Friday, August 27, 2010

Sound Off...I Can't Hear You!

This is the day you get to sound off. Tell us what happened to you last week, we want the good, the bad and the ugly. Tell us what made you mad, sad, happy, we want to hear it all.  This is where we get to come together and support one another. Anything goes, let it all out.

Happy Reading and Writing.

When night falls passions blaze.

Tabitha Blake


brenda said...

So, today I agonized over a decsion. I left the first crit group I had joined. I've belonged there for over a year and have gotten tons of great feedback and made some great friends, but I have so many things on the back burner and front burner that something had to give. I belong to two other crit groups that I love and I decided to stick with them.
I still feel sad about leaving the first group. I loved some of the people there--I'm fb friends with some--but you can only post a chapter a week for crit on this site. I have 36 chapters in my novel so the first round of crits took over a year to get it critted. And since I'm a stickler for getting a novel critted twice, I just can't see it taking another year to go through round two.

Tabitha Blake said...

Yeah that can be really hard. Why don't you invite the crit partners you are going to miss to the Muse? Just a thought. Hugs!

Tabitha Blake said...

That should lighten the load a bit. Hugs!

jcdeacons said...

Good Things this Week:
*I've written over 10k!
*My husband got home from work early Friday
*I got my new pipe in the mail

Bad Things this Week:
*Got a horrible critique back :(
*My dog had a couple of accidents on the carpet