Friday, January 21, 2011

Fangs vs. Fur

So, I thought I'd share my opinion on paranormal heroes. Remember this is only my opinion.

Pro's for Fangs:

Depending on the type of vampire, Bill Compton/Eric Northman or Edward Cullen. Though I'm in my mid thirties, I truly find the young yet very old-souled, Edward Cullen, extremely HOT. Not only is he fangless, but he's handsome, a vegetarian (though I'd offer myself to him anyway, hoping he'd experiment just a tad), he's intelligent and takes his feelings very serious. (Bella is one lucky lady!)

On the opposite end of the vampire spectrum, Sookie's gotta be in Fang-heaven, having Bill and Eric lusting over her. The whole retractable fang idea is just plain brilliant! The little clicking sound they make would be a great ringtone for True Blood Fans!

I find the tall Mr. Northman catching my eye quite often. He's not a vegetarian and proud of it! He'll eat a Sookie Burger, any day of the week! As for Bill, he's so sad all the time, so I can't identify with him, but he loves Sookie with all his heart and I admire that.

Con's for Fangs:


Pro's for Fur:

Not only do they have four legs when in wolf form, they can run really fast. I wouldn't mind playing tag with Jacob Black. Though, I probably wouldn't be much fun for him since I'd end up losing every time, ON PURPOSE!
I'd reference another wolf, but Jacob Black has my heart. So Sorry!

I love that Fangs are part of their wolf nature., and they're warm blooded with a beating heart. I also love that a wolf wouldn't eat a vegetable to save his life. A vegetarian Wolf....Bahahahaha

Con's for Fur:


Basically, I'd be content with either!


Julie Kimbrell


Tabitha Blake said...

I agree I am a crazy Jacob fan. I know he is a little young for me but he is a very sexy wolf. Why Bell chose Edward over Jacob leaves me dumb founded. Poor Jacob. LOL!

Sheri Fredricks said...

Ha! What a fun post! Con for fangs: shedding hair. LOL Thanks for the post, Julie

Brenda said...

hehehehe, cool post.