Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sometimes we learn humility the hard way....

Hey all, today's blog is about one of my most eye-opening experiences.  It's also one of my most embarrassing moments... This is a true story of how I lost my prima-donna attitude and helped mold me into the humble-never-ever-judge-a-book-by-it's-cover, person I am today.

The Incident

In my early twenties, I worked for an orthopedic practice directly across from the city Hospital. Every Friday I would walk to the Hospital to pick up the Physician’s weekly mail. The hospital had set up a small closet that had cubbies to hold all the daily dictations and test reports. It was located at the end of a long hallway in the main building called the Strook Tower. On Friday, I went to get the mail as usual. I was wearing a soft cotton wrap around skirt that was very popular circa 1990. This particular skirt was more of a sarong that wrapped around once, looped through a slot cut into the fabric and brought around to tie at the hip.

In my early years I was pretty hot, in fact I prided my self in wearing the most figure flattering, cock teasing clothing I could find. I am rather petite and was about 110 pounds back then, but I had a very curvy well-proportioned body that turned many heads back in the day. I reached the main lobby of the strook building and continued down the hallway towards the mail closet. Since I was so accustom to turning heads, remember, I was a babe, I thought nothing of the fact that many people I passed along the way were staring at me in a very wide-eyed awed expression.

One man in particular, a rather rotund middle-aged man was desperately waving at me and pointing to his office. “Yeah right buddy” I thought to myself. “NOT in this life time!” Therefore, I ignored him giving him my patented “you wish” look. I was a little bit of a bitch back then because I had my pick of men and I really tried to work it for all IT was worth.

As I continued down the hall, I noticed that more and more people were piling out into the hallway as I walked by. Some were looking at me in that amazed O.M.G. way, still others were passing by me with big ol’ grins on their faces, mostly men, and winking.

This was strange or unusual in the least since men winked at me all the time. “Damn,” I thought, “I’m lookin’ good” and put a little more pep in my step. I decided to flirt a little and began winking back and smiling. I was almost to the mail closet and basking in my self-induced glory, with a trail of men following close behind me.

As I reached the entrance to the mail closet, I turned slightly and looked over my shoulder giving them a little sly smile and deliberately shaking my ass as I walked in. That was when I heard the frantic yelling of the same middle-aged man, who had tried to get my attention in the Lobby I turned around and watched him claw his way through my crowd of admirers holding some crumpled up piece of fabric in his fist. He finally managed to get to me and ushered me into the closet closing the door behind him. He then he told me the words that still haunt me to this day.

He looked me straight in the face and said, “Miss you dropped your skirt at the entrance of the Lobby.”

He handed me the flimsy fabric he was holding and I suddenly realized that it was my skirt.

Oh the horror! I had walked the entire length of hall way past dozens of people naked from the waist down. All I could think was Thank God I wore underwear!


Tabitha said...

OH MY GOD! You didn't. You have to be pulling our leg!

Emma Paul said...

Unfortunately I did, needless to say I quit that job very soon afterward

Emma :)

Brenda said...

LOL...LOL....LOL...I can't stop laughing, and I know it is mean of me...LOL...LOL--I'm soooo damn sorry, but it is funny.
Ahhh, another great blog, LOL.

Emma Paul said...

Thanks Brenda, Laugh away, I deserved it for being such a Beee--atch...LOL!

Needless to say, I learned a valuable lesson. Never judge a book by it's cover...and I was not "all That!"


Brenda said...

Too true, never judge a book by its cover. Anyway, my day kinda sucked, but your post made me laugh which brightened my day. For that, thanks!!

AnneN said...

LOL! I was once dancing the running man (you remember that one right) and both feet came out from underneath me, my face headed toward the floor. Luckily I was able to catch myself with my hands and I didn't wack it on the dirty dance floor. I'll never forget the the man who was laughing so hard he was bent over double. I haven't done the running man since. :) AnneN It makes me laugh now. almost. ;)