Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ashray - The Water Fairy of Scotland

Has anyone seen an ashray?



‘Salright. They’re very rarely seen. But if you just happen to be in the Scotland area, go out to their famous seas in the middle of the night. That’s right. I said ‘night.’ They’re nocturnal creatures.

I do so love creatures of the night. Don’t you?

If you decide to take that trip to the seas of Scotland, make sure the night is clear and the moonlight is bright. That way you’ll be able to see the mist dancing on the surface of the water. Then take out those binoculars you brought with you and look very closely. Their skin in is silvery – almost transparent. Some people have mistaken them for ghosts. It’s an easy mistake to make, since they can’t speak like we do. Study them a bit closer. If you can make out their features, they’ll appear to be about twenty-ish. They’re not. On the contrary, they’re ancient.

Not only are they old, they’re beautiful too. So don’t get captivated. Why, you ask? Because if you capture an ashray to keep as your own, it will melt into a puddle of reflective water. How? Why? It’s said, they’re life is tied to the sea and can never live on dry land. Nor can their skin touch the sunlight. And if an ashray touches you…you better get some heat quick! Cuz, my friend, you’ll get frostbite - literally.

I’d love to see them dance and ask them how they came to be. Perhaps they were cursed by some god; bound forever to the water for some slight they had done that was real or imagined? They’re a mystery. Few, if any, know much about them. One can only guess what their temperament is towards humans. I’d love to find out. Wouldn’t you?

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