Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Spook-tacular

Well with Halloween right around the corner NN is geared up to go all out celebrating this spooky season. We are hosting a writing contest and a costume contest. This is the time of the year where all the ghost and goblins come out to play. As a paranormal writer this is the norm for me. All my characters fit right in with Halloween. The creepier the better is a saying I live by. We will also be posting blogs that will tie in with the Halloween spirit. So I hope you will all join us this October.

Writing Contest
“I’m Shaking in my Boots”

We are looking for scary stories. The scarier the better. The stories don’t have to have romance in them. We just want you to scary the heck out of us. I want to walk away from my computer with goose bumps and want to sleep with the lights on after reading the contest entries. Now that you know what we are looking for here is how to submit.

12 font
Word count:
3000 words max
This will be a full short story. You will need a beginning, middle and ending. The story will also need a title.

Please register with Tabitha Blake ( We will be taking the first 15 stories. So register asap. I will keep a running number at the bottom of this post on how many opening we have. I will change it as everyone registers.
In your email include:
Pen Name
Email address
(Available opening in this contest right now is 15)
This is also the address you will send your completed story to.

This contest won’t have judges. We will be posting the stories to the blog and our blog reader’s will be voting and choosing the winner. So be sure to let others know and they can come by and vote for your story.

The stories need to be turned in by October 25. They will be posted to the blog on October 26. Judging will go on until October 31. Winner will be determined on October 31.


Published Authors will receive an author spotlight on the NN website.
This includes:
Author Picture
Author Bio
Cover Art
All Author Links

Unpublished Author will receive an interview on the NN website.
This includes:
Author Interview
Author Bio
Author Picture
Author Links

The web address where the winner's interview will be posted is listed below.

If anyone has any questions you can email me. (

Now on to our costume contest. This one is just for fun. The winner will have their picture posted on the NN blog.

Send us a picture of your Halloween costume. (
In your email please include your:
Name and type out your email address in the body of the email. I also need to know what category to put you in.

There will be three categories. Please pick one of these categories and add it to your email.

Each category will have three winners. Please pick one of these categories also and add to your email.
Classic Costume
Scary Costume
Funny Costume
Creative Costume

Adult/ Scary Costume  Or Child/Classic Costume Or Pet/Creative Costume etc.

We will be accepting the first 20 in each category. I will keep a running number on this contest too.

Available space in this contest is:
Adult 20
Child 20
Pets 20

Deadline for this contest is November 1st. Results will be posted on the blog on November 5th.

I hope you will join us for this fun and festive holiday. We will be blogging about all the things that go bump in the night. If you have an idea for a creepy blog let me know. We would be more that happy to have some ideas tossed our way.

Happy Haunting,
Tabitha Blake