Monday, May 23, 2011

For the Cure _ Ericka Scott

This past year has been horrific for disasters and fundraisers...and today was no different, as a tornado ripped through the Midwest, leaving tragedy and destruction in its wake. So, there are lots of causes for authors to donate to in order to help alleviate suffering.

For the past seven years, Brenda Novak has been turning her site into an auction for authors and the public to get involved in a cure for diabetes. I've been a proud sponsor for five of those seven years...and this year is no different.

Would you like to win the critique of a partial paranormal romance from moi? Or what about the 30th anniversary issue of one of the most suspenseful movies of all times -- Jaws!

Go on, head on over to Brenda's site and post a bid, you know you want to!

Ericka Scott

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