at your door, which represents money flowing away from the house.

In looking at hindering items here, bathrooms present a particular issue for wealth. Water represents the flow of money in a home, while drains and toilets suck money away. Keep toilet lids down, especially while flushing. Keep drains closed when not in use. If you have any leaky faucets, that represents money leaking away, so repair them. This is especially vital if a bathroom is located in the Wealth area, but important regardless of location.

One other thing that can help encourage the flow of money into the home is to position a fountain outside, with the flow of water strategically pointed toward the door. Not out toward the street!

2. Fame/Reputation
Obviously as writers we want to be well known and have readers seek out our books, so the rear wall of your home or office is important for affecting how others see you. Fire is the element, and that should come as no surprise! You want your career to burn bright. Reds and royal purples are great in this zone, and this is the ideal spot for a fireplace or for candles. This is a nice spot to display book cover art, writing awards, your author headshot (get one if you don’t have it already), etc. I light a candle in this zone once a week to activate the energy.

If a bathroom or water elements exist in this area, it can dampen your personal flame—especially if you are using “watery” color schemes like blues or greens in the decor. Move water features and “cure” Fame area bathrooms by using bright reds, triangular shapes (representing flames), purples, and candles—big jars or pillars and red if possible. Hang cover art in the bathroom! Though I might stop short of suggesting your head shot, smiling at folks while they visit the commode.

3. Marriage/Romantic Relationships
Where would we be without the support of that special someone? And for romance writers in particular, inspiring romantic energy by sprucing up your Romance zone can be a bonus! A master bedroom is the ideal area for this area, located in the back right corner of your house/room. The Marriage area is a natural Earth zone, so clay decor and plants are a plus here. Red, pink, and white are the best colors to use in this area—red for passion, pink for romantic love and fidelity. Too much red can cause chaotic emotions, however, so go easy. My Marriage area contains photos of our wedding day, our first date, and pink quartz stones. I use a small candle in this zone, but because Fire can spark too much tension (i.e., arguments) I only use an tiny electric tea light to subdue the spark. I also place a fresh rose to activate this zone weekly—almost always a pink or red rose. Red or pink sheets in the bedroom are a big must, too, or if you can’t get away with it, place a large, flat piece of red fabric beneath the mattress (smooth it over the box spring).

Next month we’ll cover the final three zones, I’ll tell you which of the nine is THEE most important—and I’ll tell you what one secret tip can make or break your Feng Shui efforts. Happy organizing, and be sure to post any comments or questions!

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