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Interview of Tina Donahue

I'm so excited to introduce you all to my friend Tina Donahue. Tina is a multi-published author with a new paranormal release from Samhain Publishing. She's a giving writer, always willing to help her fellow authors or offer a few words of encouragement. It is truly my pleasure to have her here today.

Tell us a little about your writing. What type of stories do you like to write? Any characters you like to write about? Any themes you find especially inspiring?

I’ve been writing since I was a kid, eight or nine. That’s when I wrote my first story and illustrated it. After making several copies, I went around my neighborhood and sold it to my friends’ parents. My first book tour. J

I write contemporary, historical, erotic, paranormal – any genre that catches my fancy. I haven’t tried Western or sci-fi yet, but that doesn’t mean I won’t.

I like to write about characters that aren’t perfect, those who come alive on the page. One of the greatest compliments I can get from a reviewer – and I have frequently received these comments – is that my characters are so real. That’s what all writers strive for, the suspension of disbelief.

I like themes that have to do with what women currently face in our society. In “In His Arms” there’s the theme of a young woman being abducted and sold into sexual slavery. In “Sensual Stranger” the theme of abandonment, both through death and through betrayal, comes up. In “Lush Velvet Nights” I wrote of second chances for the hero. In “The Yearning” my newest release and my first paranormal, I write about intimacy and sexual satisfaction that hinges on more than mere lust.

What is your favorite part of the writing process? What are your most dreaded tasks? Anything special you do to get through the tough parts?

I like second drafts. Once I get something on the screen, I can work it until it moves me, whether that’s to make me cry, laugh, or sigh.

I don’t like writing synopses. That’s why I get them out of the way before I write one word of the story.

I simply sit there and write until the tough parts are done. Although I’m sweating out each word, when I come back to the project later, I’m always amazed to see how well it reads.

What’s a typical day look like for you? What’s your writing schedule? When you’re not writing what are you doing?

I get up at 2 am in the morning to write for a few hours before I have to go to my day job. While there, I write during my breaks and lunch. I write seven days a week, taking only Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day off. When I’m not writing, I like to shop at the mall, go with my friends to new restaurants, read and just watch TV, particularly The Office and House.

What author is your work most like? What author would you like to be more like?

Okay, this is a tough one. I, personally, don’t compare my writing to anyone else’s. Each writer is unique. However, I have had reviewers and fans liken my work to Lori Foster’s and Janet Evanovich’s with all of those comments being a great honor.

Really, I don’t want to be like anyone else. I have my own voice and I like it. J

Do you have a specific writing style?

I believe all authors do. Mine would be sultry with a lot of sexual tension, mingled with irreverent dialogue. I tend to be humorous when I write.

What inspires your stories?

A lot of my ideas come from news stories, for example “In His Arms”. A mother was on TV, pleading for the person who abducted her teenage daughter to bring her back safely. It was so heartbreaking.

And for my erotic novel “Deep, Dark, Delicious” I got the idea while I was watching a best chef’s competition on the Food Network.

What would you like readers to take away from your stories?

I want to move them to either laughter, tears or both. To make them sigh in satisfaction. To have them breathless with what they think may be happening next.

What is your favorite comfort food?

Chocolate, hands down.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Watching House marathons. I just love him.

Please tell us about your current projects and where we can purchase it. Where can we find you on the web?

My first paranormal “The Yearning” is available February 1 from Samhain.

Buy link:


To break this curse, they’ll have to turn the heat up. Way up.

Jasmine Dante prowls Key West’s nightlife, fighting a losing battle against a jealous rival’s curse that forces her to seek carnal pleasure, no matter the danger. Weakened from lack of sleep, driven by insatiable lust, she spots a man who stirs her desperate craving, and begins yet another dance of seduction.

Except t
he dark stranger who returns her direct stare is no ordinary lover. Inside his powerful body lies a raw sexuality that just might be enough to break her curse. There’s only one way to find out: imprison him in her bed and feed on his passion.

Former U.S. Marshal Mike Stearn is many things, but he’s no woman’s sex slave. The deadly telekinetic power he ruthlessly suppresses comes alive again at Jasmine’s touch. Beneath her bold, potent sensuality he senses vulnerability and desperation. He may be in handcuffs, but she’s the one who’s enslaved.

As Mike resurrects his power to free himself so he can find the curse’s source and defeat it, Jasmine revels in his masterful rule. Her ravenous yearning evolves into rapture as she surrenders to his hunger, her darkest needs—and the emotional connection that lies beyond. Unless the curse takes her life first…

Warning: Tons of steamy sex, smoldering passion and a to-die-for love story with a hot Alpha hero who finds himself imprisoned by one sultry and desperate babe.

If you could be any paranormal creature, what would you be?

Definitely not a vampire. Don’t see how they have any fun when they’re forced to hunt for blood. And being a werewolf would be a trial – imagine all the shaving a lady would have to do. J I suppose if I had to choose, I would still want to be human (normal, if you will), but have a paranormal power like telekinesis, the ability to move things with one’s mind, like my hero Mike in “The Yearning”.


Tina Donahue is a multi–published novelist in erotic, paranormal, contemporary and historical romance. Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised her work; she has reached finals and /or placed in numerous RWA–sponsored contests. Just recently, three of her erotic novels were named finalists in the 2011 EPIC competition. She was the editor of an award–winning Midwestern newspaper, worked in Story Direction for a Hollywood production company, and is currently the Managing Editor for a global business document concern.





Thank you so much for stopping Tina. It was great to have you here at Nocturnal Nights. Feel free to stop by any time.


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