Thursday, November 25, 2010

What Are You Thankful For?

Well for me as I sit here and think so many things clutter my brain with the good and the bad this year. I am truly blessed in so many ways. So here it goes these are the things I am thankful for.

This year I received my first rejection. Sounds bad huh? Well it turned out it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be because I had so many friends that reach out and lifted me out of the trenches. That’s when I realized I was blessed with being friends with some of the best writers out there. Thank you so much. You know who you are. You are all very dear to my heart.

Not long ago I started Nocturnal Night with a wish and a pray. In the beginning we were small and two ladies in particular stuck with me no matter how hard it got. Thanks Emma and Brenda for believing in my dream. Then Penny and Sheri joined us. You have both been troopers through the tough times when we barely had time to keep up with the blog but you were always there. Thanks ladies you are the best.

Then recently we added nineteen more authors to NN and you have all been amazing. I have been amazed at the blogs that grace the pages of NN. I couldn’t be prouder of all of ya’ll. I want you all to know you mean the world to me. I wouldn’t be able to do it without you. You are what breaths life into NN. Not to mention I have made some really great friends along the way.  Thank you all for everything you do.

Tabby and Hubby Jeff
I am lucky to be married to the man of my dreams. That treats me like a princess. Yes ladies you can find a man that lives up to the heroes in our books. I love you Jeff. Then I am the lucky mom of four wonderful kids. My oldest is in the military and I couldn’t be prouder. Unfortunately he can’t be here this Thanksgiving but will be with us on Christmas so I will just hold on to that for now. I have an amazing family that goes beyond anything I could ever imagine. My children are the one thing in my life I know I did right. They have grown into some amazing young adults and my daughter is the sweetest little girl I know. I love you with all my heart.

Tabby's 15 year old son Etienne
Tabby's 10 year old daughter Madisen
Tabby"s 14 year old son Tristen
I am also thankful for my parents they taught me never to quit and always believe in my dreams. No dream is ever out of reach. My mom almost had me in tears the other night. She told me how proud she was of me and that she wasn’t surprised by my talent with the written word. She said she always knew I would do something creative. Thanks mom for being my biggest fan. I love you more than you will ever know. You taught me to be strong and to never quit. Wow! You were right. I never would have made it this far without your support.
Tabby's Mom Patsy, Dad Chuck and 20 year old son Mike

The other thing that just about blows my mind and sends chills up my spine is I almost have a completed first draft of my ms. WooHoo! Does it get any better than that? Not in my book. I am very thankful for that. This story is very dear to my heart and has practically written its self. Thank God for my muse she is a really amazing inspiration.  Don’t know what I would do without her. I speak badly of her at times but when it comes down to it she means the world to me. I am so sorry muse. I am so thankful for you. Without you I am nothing as a writer.
The end of the first draft and on to the beginning of the dreaded edits.

I am one of the most blessed people on this planet. I have an amazing family that pushes me to be the best I can be. Friends that believe in my dream even when I have lost site of it. I don't think there is anything more I could ask for. You have all filled my life with joy. You have held me up when I was weak and soothed me when the pain was too much. Thank you all so much. I love you all with all my heart and soul. 

Well those are the things I am thankful for. What are you thankful for?

I am truly bless with the greatest family and the best friends anyone could have.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Tabitha Blake


Julie said...

I'm thankful for my family, friends, and so many other things mere words could never say.
That was such a cool idea to post all those recipe's!

You have a beautiful family! May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

Debra said...

I am thankful I got to throw my crutches away three months ago.I can walk like everyone else now thanks to a doctor who knew what he was doing. I get to help a lot of friends and family now that I couldn't before.God can use your arms or legs if you will let him. I peaise him everyday.

Brenda said...

I'm thankful I met you, Tabby

Tabitha Blake said...

Brenda you are the best friend a girl could have. I couldn't have asked for more. You are a true blessing in my life. I was looking for a crit partner and I found a very dear friend. Hugs!

Tonya Renee Callihan said...

Wow Tabby! This post gave me goose bumps. I really needed a tissue. I am thankful for you and the other writers at NN as well. You guys took a chance on me and I'm having so much fun getting to know you all and I have made some great friends as well.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Sheri Fredricks said...

To Tabby and all the bloggers here at NN, I'm thankful for all of you. To my crit partners, with a special shout out to Martha Ramirez and D'Ann Linscott-Dunham, I'm so thankful for you letting me crit your work and learn why you do what you do. I'm thankful to God for putting the exact people I need in my path when I need them, and when to let them go as the seasons change. I'm thankful for my husband who supports my decision to not work outside the home and encourages me to write (after all, this was all his idea). I'm thankful for my two boys who are little mini-me's of my husband. They keep me in stitches and on my toes, and feed my muse more than a Thanksgiving day dinner on a daily basis! And one day, when I catch an agent, I'll be thankful for that person too! LOL! God bless everyone and have a fabulous day.

Charli Mac said...

Happiness is bliss and I am forever thankful for fellow writers, such as yourselves I can call friends.

Brenda said...

*Raises mug of coffee* HERE HERE!!!!

Tabitha Blake said... all make my heart sing with joy. I am one very blessed lady in more ways than one. I hope you all have great holidays. May you all be surrounded by those that love you. Let us not take one day for granted. Tell everyone you love that you love them everyday. Hugs!