Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Husband

Today's book review is of a book that I read years ago, but I don't think this author gets enough hype, especially about this book. So I'm going to be the book pimp.

Back in early 2001, I was at my local library looking for books to read. Back then, I didn't really have a lot of my own money to buy books, so I relied heavily on the library. As I was going through the racks of books, I came across one entitled “Our Husband”.

I stopped, and picked up the book. The name grabbed my attention. I was quite curious, so I read the back cover, I looked at the name of the author- Stephanie Bond.. The following is from the back cover.

Fate has just thrown a curveball at the women in Raymond Carmichael's life—all three of them. When they meet at his hospital bed, they discover they're all married to the same man. And when Raymond suddenly dies, the police suspect that one of these spunky ladies has committed murder...
The Socialite—Blonde, post-menopausal, and mad as hell, Beatrix always suspected Raymond married her for her daddy's money...twenty-one years ago.
The Doctor—a smart, small-town family physician, thirty-five-year-old Natalie had ironically insisted on only one thing from her husband of seven years...absolute honesty.
The Stripper—Twenty-one and an exotic dancer, Ruby would have chalked up her brief marriage to a learning experience...if she hadn't been pregnant.
Now they're three women left with a man's betrayal—and worse, each other. But one thing they insist—they didn't kill Raymond. What can they do? Something outrageous and probably impossible: stick together to catch a murderer.

I'd never read this author before, but heck, it's book from the library, there's no harm in checking it out and taking it home

So, I did. And I read it. And LOVED it! That began my love of Stephanie Bond's books.

Our husband is a mix of romance, suspense, and humor. It features three very different women, from different backgrounds and ages. But they have one thing in common.

That common thing, or should I say, person, is Raymond Carmichael.

Yes, three women were married to the SAME MAN!

And that man has just had a car accident, hence the reason all three Mrs. Carmichael's are there at the hospital, and meet one another. (Can we say Awkward?)

Then, Raymond dies, and leaves the three women widowed. But it gets worse when it's noticed that Raymond was poisoned, and of course, suspicion falls onto Natalie, Beatrix, and Ruby. Well of course, each women has a reason to want Raymond dead.

Full of surprises, plenty of suspense, and twists and turns within the plot, this book really has it all. I think out of all of Stephanie Bond's books, Our Husband is the best and my favorite. And with my love of passing on books recs, I would really suggest this book.

To learn more about Stephanie Bond and her books, you can visit her website here:


Brenda said...

O...M...G!!!! This book sounds awesome!!! I have to read it!!!

Tabitha Blake said...

This sounds like an amazing story. I may have to check this one out. Great review.

Nikki said...


I think after this I'm going to dig through my books for my copy and do a re-read LOL :)

Sheri Fredricks said...

Glad you told me about Stephanie Bond. She's now on my TBR list of authors. Thanks! And awesome review too.