Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Signed Book Giveaway!

Please welcome the following authors to NN. They will be giving away signed copies of their books. All you have to do is sign up for the blog and answer one question about each author. You will find the answers in their bios on their websites. To sign up for the blog you have a few options. Networked blogs which is facebook, Google friends which works with your google account or though your email. You will find these three options at the right-hand side of the blog. Let the contest begin. Oh and please leave the authors a comment its not required but it would be nice to let the authors know you appreciate their generosity. Email your answers to

The contest is limited to the US and Canada. This is for shipping purposes. But our ebook contests are open to everyone. Follow that link for the schedule.

Cindy Spencer Pape

Cindy will be giving away a signed copy of Djinni and the Greek.
What does Cindy have a degree in? Find the answer in her bio on her website.

Nina Pierce

Nina will be giving away a signed copy of Healer's Garden.
What is Nina's all time favorite book? Find the answer in her bio on her website.

Sam Cheever

Sam is giving away a signed copy of A Honeybun and Coffee.
What is Sam's reply when she is asked why she has so many dogs? You will find the answer in her bio on her website.

Mechele Armstrong

Mechele is giving away a signed copy of Settler's Mine: The Rivals.
How long did it take Mechele to write her first romance novel? You will find the answer in her bio on her website.

Please email answers and don't leave them in the comment section. A winner will be pick at midnight tonight central time using You will have 24 hours to respond or we will pick another winner. Good luck to everyone. I also want to thank all the authors that were so generous in this giveaway.

Happy Reading and Writing,


Tammy said...

Another great contest, Tabby! Perfect for the reader who wants to branch out and find new/more favorites to read. Loved all their websites!!! Fabulous!!!
Thanks, Tabby and a big Thank you to the authors!!!
I'm sending in my answers now!!!!

Brenda said...

This is fantastic!!! I'm going to check out all of these wonderful author's websites.

Brenda said...

Loved all the author's websites. I wish I could send in answers to win a signed copy of their novels, but sadly I can't since I'm an NN blogger, LOL. But all the same, I enjoyed learning more about these talented and generous ladies.

hotcha12 said...


Mechele Armstrong said...

Happy Anniversary! And thanks so much for featuring my book giveaway.

Tiffany K said...

Okay, I think I signed up for the blog using google friend, not sure though lol.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Thank you for this opportunity, all of these books look great!

Tabitha Blake said...

They are very talented Brenda!

Tabitha Blake said...

Well Tammy let me just say I have read some f these books and they were amazing. In fact I have one of Cindy's and Mechele's on my desk as we speak. LOL! These ladies really know how to spin a tale.

Tabitha Blake said...

Thanks Hotcha12 for the congrats. I hope you win!

Tabitha Blake said...

Hi Mechele! It is my pleasure to have you on NN. I am going to get the next book in the Settler's Mine series asap. I have to read the next one.

Tabitha Blake said...

Hi Tiffany. You did sign up so no worries. Thanks for the congrats and I hope you win.