Sunday, October 23, 2016

Authors live Many Lives, their own and their characters

Authors are more than just what they write. I, personally, have a day job and that day job doesn't resemble anything to do with erotica or erotic romance. Still, I have specialized skills and knowledge that I employ for my day job.

There are those who have active family lives which consists of children, school, homework, love, and routines. There is writing but it's often in those times when the kids are asleep at night and the housework is finished. If a parent is lucky enough to be a stay at home mom/day then they get some writing in while the kids are at school.
What other lives do author's live?
In some ways, authors much immerse ourselves in those lives so that each characters is unique. We must know the backstory of every character, their childhood experiences, moods, likes, dislikes, etc. Whether this information ever makes it into the book or not, authors know that such details make for a better writer.
How can you write a convincing character if you don't know their struggles, fears, frustrations, or even daily routine? Are they are sit on the couch, eat potato chips person when they're bored or do they get out and do something? Sometimes to know how a characters acts or feels, writers must put ourselves in that situation to understand the mindset.
For myself, a demon-bargainer like Sindriel is nothing like Brad Templeton from Bet Your Sweet Aces. Both men have different values, minds, affectations, appearances etc.
No two characters really react the same to the same situation. Consider your own emotions, and what affects them.
Personally, I love pushing my characters buttons, see how much they take before they start getting pissed with me. Haha. Okay, yes, I know they aren't real. Put away the cozy white jacket with straps.
Anyway, when you think of writers it's often as singular persons, but really we are many people living many lives. It's a fun existence if you ask me. I can be a vampire or demon one day/one story and a covert agent the next story.
Do I write from personal experience?
Short answer, no. I'm not a vampire, demon, covert agent, etc. I'm just someone who likes to get into the mindset of a character. I know secrets about them that many never make it into a book, but that just makes me a better writer.

So next time you pick up a book, think about the author and how many lives they might lead. If you're an author, how many lives do you lead?

Sexify your life,
Mary Corrales

Ms. Corrales is a multi-published author who loves writing erotica and erotic romance. She has stories published in several genres including fantasy, paranormal, contemporary suspense, and dystopian. She's currently working on a new scifi/space opera book that she hopes to turn into a series. She always has some character or another in her head, waiting for their story to be shared with her readers.

She's an avid reader of romance in whatever catches her eye, which is why she loves vibrant book covers so much. She judges books by their cover, but will always give a new writer a chance if the blurb is enticing enough. She also reads nonfiction military biographies and is a proud military supporter.

When Ms. Corrales isn't writing, she can be found tending to her garden, growing herbs and vegetables. Autumn is her favorite time of year where she gets to cook soups and stews for the family.

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