Friday, August 28, 2015

Long haired heroes

All of the heroes in my books have one thing in common--long, flowing locks. Think of rock stars like Robert Plant or Bon Jovi, or an actor like Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire and Troy. Or most recently, Rollo in Vikings. Yum. Now that's one hot warrior. I think my fascination for guys with long hair comes from my time as a rock and roll bassist. I was always surrounded by long haired rockers. It also might be my love of the ancient Celts and those warriors with their long hair and warrior braids. There is something savage and sexy about a guy with long hair. Oh yeah.

My latest long hair hottie hero is Kasin, the centaur shifter from The Bear Goddess. I call him my Sexy Centaur. Here is a short excerpt of when the heroine, Callisto, first sees Kasin.

She shifted her gaze and froze at the sight of a naked man standing before a tub of water. He rubbed a thick, glistening paste all over his muscular body. Her mouth opened in awe. Having grown up among satyrs, she had never seen such a handsome man. Long, thick black hair fell past his wide shoulders in a tangle of war braids and wavy strands. His fair skin gleamed in the light. The man’s profile revealed a masculine square jaw set in a relaxed expression. He cleaned his body with the paste, rubbing it on his manhood. The breeze carried the faint scent of lavender.
She covered her mouth and felt her face grow hot, uncomfortably hot.
Then he climbed into the tub.

She was spellbound. 
Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author

Forbidden love… Broken vows… Betrayal…

Callisto has studied all her life to attain the high position of Bear Goddess among the nymphs of Artemis, taking a sacred vow of purity. But when she meets a mysterious man, her life changes forever.

Kasin is a prince among the fierce centaurs and one of few who can take human shape. He is torn between his duty to his people and his love for Callisto.

After the nymphs capture Kasin and their secret is exposed, they manage a daring escape, but danger and betrayal follow Kasin and Callisto. To survive, they must evade a god obsessed with having Callisto for himself as well as others who also want to keep them apart. Will their love for each other be enough to save them?

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