Monday, April 11, 2011

Part One The Alpha Male

This will be a two-part blog. In part one I will break down the makings of a true alpha male. Part two will focus on the beta male.

The reason behind this blog is the fact that there are so many misconceptions on what an alpha and beta male truly are. Most think the alpha is an arrogant pushy jerk and the beta is a wimpy pathetic doormat. These labels are far from the truth.

So lets try to get to the heart of this matter. We are throwing the stereotypes out the window and taking a close look at what makes these men tick. Starting with the alpha male.

Alpha Male- The most successful and powerful male in a group.
 A strong and successful male that likes to be in charge.

What an alpha is:

Born Leader
Problem Solver
Risk Taker
Likes Attention
Out Spoken
Bad Boy

These are just a few traits that give you an idea of how the alpha lives his life. Later we will discuss what the alpha isn’t and you will get a better view of how his mind works.

Being an alpha male is a state of mind. It has nothing to do with physical appearance.


You walk into a busy nightclub and notice two very different men. One is to dye for gorgeous but is sitting in the back corner very quietly sipping his drink. The other is goofy and has the attention of a crowd of women. You find yourself wondering what he is saying that has all the ladies laughing and hanging all over him. Suddenly you are more intrigued by the shy guys goofy sidekick. Know why? Bingo! The goofy guy you thought was the sexy guys sidekick is the alpha male. Weren’t expecting that one were you? Nope but it is true and goes back to the fact that being an alpha is a state of mind.

Women are naturally drawn to these men and it isn’t a new thing. It goes way back to the beginning of man. It is just what women look for in a partner. Believe it or not ladies every time we look at a man we size him up and ask some very basic questions. Can he provide for me and maybe our children in the future? Can he protect the family? Is he good looking? Women have always looked for the strongest, smartest and most attractive males to join with and the alpha fits this bill.

Let’s talk about what an alpha isn’t.

What an alpha isn’t:

Physically Abusive
Emotionally Abusive
Easily Pushed Around

A true alpha isn’t abusive in any way to the fairer sex. (An abusive male is just that an abusive male and they don’t deserve the title of an alpha.)They treat their woman with respect and love them dearly. Gladly putting their own lives on the line to protect them.  Their confidence is what drives them and they lead by example. They may come off as pushy at times but in most cases they are trying to do what they feel is best for everyone in the situation. Now I will say an alpha’s woman needs to be a strong individual and be able to stand on her own two feet. She needs to know when to listen and when to challenge him. A strong alpha male will know when to listen and take a step back to analyze the situation. They are natural born leaders but all great leaders need someone to debate their options with and that’s where the alpha’s lady comes in.

An alpha male sets high goals for himself and pushes to achieve them. He won’t stop until he meets those goals. He has a plan and his life centers around what he expects to achieve in life. This doesn’t mean he squashes people under his feet to get to the top. He is an honorable man and has the confidence that makes people stop and listen. He believes he has control over his own destiny. If he falls short of his goals then he steps back and finds another way to succeed.

I hope this helped to sum up what an alpha really is and what he isn’t. My favorite characters in some of the book I have read are alphas. But I really hate it when a writer takes it to the extreme. All the male characters I write are alphas and they are very strong but caring men. You really have to find a balance when you write the alpha. They need to be strong but also have softer moments as well.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Happy Reading and Writing,


Berengaria Brown said...

Hi Tabby,
I won the Overlord Award and am passing it on to you. I thought world domination would be something you'd handle well.

Brenda said...

Great post, Tabby. I'm glad you described what makes an alpha male. I have heard from some, they feel an alpha male is...well, an ass. They feel an alpha male is opinionated, overbearing, and things always have to go his way or it's the highway. But to be a true alpha, be it male or female, these traits do not aply.

Martha Ramirez said...

Awesome post! Love the pic:) So true. I like how you broke it down and gave examples.


Tabitha Blake said...

Thanks Mart. I think a lot of people don't get the true meaning behind the alpha male. Glad you enjoyed it. Next month I will be breaking down the Beta Male.

Tabitha Blake said...

So true Brenda. Many have the wrong idea on what an alpha male is. Maybe I help some to understand the true meaning behind the alpha male. Thanks for leaving a comment.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Tabby :) You included a very useful run down of traits.


Starfox Howl said...

Very good post. Too many stories I've read have had alphas that were abusive to their mates and anyone around them, on the order of 'I will rip your face off if you so much as look at my mate'. While they are sorry and there is 'redemption' in the end, it's not something I want to read for pleasure.

Sheri Fredricks said...

Hi Tabby ~ One thing's for sure. You know your men! Now that I know the difference and the characteristics that go with being an Alpha, I'll be looking for him in books that I read. Can hardly wait for your Beta post next.

Tabitha Blake said...

Thanks Sheri, Starfox and Ambrielle glad it proved to be useful. It is a very fine line when you are writing the alpha male. Thanks for leaving a comment.