Tuesday, July 12, 2011



Hello and welcome to my blog post. Come on in; grab a coffee or tea from the sidebar—and a donut or chocolate chip cookie. The cookies are fresh—I just baked them this morning.

So, here we are, yet another blog post. And as always, I’ve sent out links, hoping to snag a few of you to come read and comment on my blog. Sound familiar? If you’re a writer then it most likely does. I’m sure you all do the same thing. Write up a blog post and advertise for traffic. And in order to generate more traffic to your blog, I’m sure you comment on other’s posts in hopes they will reciprocate the favor.

I’ve been a blogger for awhile and I’ve written about many things—most to do with writing because hey, I figure most who read my posts are writers. I doubt many “readers” read writers blogs. I know before I started writing, I could have cared less about what writers were blogging about. In fact, I never read any blogs and didn’t care to. But now that I’m immersed in the world of writing, blogging has become something I feel I must do to get noticed. Also, I have made some fantastic friends and learned a lot by reading and commenting on other’s posts.

Although, sometimes I feel we are bombarded with blogs. “Come check out my blog. Come read what inspires me. Come read how to develop your writer’s voice. Come read about what I did this weekend.” I’ve even read a blog post about how to blog, read and comment on others blogs without allowing it to become too time consuming, taking time away from your writing. That particular post really made me think, especially one point that was made: Don’t read the whole post. Skim and look for something you can comment on.

LOL, are you skimming my post right now? That’s okay if you are. We all do it. We HAVE to! There are just way too many blogs to read and comment on. There’s simply not enough time in our busy days.

One of my writer friends absolutely refuses to blog! She detests it with a passion. I love to tease her and tell her she will have to blog one day. She will HAVE to jump aboard the blogging train.

I’m ending my blog post with questions for you all: how do you honestly feel about all the blogging going on? How many blog posts do you read a day? Do you skim? Do you enjoy blogging or is it something you feel you must do to get noticed and hopefully gain a following?

The floor is yours…..


Martha Ramirez said...

Great post, Brenda! And no I did not skim.

I read too many in the morning. I love to learn and love to support writers so I tend to do a lot of reading and commenting. But I've learned a lot and made quite a few connections.

It is hard though.The longer you are in the game, the less time you have. So I choose my reading blogs carefully.

I actually really enjoy blogging. Every time I start writing a blog post, this little voice in me jumps out and takes over it's finding the time and sometimes the topics that are the most challenging.

Interesting post, B.

D'Ann said...

Good post!

It's this simple for me--read and comment on my blog, and I'll return the favor. Don't read or comment on mine, I don't come by yours.

Might sound crummy, but I'm as busy as anyone else, and if you take time for me, I'll make time for you.

I think blogging is actually stupid, by the way. A BIG time suck, both doing and keeping up with all of them out there.

Sheri Fredricks said...

Hi Brenda~

Great cookies! May I have another?

Your subject is the unspoken courtesy many writers detest. Reciprocal commenting. The "I'll scratch your blog if you scratch mine" theory, and WE ALL KNOW it doesn't always happen. Then feelings are hurt, those blogs are boycotted, and it goes downhill from there.

There's a whole dark underworld going on behind the scenes of bloggers.

I admit to skimming. And anyone who says they don't is lying. We all do it. As writers, we HAVE to.

But I've also learned that in order to be the best writer I can be, I have to choose my blogs carefully. I may not comment on them all, but the blogs that personally benefit me the most are the ones that make it to my inbox.

On average, I read three blogs a day. I'd read more if I had the time. Okay, maybe not. I'd write more if I had the time!!

And at this point in my writing adventure, I can't say I enjoy writing up a blog. It's one of those things I must do now to promote my career for later on.

Agents want to see what presence you have and now days, a website isn't enough.

Tabitha Blake said...

Blogging about blogging I love it! Well to tell the truth I don't read many blogs unless it is something that I feel I need to read. It isn't that I don't want to read them it is just I have a ton of writer friends. On Facebook alone I have over 600 friends. So my point is I would be reading all day. Now my really close friends I try to pop by and say hi. I wish I had more time to read everyone's blogs but there just isn't enough hours in the day. Great blog!

Brenda said...

Okay, now we are cooking with Crisco!!!
First, thanks for commenting. Much appreciated--and I can ALWAYS count on you three ladies to check out my blogs--and I reciprocate. This here is how the blogging world turns.

Mart, you are such a sweetheart for not skimming. When the subject of a blog post holds my interest, then I read the whole thing. But, if the post is too long, then I admit I skim.

D'Ann. You my friend are an angel. I love your blog, because the subject of your blogs always hit home with me.

Sheri. LOL, you are the bestest. And I love your blog posts--your voice in your blogs is fresh, and it is so you.
Also, thank you for admitting to skimming sometimes. I do it--most of us do--we have to like you said.
I'm like you, at this stage in my writing career, I don't really care for blogging--unless I have something really interesting to say, which sadly, doesn't happen all that often.
LOL, love your analogy: there's a dark underworld going on behind the scenes of bloggers. That is so true, hehehehe.

Brenda said...

Tabby, thanks for stopping by, and you're right, we can't possibly read and comment on every blog that is posted. That is simply unrealistic. We have to be choosy.

Sheri Fredricks said...

Brenda, I hear ya about hitting the brick wall when you're wracking your brain trying to come up with something, ANYTHING, interesting for the blog.

That's probably when we take out our muse and use it to spray graffiti all over our posts.

Brenda said...

LOL, yep. And I was close to telling Tabby that I was going to miss my post this month because I couldn't come up with something to yap about.
She probably would have fired my sorry butt. So as I was complaining to you about blogging, it hit me, why not post a blog about blogs and ask others how they feel.

Sheri Fredricks said...

Well, in my case, I'd probably have more comments about MY sorry ass than my blog posts. And that might be a good way to generate traffic...hmm.

And were you complaining? Guess I wasn't paying attention. LOL I thought we were brain storming!

Jennifer said...

Hi Brenda! Great blog on blogging! As you know I just this week jumped on the blog bandwagon and am finding out it is really fun. I am discovering many wonderful blogs just from having mine and am making new friends doing it. There is much to be learned-for me anyway-about the craft of writing and I think blogs are a great way to learn and find people who have that in common. I live in a small town without any other writers so blogging is a fun way to connect to other writers.
Thanks for the great post!

Charli Mac said...

Yo BD! You know me and blogging. I love it. I haven't blogged as much on my writer's blog as I blog for another site but it is totally addicting.

But, I got to the same point you did. Blogging for the sake of blogging. The same people come and comment on mine, not all my followers. Some of my followers follow me because I follow them. It's a vicious cycle.

That's why I blog more for the bigger site. I get more exposure there. I occasionlly throw something up and Me & Aj's blog.

What we do on the journey of publication is down right insane.

Brenda said...

Jennifer, welcome to the huge world of blogging. And may I congratulate you one your wonderful blog. I enjoyed visiting and leaving a comment and will back again! Also, thank you for commenting on mine.
Blogging is a WONDERFUL way to learn about the writing craft and the ins and outs of this crazy biz, and to make friends, and develop a strong support team. Blogging is a great way to get your name out there--gather a following, and it can very very fun.

D'Ann said...

I forgot my cookie! I came back for it.
The dark underworld of blogging just cracked me up.

I love the regualrs who come by my blog, you know who you are, and all you have to do is mention yours, and I'm there.

Brenda said...

Sheri--did you eat all the cookies????? Grrrr, I just sat down with a coffee and went to grab a cookie, but guess what? THEY'RE ALL GONE!!!!!!
LOL, anyway. Yeah I was complainin'. Remember you came up with some good ideas for me, but I was all in a funk and said I was going to call in sick, hehehehe.
And LOL, about your sorry arse, you should do that for a post one day. Take pictures of different kinds of animal's butts and get people to guess what animal each butt belongs to.

Brenda said...

Hey, C!!!! Glad you popped in. how are ya these days?

You know, you are what I call an excellent blogger. Your posts are always entertaining, and your humor is perfect. I try to never miss yours or A.J's posts.

Sometimes when I blog I do feel like I'm blogging just for the sake of blogging, but when I have something I feel is interesting to others, then I like it.

Brenda said...

D'Ann, Sheri ate all the cookies!!!

Sheri Fredricks said...

Hehehe - Just try to find the donuts. Retaliation for drinking all the coffee.

I understand Jennifer's small town syndrome as I too am afflicted with it. At the last census, head count for where I live topped 900. Wowsers. It may be time to move to a less populated locale.

Charli's right, what we do is all about exposure. There's probably a faster, more aggressive way to get ourselves exposed, but I don't want to start my writing career in prison.

And no blogs from me on animal butts. I spend too much time cleaning up after them as it is. Not all our animals are out in pasture *sigh*.

Cynthia said...

I am guilty as charged... I refuse… I want to be a writer not a blogger. If my normal life was interesting enough to write about
1. I would be writing about it in a blog.
2. I wouldn’t be writing the novels I do.
3. If I ever land a agent and a contract, I want to work on writing novels, not a blog.
4. I don’t even want to have time to blog.
5. I hate the word blog.. It’s the sound you make when your ill.
6. If my friends were not blogging, I would have more awesome novels to read.

Brenda said...

LOL...LOL...LOL...ahhh, Cindy--I love you. You are awesome. And I know just how much you hate blogging--you don't even like when I say the word BLOG!!!! Also, you're right! The word blog does sound like the noise one makes when they are retching!
I'm soooo happy you went against everything you believe in and came and read my post. And you honor me by leaving a comment! Thank you, my friend!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome Brenda...LOL! I have to say that I do read the blogs, I donn't always comment, but I actually find it fun to see wait other writers are upto, not to mention I can learn a thing or two. Do I ever skim blogs....gulp...okay, GUILTY as charged. But I swear it's only because I don't have the time when I do.

There are way to many blogs to read, but I do follow certain ones, NN, Writesex, Sizzlereditions, SaschaIllyvich, Zee's blog and a view others. I try to keep up! But you are right it is overwhelming!

Great cookies by the way...wipes chocolate from corner of mouth,...munch,munch, mmmmmmm!

Sheri Fredricks said...

Cindy's #6 is a perfect example of over-blogging in the aspect of both reading and writing.

And where'd Emma find the cookies? I thought we were all out!

Brenda said...

Emma, yay!! Glad you stopped by--I follow your blog, but sometimes I don't get the chance to comment. Been a busy little beaver these last couple weeks....well, most of it has been procrastinating, but....
We all know this blogging thingy is here to stay, so let's make a pack to support each and read and comment on our posts as often as we can.

Sheri, Cindy's #6 is a perfect example of over-blogging. We have to remember that our writing NEEDS to come first. Without our writing, we have nothing to promote, which really is what all this blogging is about when you get down to it.
And I have no clue where Emma found the cookies. Hmmmm, maybe I hid some and forgot....

Angie Cox said...

Great post and what a great layout.

Hate to admit it but I do scan, I kick myself for doing it and then go back and re read the blog or article, but I am guilty.

I was told blogging was a great way to build a fan base to buy my books. Since I have nothing published as of yet, I keep putting off blogging, one other thing that can wait for another day, Right? At the same time I have all my favorite authors blogs flagged, follow their twitters and friends on their facebook pages so I know it works, just not dedicated enough to do it yet.

Zee Monodee said...

Hey Brenda

Since the cookies are out, I brought an apple cake... :) Yeah, I actually baked something yesterday. I think I'm going nuts!

Okay, blogging. At first, I thought it was a pain. Really. I mean, what could I tell the world about me? And I soooo need the time to write too. But then I started actively blogging, every day of the week, and it kinda grew on me. Once you work out a schedule, it's not really that hard to do. I found things I like, and I blog about them, each one on its specific day. That way I know what I'm gonna write about when I log into my Dashboard.

I think blogging is really about organisation. With my schedule, I know what I have to write, so I don't lose time over it. Writing a post takes less than 30 minutes usually - not so hard, is it? Find what works for you! It took me some time to figure it out, but I'm a little over 1 year of active blogging and it's almost automatic now. I can also compare my book sales when I was not blogging and now - I'm selling more, though I don't know how much blogging is contributing to that. The thing is, you can have a book out, but you gotta get people to know and notice the book is available, and blogging is a good tool for readers to get to know you.

As far as needing to blog, business-wise, most pubs now ask you to have a web presence and blog/FB/Tweet once a week in your contract. So better be proactive and set up your presence already.

Reading blogs - I follow a lot of blogs, and these come up with title and snippet on my Blogger Dashboard. If the title and subject-matter catches my attention, I'll read it. I don't have fixed destinations everyday, but I do try to check a few places regularly, even if I don't always comment.

And here I went and wrote you a thesis on blogging. :) Keeping true to myself, innit? Lol

Sheri Fredricks said...

If anyone wants to learn more about how to navigate the tedious, trecherous waters of social media, I suggest you check out Kristen Lamb's blogs: http://warriorwriters.wordpress.com/
She gives the how-to and what-for in easyspeak language.

Zee's right, and she speaks from experience. (How many plates do you have spinning right now, Zee?) Organization is the key. It leads to a stress-free life and uncluttered mind. Of course, her apple cake is helping me with the stress-free aspect too! Thanks Zee!

Brenda said...

Oooooh, Zee!!! This apple cake is absolutely deeeeelicious! Thanks for bringing it over. *chewing, chewing, chewing, swallows. Sips coffee.*
You are so right, Zee. Blogging is almost a necessity. And I think for me, it's not that I don't like blogging, I think it is more trying to come up with something to blog about that interests others. But I must say, I had a blast today! And I thank everyone of you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

Angie, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Since I am unpublished, I waited too, but then a good friend of mine helped get me into the world of blogging. I'm glad I did, because if I ever am lucky enough to become a published author, I will have a web presence--as small as it, hehehehe.

Brenda said...

Hey Sheri, forgot to thank you for the link. I'm going to check out Kristen Lamb's blogs. If I want to make it in this blogging world, then I better learn a thing or twenty.

Sheri Fredricks said...

Aw Brenda, you don't have to thank me. Just promise to not forget me when you've made it big!