Thursday, September 23, 2010



This past week on Nocturnal Nights, Cindy, Tabby, Penny, and I had a bit of fun with writing. We each wrote a chapter about getting over writer’s block. Hands down, writing my chapter has been the most fun I have had writing in a long time. I absolutely loved it. We wrote from the heart, didn’t worry about writing rules, just telling a funny story.

            As I was writing my part, I had to make a conscious effort to BREAK the rules, lol. I purposely head hopped, used a lot of dialogue tags, didn’t bother showing or adding much emotion. Like I said, it was a blast—total freedom to just write. I enjoyed it so much, I want to collaborate with Cindy, Penny, and Tabby again, and write another silly adventure.

            This little exercise was exactly what the doctor ordered. I had been bogged down with edits, revisions, etc, etc, for ages. My muse was becoming stale. Day after day I would procrastinate. I’d feel guilty at the end of the day because I got nothing done on my MS. Weeks would pass. Nothing.

            I talked to my friends about it and found out they too were going through the same thing. Each of us had writer’s block for different reasons, but this little muse work out helped us all.

            For those of you who are suffering from writer’s block for whatever reason, I recommend you write a short story, breaking all the rules you can—or feel comfortable with—and just enjoy the feeling of creation again.


Penny said...

It was great fun.

Brenda said...

*smacks forehead* Dang, the title should have been, Great Fun.
But seriously, it was the most fun writing I have had in awhile. LOL, I want to write another funfilled adventure. But this time I'm the smart one, K?