Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Thoughts On A Few Types Of Monsters

Monsters are creatures. (duh!) And as many types of animals there are in the world, monsters are varied too. Warm and cold blooded, insect-like, lizard looking, some sprout feathers whil other show scales, skin, or fur.

Have you ever heard of a Couatl? It's a flying serpentine monster, closely related to dragons (also known as "wind serpents"). Some are venomous, some boast magic, and some contain neither. They live to be centuries old, solitary, in humid jungle type environments. Couatl eat medium sized rodents (Possum, rabbits, etc.) and can weigh more than 1,500 pounds. I'd hate for one to fly over and poop on my head!

Nightmares live a solitary life and appear to be a normal black horse. But this demon is no pony! Nightmares (not necessarily a mare, BTW) perform the bidding of their evil masters—dark demons and wizards.

Flames blaze in their manes and tales, hooves burn and eyes glow. These monsters roam the world, awaiting their next order. I, however,—minor equine expert that I am-- balk at the idea of their solitary existence. I happen to know horses live in herds. I wonder if I could take one of them out with a fire hose…

I won't go into Harpies, because almost everyone knows one!

Not exactly human, Nightwalkers are reported to stand up to twenty feet tall. Most are comprised of pure evil. With incredible strength, they can crush weapons or people with little effort. The upper level and elite in their society are able to perform spells and call lesser Nightwalkers to serve them. While not all wear clothing (ooh la la), the majority are usually covered with smooth skin. The most recognized Nightwalker would be the Vampire-- not the gals standing on the corner of Anita and Ball streets.

I'm not sure why, but I love Gargoyles. By day, they go unnoticed as stone statues on buildings or columns. Historically, these flying lizard/humanoid creatures were our protectors, guarding our homes. At nightfall they come to life, befriending a lucky few residents. Did you know that gargoyles were originally manufactured with a spout to drain water away from masonry buildings? Can you guess where some of the spouts were placed?

The persona of the Werewolf sure changed over the years. They went from mouth frothing, rabid-like monsters to a sexy I-wanna-do-him creature on the silver screen. Branches of the Were family are the Werebear, Wererat, and who could ever forget (I almost did) the Wereboar. I kid you not. It's right there in Wikipedia or something. If a Werewolf's fur mats while he's in transition, will the hair pull when he transforms back to human? And does he kick his scat with his back legs like my dog does?

As many types of creatures there are in the world, like sandwiches, just as many monsters loiter about. And now those creatures have gone and mated with one another, so we've hybrids to contend with.

How about a Hobgoblin crossed with a Griffin? Well, you know what I'm getting at. It's all in our muse!


Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Great post
btw I love your blog! Awesome!

Brenda said...

very cool post. I've never heard of the horse demon. Kinda reminds me of the pokemon, Ponyta or Rapidash, lol.
I guess my fav scary creature has to be the vampire. Though that horse demon is pretty cool. But then again, horses are my fav animal.

Martha Ramirez said...

Cool post! Ur right just in time for Halloween:)

cj said...

Chupacabas are the mystical monsters who scare the heck out of me. Could not see the movie made with them in it.

Tabitha Blake said...

Wow! Great blog. I love the fire horse. What great ideas for some really weird stories.

Sheri Fredricks said...

Hi Abigail-Great to see you here! Thanks for dropping by. Hope you'll stop by again some time :-)

Brenda-I love the firehorse too. Maybe not in my face, but it'd be downright bitchin to see one gallop across a hill at night.

Mart - Hi Mart! Thanks for stopping by!

cj-I admit, I asked my kids what chupacabas were. I've been duly informed. I agree, they sound awful scary to me too. Thanks for your comment!

Tabby-Since researching for this post, I have some ideas for a romance now. I guess using a few of these monsters would categorize it as paranormal. LOL! Thank you for letting me rambling on your blog!