Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Earthquakes, tsunamis, twisters, and what if

With earthquakes, tsunamis, twisters, and more happening lately, one day I thought to myself, “What if?”.
The politics, economics, and meteorological aspects of the climate change debate don’t really interest me. It’s not as if my adding my two cents into the discussion will change anyone’s mind. But I am interested in how such things affect people. As a writer I find how people think, act, and react endlessly fascinating.
I started thinking about people driving smaller, more fuel efficient cars. The advantages and disadvantages. I thought about paperless offices. Again, advantages and disadvantages. As an author who is predominately published digitally (I have just two print books, with a third releasing in July), I see a lot of advantages to digital books. No shipping costs. No remainders being pulped. No dead trees, no fuel used in transportation. All of these are good and mean prices remain more affordable. But for someone working in a paperless office, maybe there would be some disadvantages.
Then I thought about recycling. I’m a big fan of the “reduce, reuse, recycle” movement. And I thought of a particularly naughty twist to that system.
Phoebe works for a company that’s determined to keep its carbon footprint as small as possible. Mostly she thinks that’s very good. Then there was the day she got caught in a flash flood. And rescued by a couple of extremely sexy pirates…

“Flash Flood” blurb
Phoebe is on her way to a business meeting when a landslide causes a tsunami of water to flood the road, sweeping her car into a river. She is pulled from the river by Connor and Patrick. A night of extremely satisfying “thank God I’m alive” sex seems a fitting end to the day.
Phoebe has a week off work to recover, and the two men invite her to accompany them on a business-and-pleasure trip. They have a great time, the sex is awesome, but Fi is unsettled by undercurrents and things she cannot quite grasp. She finds herself humming “For I am a pirate king”, possibly because of their tendency to tell pirate jokes. Or maybe not.

PG 13 Menage Excerpt
Patrick picked up her purse, which was still sitting on the end of the bed on a towel, riffled through it, and pulled out the Purple Penis, her favorite dildo. “I saw this when you were emptying things out of your purse in the bathroom and I noticed you didn’t leave it out to dry. He waved at the contents of her wallet and some other things sitting on another towel. Connor and I would like it fine if you wanted to play with the real thing. We have one each, ya know.”
Her breath hitched and more cream dripped from her pussy. Oh yeah, I’d like that fine too. “But you two… You’re together?” Uncertainty filled her voice. Hadn’t one of them said they were partners?
“We like it both ways,” said Connor. “And we definitely like you.”
“Oh shit. I…” I want you both but I don’t know you. I’m exhausted and confused but so aroused. My life has fallen apart in a few short minutes. Ah what the hell, it’s only a one-night thing and when will I ever get the offer from two men again, let alone two men who look as good as these two do. “Yes. I want you too. Both of you.”
She glanced from their faces to their jeans and they certainly seemed to have the required equipment. Both of them were showing the rounded bulges of what sure looked like satisfactorily large cocks. Besides, any cock at all would be a treat. It was over a year since she and Jon had parted, and the sex had been infrequent and mediocre for months before they’d split. And two men had to be twice as good. Right?
Oh woman, what are you doing jumping into bed with two men you don’t know. You must be insane.
If they’d wanted to kill me they could have left me at the river. Two men at once. How can I possibly say no? I may never get an offer like this again.
Then the time for thinking was over. Patrick cleared her possessions off the bed and pulled the quilt back to the floor. Connor stepped into the bathroom and came back with a string of condoms, which he placed on the nightstand.
Together they moved over to the chair where she was sitting. Connor held out his hands. “Come to bed with us. It’ll be good for you, I swear it.”
She placed her hands in his and let him tug her to her feet.
“You poor little thing, it’s been a rough day for you. Leave everything to us. We’ll help you to relax, loosen all those tense muscles, give you perfect release.” Patrick whispered the last few words, his hands sliding up under her t-shirt, rubbing across her back, tracing down her spine.
Fi shivered.
Patrick continued to soothe her back, massaging her shoulders and down to her butt. It felt good. Very good.
Meanwhile Connor leaned in for a gentle, chaste kiss. It was the merest touch of his lips against hers, so soft she might almost have imagined it, until he did it again, a little more firmly, and again, tracing his tongue along the seam of her mouth. Willingly she opened to let him in and he teased and tasted her, all around the insides of her cheeks, across the roof and behind her teeth. Hungrily she pressed closer to him, tangling her tongue with his, tasting him in return, exploring his mouth.
By the time they broke apart they were both gasping for breath, and she was very aware of Patrick’s hands doing wicked things to her ass, flicking under her cheeks to tease her pussy with one hand while with the other, he was running a finger down her crack.
Unconsciously she widened her stance to give him more space to play and tilted her head up again for another one of Connor’s drugging kisses.
Her mouth locked to his, she trailed her hands across his chest, loving the feel of the hard wall of muscles. She tugged his t-shirt out of his waistband so she could touch that wonderful flesh. Oh yeah, he did feel good. Toned, taut and terrific. Mmm, how lucky could she get? An excellent kisser with a good body. And Patrick’s wicked fingers doing wonderful things to her pussy lips.
Once again her legs were growing weak, her strength draining out of her. Patrick’s hands slid down her thighs, then up to her waist. “Bedtime, I think,” he said sweeping her up into his arms and carrying her over to the bed.
He placed her very gently right in the center of the bed, then dragged the loose boxers down her legs. Simultaneously Connor peeled the long t-shirt from her top half.
“Now you two,” she whispered huskily.
Her body was burning with lust as she watched them undress. Both had removed their muddy boots as soon as they’d reached the room, now they quickly shucked socks, jeans and t-shirts, Connor pulling his underwear down with his jeans. Patrick wasn’t wearing any. “I do love a man who goes commando,” she said, smiling.
“Saves on the laundry,” said Patrick.
Then both men crawled onto the bed, swapping places this time, Patrick claiming her mouth and breasts and Connor playing with her legs.
She’d never thought much about how men tasted before, but Patrick tasted totally different from Connor. Where Connor was sort of earthy and spicy, Patrick was salty and tart, like an exotic Asian meal, where you bit into a noodle and were overwhelmed by the incredible, unexpected flavors of it.
She licked around his mouth, eager for more of his taste, her hands biting into his shoulders to hold him steady.
Connor was stroking his hands up and down her legs, around her knees, gradually working his way up and up, closer and closer to where she wanted him, her cunt. Her pussy was achingly empty. It had been a long time. She couldn’t even remember the last time she’d been this wet, this eager to be fucked. These two delicious men turned her on, pressing every one of her buttons with a single hot glance. And oh yeah, their glances were hot.

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Berengaria Brown




Dragon Lady said...

Lord have MERCY! Just racy enough to make me WANT this book!!! *fans self* But then, your stories have a tendency to do that.

Berengaria Brown said...

Hi, Dragon Lady
I'm so glad you enjoyed the excerpt!

jean hart stewart said...

Great excerpt... What a super way to start the day!!!! Jean

Berengaria Brown said...

Thank you, Jean.