Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Part Two Sensual or Erotic?

What is the difference you ask? Well, there is a fine line that can be drawn between the two. It’s not just about the sex and the way it is presented because both types of romances write it and write it well. The biggest difference I see is what drives the story line. Romance thrives on love and erotic romance thrives on sex. You take a romance minus love it’s no longer a romance. You take an erotic romance minus the sex it’s no longer an erotic romance. Let’s talk about what makes these two writing styles so different and the things that can cross over to make them similar.

The dictation between sensual romance and erotic romance are two very different types of words. Sensual romance in many cases uses the tame terminology romance has used since the beginning. Tame meaning euphemisms.

Euphemisms-The act or an example of substituting a mild, indirect, or vague term for one considered harsh, blunt, or offensive.  Here are a few examples of words used in romance to describe a sex scene. (cock, center, sheath, thrusting, pumping, bundle of nerves)

Now let’s talk about the erotic romance. Erotic romance takes the words people use today and waves them proudly for all to see. Modern/urban colloquial terms are the cornerstone of erotic romance.

Colloquial- characteristic of or appropriate to ordinary or familiar conversation rather than formal speech or writing; informal. Here are a few examples of words used in erotic romance to describe a sex scene. (Cock, dick, cunt, pussy, twat, fucking)

There is a wide range between the two. Sensual romance tries to stay on the subtle side while erotic romance tends to go full force, no holds barred. Sensual romance is the equivalent of an R rating, while erotic romance is the equivalent of an X rating.

Let’s talk about what makes a good sensual romance novel. The pieces that must be there in order for a reader to walk away saddened that they reached the end. Plot and characterization are key, in a great sensual romance. You want the reader to believe in your characters and their situations. If they don’t the whole novel is a lost cause. The reader needs to believe these people could actually fall in love. You can’t have a romance without LOVE. Love is the backbone of every good romance. Without love it’s no longer a romance. You can have a romance novel with no sex but you can’t have one with no love. In romance the relationship drives the story. It’s all about the happily ever after when writing or reading romance.

Now let’s talk about what makes a good erotic romance. Even though sex is a key factor in erotic romance and you can’t have erotic romance without it. The sex isn’t just about adding as many hot, juicy, steamy scenes as you can. You have to think about the big picture. What about the characters? Is the sex true to the characters you created? Does it make sense for them to be having sex? You can’t take the sex lightly. In an erotic novel, you have to be serious about the sex. A good erotic novel should highlight the characters sexual journey. The idea of journey assumes character growth, movement, and the progress the characters make in the story. Ideally the sex will take the reader somewhere and move things along in the story. “Why the heck are they having sex again?” That isn’t good in an erotic novel.

I think both take a lot of effort to write. They should both be treated with respect because these stories come to life in an authors mind. Writing in any form is an art. I think it all come down to your comfort level and what you are willing to accept. I love reading a wide range of genres whether they are sweet or hot and steamy. They all have a place in the publishing industry. I hope you all enjoyed my take on sensual romance versus erotic romance. You never know, if you’ve never read one, try it you might like it.

Here is an excerpt from A Vamp To Remember. Just for those that don’t know Caleb is a shifter. Hope you enjoy it.

Tabitha Blake

Caprice crossed Caleb’s office in a few quick strides, her stilettos clicking a steady rhythm on the tile floor. He held up a finger and pressed the phone tighter to his ear as the fingers of his other hand tapped the keys on his computer.

She smiled and flipped her hair over her shoulder. He wouldn’t be able to ignore her for long. Staring out the balcony doors, a cool breeze blew long strands of black hair around her face. Roses bloomed, bright reds and yellows, in the garden below. The smell of lilies was carried on the gentle wind.

Caprice turned her head in Caleb’s direction, and another smile curved her lips when she noticed  his coppery eyes undressing her. He had the most gorgeous and unique eyes, the color reminded her of a brand new penny. His gaze alone did dangerous things to her. One look and she melted. All thoughts gone but the thought of what he could do to her body. The man was beyond sinful with a physique to match. Tall and lean with sinewy muscles that carved his body, he was built like a golden god.

A seductive smile played across his lips as he hung up the phone and made his way over to her. He stood behind her. His arms snaked around her waist and pulled her back against his hard chest.

“Sorry, that was my broker,” he murmured against her neck.

A shiver danced along her spine. “I was thinking . . .”

He nuzzled her ear. “What were you thinking?”

Goose bumps broke out over her body as his breath grazed her ear. The simplest little thing and he had her all out of sorts. “I want to put a koi pond in the garden.”

He kissed the hollow of her neck, feather light brushes of his lips that heated her blood. She felt his nostrils flare as he drank in her scent. Desire scorched through her veins and coiled between her thighs as his hand smoothed up her legs.

She moaned in response. “Are you listening to me?”

“Absolutely. A koi pond…” He nipped at her neck and his words came out as a sultry growl. “That…sounds…great… but you know what I really want to do?”

“What would that be?” she said on a breathless whisper. The need to inhale his masculine scent had her gasping for the tantalizing musk and spice that lingered in the air. She loved his aroma, it was heady and sexy as hell.

“Should I tell you or would you like me to show you?”

She raised a finger to her lips and replied. “Well, let me see… show me.”

Pulling her hips back to meet his, he trailed a hand over her belly, down the front of her skirt. “I was hoping you would say that.”

Her body smoldered as liquid heat seared her to the bone. His touch was decadent and provoked feelings…no not feeling, urges. He brought out the animalistic impulses in her, and she liked it; he was the only man that made her forget to breathe. His erection pushed against her backside. Her panties dampened in anticipation. The need to touch him clawed at her every nerve.

Deep masculine laughter rumbled through him as his hand disappeared under her skirt. “I was thinking of dipping into something wet but it has nothing to do with a pond.”

His touch abraded the tender skin of her inner thigh. She leaned her head back on his shoulder and rubbed her hips against his hard groin. “Tell me more.”

“I want to peel the clothes from your body and take you right here on my desk.”

Caprice glanced back at his mahogany desk. “Bending over your desk might be nice.” She smiled, a devilish smile over her shoulder.

He spun her around and tugged her forcefully against his chest. “You do…do ya?”

He gripped her hand and placed it on his rock hard bulge. “Do you feel what you do to me?”

Her long fingers ran the length of his zipper. He bucked his hips towards her. “Mmmm…yes, I like it.” She ran her tongue over her suddenly dry lips.

His gaze followed her tongue and his eyelids grew heavy with passion. The urges tugged at her self-control. She reached for his shirt and tore it open, buttons flew, hitting the floor like little pin drops. Her nails traced his right nipple. He sucked in a deep breath.

“You tease.” He grabbed the back of her hair and jerked her into submission. Tilting her head back, he ran his tongue from her collarbone to her jaw. She hummed as heat radiated through her body.

She liked her men dominate in bed. A man that knew what he wanted and took it without



The animal inside Caleb growled in satisfaction. He turned to his desk and cleared it in one quick swipe of his hand. Folders, papers and pens flew to the floor. He smiled as the heat of his passion raged out of control. He needed her more than he needed to breathe. She brought out the cat he shared his mind, body and soul with. A snarl escaped his parted lips as he lifted Caprice onto the desktop. She writhed under his touch. She liked it a little rough and his animal purred at her response to his dominance.

She reached for his pants and freed his pulsing shaft. “Caleb I need you now. I can’t wait any longer. I am burning up.”

Her hand ran the length of his desire and his body jumped as she caressed him. He raised her skirt and tore away the small scrap of lace she called panties. Why she even wore any was beyond his comprehension. Moaning in his ear, she parted her long graceful legs for him. An invitation he welcomed. In one quick motion, he drove into her moist heat. As her wet sheath gripped him, he roared his pleasure echoing through the room. Her body contracted around his shaft, wringing another moan from them both. She clawed his back, urging him on. The need to feel her milk him to completion pulsed through his body. “So soft and wet.” He growled into her ear.

Caprice tilted her head, exposing the smooth, pale skin of her throat. A pleasurable cry tore from her as her sex grasped him in her release. She was so beautiful, eyes closed, her legs squeezing his hips as she rode wave after wave of pleasure. His body tightened with each contraction. Trusting deeper and faster until he yelled out in ecstasy. He collapsed over her, trying to catch his breath.

“About that Koi pond,” she said in a breathless whisper.

His eyes widened. “What?”

Her passion hazed eyes crinkled at the corners as she smiled. “I’m just kidding. That was amazing.”

He relaxed into her soft body, and his own smile stretched his lips wide. “You're going to kill me one day woman. But what a hell of a way to go.”


J. Hali Steele said...

Great break down...and I really liked the excerpt!

Tabitha Blake said...

Thank you J. The excerpt is from one of my WIP. I am so glad you enjoyed it.

jcdeacons said...

Omgoodness Carey *fanning self* that was...holy crap!

Tabitha Blake said...

Thanks hun!